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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments Evans Hacke a brute of a man and a highly respected member one of the scariest clans around, Clan chaos. Pissed and enraged some up lifting punk took his place that was rightfully his, he was meant to be the leader. He roared angrily taking his anger out on the closet people to him not minding at all they were member of his own clan. "Weak links!" He hollered the undeniable roar of a chainsaw ran through the night of a silent ally. A demon was scary but a angry one was death, especially when this demon was mentally insane from demon crossbreeding and had a bad obsession with hands. It was only a matter of time before he would disappear his kills had been picking up attention lately. Other clans or peacekeeps he didnt know at all, nor did he care. Three kills put him in a slightly better mood that was until the chainsaw he held stopped working and the side feel to the ground. "Fuckin arrrr-!" He cursed throwing it out of the alley impaling the weapon in the side of a building just barely missing a person.

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A male in a white and black outfit along with a white cape and black boots enters the town. The guy had blonde hair and striking bright blue eyes, it was obvious who this young man was. Prince Mikaela, Prince of the Vampires no less and leader of the Peacekeepers. Everyone knew not to mess with this emotionless man and stayed clear of him. He had came because he heard one of his men talking about some commotion happening in this town so he wanted to see what was up. His gaze roams the area before falling on the man beating up innocent people. Pathetic. He didn't know how someone could kill others and enjoy it. He was a vampire and even he hated it. He hated it so much that he only took blood pills. Sure, it didn't give him the full satisfaction as real blood, but it satisfied him well enough. He approaches the man, not a sound being made except for his boots softly crunching in the dirt, but that sound was drowned out from the guy's anger up ahead.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments Evans snarled punching a brick walls sending cracks all through it making a bar owner yell at him in a demon tounge. He yelling right back, sounded like a bunch of gibberish. The shadow incubis hybrid was not someone you wanted to agrue with and then it turned into the tounge of itialian orgins of Evans mother side. He gave up and just ended up punching the guy in the face sending him flying down the street leaving to remove his chainsaw from the side of a building he had throne it into. "Your my baby the only one that ever understand Me. Sorry I got so mean Baby." He removed the monsterous weapon from the building. Talking to it to calm his nerves almost hugging it. "Fix you up and back to killing love and hacking of the hands Daddy loves so much." Licking the blood off his finger tips from the blade that was drenched in blood. "Take you home and polish you up like ma hands in jars make you so signy you look like brand new." He took off a recoil cover and began redoing the recoil carefully before putting the cover back on. Then the steps of a vampire made him groan like a kid being told to do chore. "One Day! That is all I fuckin ask." He snapped growling sending his chainsaws into a shadow sendint it home.

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Mika slowly stops 10 feet away. He didn't bother grabbing his sword out of its holder, he just stared at the guy. The wind softly blows his white cape as he glances around. His face was blank, but in his eyes it was obvious he was disgusted by the sight. He glares coldly at Evan, a glare that could stop anyone in there tracks,"Mind explaining to me what put you so much on edge? Or would you rather speak to my blade? I'd prefer if you chose option one." He didn't like fighting and wanted to see if he could talk to this hybrid first to try to get an understanding on what happened. He'd fight though if this option didn't work.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments Evans turned tolook over his shoulder before looking ahead and beginning to walk off down the street. He had met this basterd before, it was a brief chase loving the fact he had run into a shadow and the kid ran smack into a wall. "Walk with me thin because I am beyond pissed and drenched in blood lets not make scene, bodies are in the alley if you want them for evidence. The bar owner dead or brain damaged" A business like tone fixed his angered one. He liked the prince, was a hot little uke with a feiry persontly just Evans type. He wouldnt deny that he was a incubis hybrid. "On edge? Money, blood, sexaully frustrated, a punk taking whats mine basic demon business crapp, human parts in deman and little humans to hack up and sell."

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Mika doesn't hesitate to follow, keeping a blank expression. He gazes at the bodies and makes a hand motion. At the hand motion, two men rush out of the shadows and over to collect the bodies. He had trained even the most blood thirsty of creatures to control there blood lust and take blood pills, so he trusted these two vampires with the dead bodies. He kept following and crosses his arms,"Sounds like a lot, how come you didn't just ask for help? Nothing good comes out of taking matters into your own hands when you're not trained for that sort of stuff. My men, we are." He glances at him,"For you, it would be considered illegal.."

