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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments Ferid was Royalty but prey was plentiful and many where either half human or human like with blood he could consume with out gagging on the supernatural ichor in it. Physics, Kinetics, Weapons and the occasional Yokai had blood so closely related to a humans he could feed and hunt freely. The Vampire blended in carefully and kept to the shadows inspecting for the right prey morcel. Bingo! Found one young but still in his description of of young and tasty by the looks of it. He moved quick and unseen by mortal eyes. Fallowing carefully, there was to many here wait till he gets to a secluded area to feed. Ferid was was quick and stalked slightly ducking behind a building before he was seen. The Vampire caught sent of another. Just great another of his kin tracking the same prey. Springing out to intercept the other vampire quickly. The other backed up quickly sprinting off seeing the pureblood. Ferid huffed. Oops cover has been blown.

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Aiden walked along the small dirty path, his sister, Willow, grabbing onto his hand tightly. She swung their hands back and forth, humming a tune he'd never heard before. "Are we almost home yet?" Her small voice sounded beside him. Aiden looked down at her and smiled gently. "Nope," he replied, "We still have a while." His sister frowned, but continued humming. Aiden shook his head lightly; she seemed to ask this question every time they headed home from work. He shifted his gaze to the dark sky; A few stars were beginning to appear next to the silver out line of the moon. It was clearly getting late, but Aiden was to worried about Willow to pick up the pace. Working at construction sites always made her tired, especially when it lasted all day- not to mention, Aiden could barely stand anyway.

The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments Ferid growled the pureblood vampire wasnt in the mood, now he had to completely retrack his prey and start the whole stalking process over. Yes he was skilled being a vampire and all but this was annoying. You almost having something and your intercepted. Ferid was royalty but was just a duke that rules a providence but he had been recalled for other matters he could care less about. He just began a heavy bound and was bord maybe challenge another of his kind but got what he wanted. Even if it wasn't a enimie but a good freind a unnamed vampire he enjoyed company with. The two zipping about in speed that made them seem like a flash. "Ha! Your-----" He wasnt looming and smashed into a kid with his sister. "Sucker!" The other laughed at the royal before zipping away. "Remind me why I move down from the upper plate?" He growled to himself as he sat up. Was he ontop of the kid he crashed into? Oops it wasn't embrassing for the vampire but it be the most gentlemen thing is to at least help the kid up. Ferid gets up, lowblood scum but heh Kentics werent full humans. "My fault my young boy." He held his hand out for the other to take. "Don't be to shy I don't bite.....at first." He chuckled.

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As Aiden and his sister barely made it halfway down the road, a force suddenly slammed into him. Willow's hand was ripped away from his as he plowed into the ground. Tero groaned in pain, a heavy weight crushing his already sore muscles. He heard his sister yelp a few feet away, and he finally realized something- no, someone, was on top of him. "Hey-!" Aiden began to complain, but the air was forced out of him as the person on top of him shifted. After a moment, the weight left him and he gasped in a breath. Aiden sat up, his thogpughts still muddled. When he finally focused, he realized there was an offering hand in front of his face. Taking it gratefully, he pulled himself up, barely concentrating on the man's words. Standing up fully, he finally took in the man in front of him. The man's clothing and style was beyond elegant- better than he's ever seen. Aiden gaped slightly, but quickly closed his mouth. What was someone as high-class as him doing down here? Aiden was only pulled out of his thoughts when he felt a tugging on his hand. Looking down, he saw Willow, who looked perfectly unharmed, if not scared. "Oh, uh..." He turned back to the man, not sure how to respond. What was one supposed to say to these kinds of people? "Thank you for helping me!" Was the first thing that tumbled from his lips. His sister hummed urgently behind him, clearly distressed. Aiden looked back at her again, but her eyes were trained on the in front of him.

The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments Ferid was up, he pulled the other kid to his feet the kid was like a twig with his vampiric strength and all. The kis was on his feet he nodded. Yes, he was royalty and seemed polite but thats only when he was in a good mood. He enjoyed talking but wasnt completely innocent. He could kill with out batting a eyelash or simply not care. Though today was a good day. His hands gloved and out fit alittle dusty but over all he was fine and still very very hungry. They looked young, very young and maybe alittle tasty looking being a vampire and all most mortals looked tasty. Ferid put on a smile. "Well my boy your most welcome. It's not often I run into people so take my my apologies." He smiled and offered his apologies. "It is late. Allow me to escort you two home to make up for my careless ness." He smiled. "Before I forget. I am Sir Ferid Bathory the king's most trusted Duke." He bowed slightly being very polite for a vampire royal that was. Ferid though liked the younger male, even for a construction worker and a lower plate being it was rather attractive. After living a few centuries age and such never fazed him. Though he be more then happy to make a acquaintance more then just so he pushed the idea from his head. "So might I ask what your names are?" Ferid asked brushing himself off and not bothering to hide his fangs, Why hide them he was royalty. The vampire though looked over the younger male a tasty morcel he may not want to pass up. The vampire wouldnt lie know that he saw the mortal better, cute and attractive certainly one would want to eat him up in more ways then one. Ferid may just make his acquaintance in secret if he deemed possible. He was a pansexaul male and wasn't shy to admit it, even if prey was young it was just how he truley limed them. Ferid kept the kind possibilities. "I may be a stranger but where are your parents? If not having any let me at least bye you to a decent meal it doesn't look lime you've had a good meal in centuries."