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments "I don't work well with others." He huffed. It was a comman trait with demons it was competion and never share the rewards. From his red vest he pulled out a pack of ciggerates. Putting one cancer stick to his lips. "Got a lighter a good smoke is what I need right now. Nevermind I got some matches." He pulled a small patch of matches out of the vest pocket lighting a match and lighting his cigarette with it. A black smoke being emitted from the tip of his ciggerate and smelled like nicotine and neutralized demon blood oddly the smell was just like black liquorice when mixed. "I'm a demon you should know. I've been playing this game for centuries not that simple. Illegal I've killed half a royal family line over the centuries to go on about whats illlegal for me." He laughed exhaling blood from his lungs. "Your royal high and mighty if my weapon wasnt broke at my workshop you wouldnt be standing here now if your daddy hadnt given me quite the tip before you left for this mission. The old geezer should take a rest and just bang the next concubine and get out of my hair and let his precois son do the hell he wants."

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Mikaela eyes him,"Well listen here, bloody filthy demon, im not scared of you. You can threaten me all you want, but get this." He smacks the cigarette out of Evan's hand, grips Evan's shirt collar and, due to being shorter then Evan, pulls him down to his height, glaring in his eyes,"Pull another stunt like this, and ill devour you. You got that, pretty boy?" He releases him before he continues walking like nothing happened,"I could of respected you not wanting to work as a team, but you would of got all the reward, not me or my men."

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments Evans growled simply lighting another ciggerate. "Watch it these are fuckin expensive." Not taking Mikaela seriously. "Pretty boy? best you got shorty? I am over 6 centuries old come up with better insults." He smirks this time holding his cigarette out of reach so it couldnt get smacked out of his hand agian. "Devour hmm? Your talkin to a incubis kid sounds pleasent in my head." He smirked. Tis fun just messing around for now hands behind his back up and proper stance moving his hand to flick the ashes of his cigarette. Exhaling a heart shaped smoke cloud over at Mikaela. "I'd say your my type darling but to spicy for my likings and the whole romeo and juliet thing wouldnt work."

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Mikaela blinks, going to smack the cigarette out of his hand but ends up smacking Evan's face instead when he moves it. He blinks a few more times before glaring at Evans, finally some emotion seen in his eyes. It was more like hate,"Who are you calling short?! Im 5'3, I will murder you good for nothing demon!" He coughs, waving away the smoke and glares at him,"You dont need those. And who said i'd even be remotely interested in you?!" Sure, Evans was cute, but they were complete opposites, how could it work? He blinks,"And I hope in Romeo and Juliet, you'd be Juliet! You'd be one to fake your death to make someone else commit there death the same night.." He mumbles, glaring up in his eyes, no longer walking. It was rare for anyone to get any emotion out of Mika, but Evans did. he wasn't sure why.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments Evan laughs, his voice natrully pleasent on the ears. He saved his ciggerate taking another lazy drag on it. A good smoke calmed in down almost instantly. "I'm calling you short, I'm six four kid. You like a ant in my opinion." He smirked just picking at the vampire's nerves. "Murder me. Go ahead and try runt." He says watching the smoke be waved away. "I do unless you want me to go more chronically insane, its my way of coping." He shrugged before tossing his arm around Mikaela's shoulders. "Just a guess, kid don't get your panties in a bunch. Sure what ever pleases ya. I'm starting to like you, dont make me regret it. Say I hear theres another bar or strip pub here, I'll buy drinks if you join me."

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Mikaela glares at him, turning his back to him,"I dont believe in murder. But that doesn't mean I wont commit it if you piss me off any more." He blinks when Evan puts an arm around him and glares back at him,"Fine fine, we'll have your fun, succubus. But the moment you start flirting with a cunt at the strip club, im leaving to report your bad deeds. Lead the way, demon."

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments "What ever you say kid. Thats my way of life kid get used to seeing me around." He chuckled and leads the way. "I'll keep it in mind, that is if you figure out how to stop face planting into walls on the chase like last time." He exhaled smoke and tossed the ciggerate butt away into a street trashcan. "Great. Getting waisted tonight got my week's budget in already. Bitchs there are lose sluts I like a nice tight bitch or a little Uke willing to please. And they don't have those at the strip pub." He wasnt to shy about saying his likes and dislikes.

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Mika huffs,"I've gotten.. Better.. Faster.. Im not new to my job like I was last time.." He blushes at his last sentence and snaps cutely,"THATS NOT JUST SOMETHING YOU SAY OUTLOUD!" He huffs,"And sorry to ruin your thoughts, but im not eager to please anyone." He replies stubbornly, glancing up at the strip club as they approach it.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments "Reminds od this song I heard way back, Draft punk or what not." He suddenly laughing when Mika snapped at him. "Seems perfectly normal. Well for me it is." Evans opened the door to pub. "Ladies first." He teased leading the way to the bar. "Was I reffering to you? No I wasnt and I doubt you want to sleep with me so lets just drink and have our fun and blow some cash." He took his seat and ordered his drink, He not even watching the show. He knew the chick and wouldnt make eye contact or cringe. Drunken vision wasnt the best when it came to looks. "Order what ya want."

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Mika eyes him, not responding to his words before as he sits in the stool beside him, sighing,"Red wine will be fine." He mumbles. He wasn't sure if Evans words upset him or angered him, probably a little of both. But he chose to ignore it and not show it, glancing around in thought at all the people. He never would come to a place like this, and due to the fact he gets drunk easily, he wasn't much of a drinker either. He sighs lightly,"Have you been here recently? I haven't been here since last time we came." He mumbles quietly.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments "Just put it on my card." Evans handed his debut card to the bartender. He was a rich man and just put the right amount before getting his card back stuffing it in the pocket of his red fancy vest. Evans getting his drink almost purring he had a high tolerance and loved to drink on his free time. A bloody mary with extra rum was just what the demon needed. "Few monthes back came back." He answered Mika's question. He drinking his drink having no struggle with it's intoxicating level of liquor and fruity rum. The drink's color matching his red vest.

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Mika sips at the red wine, sighing in content. He had an expensive taste, being he was a royal. Alcohol was probably the only thing that could bring out the true side of him. If drunk he could be seductive, honest, a little emotional and obey to just about everything, so he had to keep an eye on how much he drank. He glances back up at Evans in thought before asking,"What is that that you're drinking anyways? It smells weird."

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments It felt good to be at the bar and just relax alittle. He taking a few swallows of his at a time. He was rich and could afford the lifestyle of royalty. Black markets were always demanding and he was highclass for middle class anways. "A bloody Mary. Strongest fruity cocktail one may ever taste in his lifetime." He smile and sipping on it again. "Not a bad smell, gots some blood in it maybe tastes faint cus of all the rum but tastes better then wine."

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Mika tilts his head and eyes it in thought. He resists the urge to try it though and keeps quietly sipping at his drink. He was careful not to spill it on his white clothes as he crosses his right leg over his left one. His posture was straight and formal, his blue eyes on the counter in front of them.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments Evans was enjoying himself immensely, he was starting to buzz from the alcohol in his system. He finished off his first drink ordering another. Growling when another male got to close or tried to hit on Mika in anyway. Demons recognized him clearly as thee Evans Hacke. The sadistic basterd that went around hacking of hands if he found them to his liking for his collection locked securely in his basment at home. Drinking another drink scooting Mika closer to him. "You can thank me later. Their staring at you like fresh meat and being close to me signals hands off."

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Mika blinks, having not noticed any men trying to hit on him, since they weren't being straight forward about it. He eyes him,"Oh.. Thanks, Evans." He orders another one, his cheeks lightly pink to signal he was becoming buzzed as well. He licks his lips a little more seductively then intended, drinking his next drink.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments "Your welcome." He was feeling the buzz now, the give away the way his pupil's seemed to glaze over like glass. Evans putting his hands over Mika's when he reached for another. "You sure you need another?" He smiled. "Your looking pretty buzzed to me it's best you take a break light weight." He chuckled. Watching the way Mika licked his lips, had it down to a perfect ten. His arm gently moving around Mika's waist almost possessively just to give other a small show this was his.

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Mika hiccups cutely,"Im fine im fine." He repeats twice, blinking a few times at his action though doesn't complain like he would of if he wasn't close to being drunk. He lightly leans into him, licking the edge of his glass softly while eyeing Evans. He giggles lightly,"You have some of your leftover drink on your lips.."