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As the man spoke, Aiden tried to brush the dust off of his already dirty clothing. Why was this so called 'arch duke' being so polite? He'd never met a higher up like that- okay, there weren't too many he could actually compare him to, but he'd never heard of a kind high-up. In the lower plate, all he heard was that higher-ups looked down on different species. "Uh," He said after the man- Ferid, his brain supplied- finished. "I'm Aiden, and this is Willow." He gestured to his sister, who was still grabbing into his hand. He didn't really know how to react to Ferid's generous offer of buying them food. All Aiden really wanted to was return home and sleep. By the feeling of Willow's tight grasp, he figured she wanted the same. "Eh... I think we both need to head home, but thank you for the offer. And, we'll be okay by ourselves." He finally replied nervously. Ferid wouldn't get mad, would he? He seemed polite enough, but higher-ups could be... unpredictable.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments Ferid kept his gaze over them, examining and analyzing what they were more so. Though he was a chatty type and rather socially fit. He kept his doing by hanging with many castes and types of beings just to appear even more flawless and back door deals out of sight. "Is anything the matter cat got your tounge?" Ferid chuckled seeing as tbe lower bring had a lack of words. The vampire certainly did like what he saw but he truly had no ill intentions. He came to the lower plates to feed and find a decent meal. This was unplanned really and he had never expected himself to practically crash into the kid and his sister. "What lovely names. Seems suiting of you two." Ferid purred low in his throat, the distinction notable the lower pitch stayed in the throat was vampire. Demons had purrs that came from the chest and other species tended not to purr or purred like cats which was a combination of both chest and throat vibrations. "Then I won't keep you your most welcome tid only me offering you don't need to accept." A little disappointed mentally, well he would have to find some other people to feed off of. He wasn't mad you'd know when he was. "Then this is where I part ways then. Here's my card I must make up for crashing into you. Just call me if one needs a favor from royalty." He handed his card over with his number upon it. This was rare but really in secret it was Ferid's way of saying. Hey your cute for a commoner here's my number so call me

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"Oh," Aiden said in surprise. He grabbed the card from Ferid's hand and held it in his own. Printed in the center of the card was Ferid's name and a plethora of numbers standing under it. "Thank you." He finished, still gazing down at the card. What did he mean by 'favor'? Aiden was usually the trusting type, but this seemed a bit weird. Even people in the lower plate hated to do favors, so he couldn't understand how it would be any different up there. Aiden suddenly paled in anxiety. "But, I... Um- " spit it out! "I don't own a phone." He managed. He could barely afford his own house, much less a landline. He'd never had any use for those things it anyway. He felt small fingers curl into the fabric of his shirt, and figured Willow had taken to hiding behind him.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments Ferid smiled as his card is taken into consideration in the other's grasp. Most royals didn't do it but he had been rude by smashing into the kid so it would only be kind to make up for it. "Your most Welcome." Ferid liked the fact the young kentic had manners. Ferid examined carefully but only chuckled when Aiden seemed to stutter. "Now this had become a tricky situation." It truley wasnt a problem for the vampire. "Their is one othey way if one may need me." He pulled a very very small vile from his pocket with a red powdery substances. His blood but it was just the equivalent to grave dirt. Once broken the vail would pull at instincts and a vampire would go to it's pin point location. "It's simple just break it if one should need me I will heed the call and find you once it is broken." He smile handing of the small vial it was no bigger then a inch ling and the width of a pencil. "If your in need of aid or protection use my favor and don't be shy. I have much time to spare. Though I part way from here." He turned to walk in the other direction to leave and hunt for his next meal.

{{Could we have them meet agian like maybe your charaxter nearly getting mugged or something?}}

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Petra | 35 comments ((Sure. Different area, or should we just do a time skip?))

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 123 comments {{we could time skip :o) }}

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 14 comments Jim sat against a railing as he looked at the ground. He was slowly sewing up the rags he called clothes. For a weapon that had been broken he was in good condition. He smiled once he was down and put his sewing kit into the inside pocket as he just went back to sitting. Jim would look around at passersbys as he closed his eyes to relax.

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