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments "As you say." He moved his hand away, he just being a gentleman. Evans could drink and drink and just be buzzed but never truley drunk it was the worst thing about his demon metabolism. Letting the little vampire lean into him. "I do? Then be a darling and can you clean it up for me." He felt a smile tug onto his lips, buzzed but happy. He liked this Vampire prince more then he should but hey. The forbidden things in life were the best things in life.

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Mika blinks and tilts his head lightly. He was too buzzed, nearly drunk, to figure out how to wipe away the liquid on his lips. He tries to wipe it away with his sleeve first and frowns, huffing frustratedly when it doesn't work very well. He blinks, smiling,"Oh! I know!" He leans up and kisses him just to attempt to get rid of the liquid.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments He chuckles watching the attempts to clean the red liquid from his lips. Enjoying the fact he was taller and the position they sat in also added defeat in the attempts. The kiss sparked agianst his lips pleasantly, a low rumbly pleasured noice falling from his chest. He could taste the wine on the Prince's perfect lips. It was truley intresting two beings that were polar oppisites happy to drink and and kiss. Pulling away with a small smile. "Thanks." He purred. "Tis late and we're buzzed and my manor seems to be closet would one like to enjoy staying with me tonight with no malice or lewd intent?" A gentleman even when buzzed.

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Mika hiccups, licking the taste on his lips as he nods,"Sure, lead the way." He places the empty glass down, lightly stumbling when he stands up but quickly gains his balance when, glancing back at Evans while waiting for him to lead the way. Sure, if not drunk, Mika would know where Evans lived, but Mika couldn't focus long enough to think about it on his own.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments He chuckles. "Alrighty light weight lets go before you pass out." He swings Mika over his shoulder. The kid was lightweight and drinking that much was like trying to walk during a earth quake. "Call your team and let them know your fine I don't need more peacekeeps on my case thinking I kidnapped their leader and vampiric prince." He opens the door. Walking straight and calling a cab. He wasnt walking, he found a suitable sgadow stepping through and exploiting them to his bidding for travel. It would be like afloaty portal feeling for a few moments.

{{Can I make Evan's home?}}

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((Yes :) ))

Mika hiccups, giggling,"If you tried to kidnapped me, I'd let you. But fine." He blinks lightly when he does though doesn't complain, mumbling with a slur cutely though stubbornly,"I can walk ya know.. You're very tall.."

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments "Your saying that but your team seeing a demon carrying of their prince might not be the best in their eyes." Evans gave a chuckle. Shadow travel was quick and free unlike a cab. "It's best not do during this process. "Just relax and enjoy the fact I Evans Hacke hasn't dropped you yet." He adjusting the Prince's weight on his shoulder.

{{Got his house made if you just want to post there. Here's the thread.}} https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...

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((K :) Ill go post there then))

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments Kogami awaited patiently for his new assigned Weapon partner to arrive. He looked over her file that he had in hand. His social skills weren't the best and his cold hearted demeanour detered everybody so finally the Peace Keeper Corporations found and assigned him a new weapon partner that would be most compatible with his stature and rank. Skimming through the file he huffed and shut it before returning it to the inner pocket of his military jacket. He drew in a breath and began to light a ciggerate. After lighting his ciggerate, Kogami took a long drag off it and exhaled the smoke from his lungs. He peered at his watch and returned his hands to his pocket. Cigarette still put to his lips waiting.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments Kogami had his badge pinned nicely the right chest side of his military styled coat. It was the official give away for most Lycan Peace keepers and their reflective eyes. The cold steel badge glinting in the light, bearing the head of a wolf in a intimidating alpha snarl. A higher ranking officer. Kogami took his Cigarette between his fingers flicking the ashes then he saw her. His newest partner, she didnt look like much but beggars couldn't be choosers. The werewolf took another dragon on his smoke and dropped the cigarette but to the ground stepping on it to put it out. He walked over carefully, he just held that vibe of authority and alpha stature. "Uriena Armandt?" He asked, a naturally deep voice like most werewolves had. He looked over the white haired femine. He had taken time to look presentable and comb up his hair. Blue eyes with the gleam of glass like a wolf's. "I'm Kogami Shinya." Holding his hand out for her to shake once she confirmed the identity.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments "Nice to meet you to." He let he hand go after it was took in a shakes, formal greeting. "Come with me and we can conversate some more." Kagomi spoke he intented to keep things in terms of business. "You can look me in the eyes. I can tell a challenge from just looking." He had blazing blue eyes that were cold but if you looked right you could see something buried deep inside himself. Something shattered and splintered but with that small shred of hope. Kogami walking in long silen strides. Like he was always on gaurd and stalking some sort of prey. His scent moving down wind. "Anyways Your are my newest Partner. I have prepared a room for you in my home if you need a place to say."

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments He chuckled lighting another cigarette. "Your welcome. Seemed only fair." He opened his coat and pulled out his file everything about him in the Peace Keeper's info book. "It was supposed to be mailed to you but they couldnt get a proper adress. Be welcome to ask me if you find things not confidential." His file in a dark blue folder with the wolf emblem of his Peace Keeper species Division. "Your in thought. I am werewolf, Alpha status, and by terms of ranking." Kogami was always watching and examining people, reading each little movement. "I know of a Cafe would one want to get some coffee or drink of sorts?" He figured that was the best way to know a person in formal buissiness terms. He truley had horrible social skills, funny thing is his wolf had the best social skills. He wasn't one to get to close to another person. If you didn't grow attached you had no pain when they left.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments Koagmi began to take in terms that Uri is probably one of those people that were really shy at first but once they got used to you they were overly excited and happy. He entered a small cafe and took seat at a booth in the corner. "So tell me alittle bit more about yourself." He asked putting his cigarette out in a ash tray. Her file gave him insights of physical and mental things of compatibility but never much insight on what she was like personality wise. "You can ask anything you please about me." Keeping note if things got to close, he'd break it off quickly.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments "They did give me a file on you. Physical abilties and mental stability nothing to much on your personality. Just data and compatible abilties." Kogami confirmed that he had been given a file. "I won't pry on that matter then." He knew what it was like to have things pryed at and certainly wouldn't do it to Uriena. Thogh his wolf began acting up in his head. She's pretty. Partner, pack member, can she be mated or is she just freind!? His wolf seemed to happily annoy the living hell out of him mentally. Shut it mutt! Or your never seeing another full moon agian! Leaning back in his seat looking over the Menu. Looking normall despite having a entire argument going on with his sub conscious and wolf spirit. "I know what depression is." He looked up and over at her. "No no take your time I am in no hurry." He set in his order just a cup of black coffee. He thought over bigger details with out getting on a freindly level. "I'm a older male, mature 25 years old. Born alpha, single and not wanting to mingle. Adopted etc etc." Kogami snapping at his wolf mentally. SHUT UP YOU STUPID MUTT!! He looked completely fine on the outdide. His wolf fighting right back laughing in the recesses of his mind. HHAHAA NEVER I AM JUST YOUR OTHER CONSCIOUS AND YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT!

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments {{ XoD }}

"Er...Your welcome." Kogami said trying to decide if he was being to freindly or not. He already knew this was getting to close for his liking. To hell with it, he could lose his job over this if he made another leave his side. "I know it's horrible but it's a topic I don't find to suiting either." He cut off the conversation of the depression just not to grind at her nerves over it. "Your welcome." He paid for their coffee. To hell if you want me to be friendly. You win. FUCKIN FINE MUTT! He snapped back at his wolf. Wolf replying happily. About god damn time. You poor lonely old man needs friends and good old wolfy in your head knows how to maked freinds just let me out! Kogami sipping his coffee looking and listening carefully. Intresting she was a gender fluif person, who didnt see many of those type of people these days. "Interesting." Kogami smiled. Fine wolfy liked this one so he would begrudgingly make her his friend. Then die if anything happened to her. No Mutt remember last time? he keept talking. Finally his wolf went silent.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments {{Nothing to major for his history just embrassing wake up call with no reconciliation of the night before}}

It wasn't that bad, Kogami. His wolf chimed in softly. Kogami huffed with the recess of his mind. Not that bad? When you withdrew I awoke at home my apartment trashed and Pashed out with two demon chicks I didn't even know in my bed. I didn't remember a single thing and then to find out I was the laughing stock at the corporations for ages so no! "Indeed so." Kogami silenced his wolf but just began ignoring the other part of his conscious. "Many weapons actaully. A peace keeper is trained to know many. I do well with Artillery and fire arms. Their quick easy and effect uses of putting down crime." He spoke. Kogami nodded. "All of which I know like the back of my hand." The werewolf prided himself on his knowledge and skill. "I see why they chose you for my new partner."

{{Sorry It is late was alittle busy}}

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments "It will come in handy. You seem very efficient. I may not show it but I am glad I get to be your partner even if we were assigned. You my dear are quite the intresting specimen." Kogami ment it as a compliment. "Yes the criminals shouldn't be of problem really. Though what is hardest is the actaully investigation itself." Kogami enjoyed speaking of work he rather skilled at it. Though his wolf was getting the better of him and Uriena was indeed a very intresting specimen. His wolf automatically liked her and it had a affect in his head. He didn't show it but his intrest in her was rather high at the moment.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments It was usual to hear a complement around or towards Kogami. Normally people where pretty done with him after about a hour around him because of his cold hearted nature. Could also be the fact he isn't really pushing her away but enjoying her company. Wolfy must have gotten the better of him. He saw a change and spoke to correct his words. "I meant you truley and intresting person." He scratched the back of his neck. "Training sounds good." He nodded. "At my house I have a equipment and training hall." It was really his basement he modified as a weight and training place for himself.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments Kogami began thinking, either or not this was enough to be acquaintances. He had just met her and she seemed rather nice. The werewolf cared so little about casyed set up by species and wealth. "Agian your welcome." He casting a glance over her. It was needed, to notice subtle things. He was a investigator and Peace keeper Officer their was no room for faults in this line off work. "As I. I have been itching to get a good work out going." He had skipped a few days because of his busy work schedule. "It's getting late would you like that we go to my place? Train then call it a night?"

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments {{Ah yes. Sorry I crashed last night and passed out. I just woke up like 45 minutes ago}}

Kogami nodded and paid for their drinks. He was always taught you offered the women to get drinks you pay for them out of respect and it was using your manners. He gets up and waits for her, he left a tip on the table for their waiter he always left tips to service had been great. Kogami ran his hands through his messy hair. Uri was already gonna be good on the feild being she new the lower plate much better then he did. Most of the really bad ones his their after a kill so he knowledge of the area would help alot. "Let us go then and Your welcome." He was saying that alot it was strange normally he'd brush it off. "My home isnt to far off he can walk there."

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments {{Alrighty then}}

Ghost~still Luna~ | 72 comments Asuka Nanase was walking around the village and he smiled as he saw a group of children playing,he liked kids,they made good friends but also they were so young and carefree not having to worry about becoming someone's slave or whatever just yet.He then checks his watch it was getting late and he wondered what he should do.Asuka had white hair and blue eyes,he ran a hand through his white hair,he wore a grey t-shirt and black skinny jeans,he was half vampire and half incubus.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments Evans Hacke a monster of a man. Something that was the naming of fear, anarchy ans chaos. Terrifying and yet oddly a gentle man. This was the man most had come to known as a murderer with a kind smile. The Leader of a large Clan and one of the most feared. Evans leads the clan Chaos and took control of it when it was needed. Today it was business and to fill his own needs. Lust and pleasure over blood shed. Dressed sharply in the usual red dress clothes. Hair gelled back and a cigarette put to his lips. Lazily taking puffs off his cigarette. Buetiful man in a terrifying way. Lately his appetite had gotten larger after a encounter with a royal that led on into a eventful event. He had offered his loyalty in a relationship but never knew if he had bern declined or accepted. The guy just left with out saying a word.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 72 comments Asuka was sitting on a bench and he was looking up at the night sky,the moon was out and he enjoyed looking at it, he smelled smoke so he straightened up and looked around unsure of where it was coming from.He didn't see the man with the cigarette yet and he ran his hand through his white hair again,he had a slight effeminate look about him.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments Evans found what looked liked some pretty enticing prey. White hair, blue eyes and just a pretty little thing. The demon sat down on the bench the other was sitting upon. A kind smile put to his lips. Grasping his cigarette betweeen to fingers and exhaling the smoke. The smoke smelled of black liquorice. Main ingredient was nictotine but neutralized demon blood that had a far mor powerful pull then nicotine. "It's late my Dear what brings one like you out at this hour?" nothing seemed to off setting about the demon yet. He also another Incubis hybrid leaned back with a far more dominating sent then the other.

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