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Daisy | 1399 comments Hey hey! Here's our thread for discussing what might happen in a fifth My Brother the Werewolf book. As far as we're aware, there's no plans for a book five, but you never know, and I thought it'd be fun to come up with theories and stuff anyway.

Although this is a NON-spoiler discussion, there will likely be spoilers for the first four MBTW books below, so watch out! Also, if you're from the future and you've read this book, please don't spoil it here! We'll have a spoilery thread up if our dreams of a fifth My Brother the Werewolf book ever do come true! In the meantime, let's talk about the possibilities of what this book could be like...

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Daisy | 1399 comments OK, I'm going to start this off by saying Daniel had BETTER tell Debi he's werewolf in this book. It NEEDS to happen. In fact, that's the only thing I really want from this book!

A couple of other things I think would be cool:

A more creative storyline for Justin. To be honest I'd like to see something that wasn't about him and Riley; that can just be a background thing. Don't get me wrong, I love them but I feel like their relationship has been kind of in our faces for the last couple of books. Also the thing with the Beasts has been done a lot so I'd like to see something different. Can't really think of anything right now though...

More Emma. Emma seems really cool and I definitely want to see more of her character and what it's like to be a she-wolf!

More Mackenzie. You know, just because she's so hilarious. It would be great if she had a key part in the plot like she did in the second book.

Honestly though I don't care what Sienna Mercer does - just the prospect of a fifth MBTW book would be really exciting for me!

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Sophie | 1253 comments Definitely. If Daniel doesn't tell Debi in this book I don't know if he ever will!

I agree with all the points you made here especially the thing about Justin. It would be great if he had a story line that wasn't focused on the Beasts or Riley. Maybe something the do with football. He gets spotted by a coach from out of town or something? I don't know.

I'd love to see more of Winifred Peters or at least I'd like her to be mentioned. Maybe if she's stayed in touch with Emma, Emma might talk about her. That would be cool.

You know what I'd love, love, love to see? More MSTV cross-overs and references! I don't know if Sienna Mercer has any big plans for these series but I'd love for them to weave into each other while still being able to stand alone.

I'm very excited about all the possibilities!

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Daisy | 1399 comments I know right! It's already been too long!!

Thank you! Hmm, that idea about Justin could be cool. It would probably involve the Beasts quite a lot but I'm OK with that because they are quite main, not to mention really funny characters. What about something involving Justin and their parents? I feel like the parents haven't been in it nearly enough and I'd really like to see more of them. If it was something with his dad (I remember it saying Justin was closest to him, while Daniel was closer to their mum), then it could involve werewolves, you know, to keep this series actually about the werewolf stuff.

Since Winifred Peters is meant to be an ultra introvert (at least as I remember) I don't know if she'll be coming back into the series. I'd definitely like for her to be mentioned though, like you said. I don't remember her and Emma even talking! Did Winifred talk to her about being a she-wolf or something?

Yeeeees more series crossovers must happen!!! I mean, I don't mind if they don't, because Sienna Mercer might not want the two series to become too similar, but I definitely think more mentions and guest appearances of characters would be totally awesome. I'd love for the werewolves to find out about vampires and vice versa!

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Sophie | 1253 comments Yes, something with his parents would be great. Especially some father-son bonding time with his dad because it did feel like Mr Packer showed a lot of favouritism towards Daniel just because he was the werewolf. I would love to see more of their mum as well, I don't feel like I really know much about her. She likes classical music right?

I don't remember Winifred and Emma talking either. I remember Winifred asking Daniel to look out for Emma because she knew what it was like to be lonely as a she-wolf. I just imagined that Winifred would've let Emma know that if she ever needed to ask a she-wolf for advice she was one but maybe not.

There's so much that could be done. It would be really interesting if the series became so entwined to the point where you'd have to read both to get the full picture. At the same time though I'd be happy if there were just occasional crossovers and hints. Anything could happen which makes it all the more exciting!

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Daisy | 1399 comments I think there was something in an earlier book about their dad showing favouritism for Daniel because he's the wolf, but I don't think it was much of a big thing. It would be good if it was a proper storyline in this book. I know right, their mum must've had like five lines in all four books - if that. Yeah, she likes music, like Daniel.

Oh, so you're saying they might've interacted but just we didn't see it? I hope so - that would have been nice of Winifred. Hopefully she told Emma about the kumquat juice that stops them turning into wolves, since she-wolves are supposed to have stronger abilities than male werewolves. I guess since Emma's been a wolf for years she might already know about it, though.

I don't know if the crossovers should get to the level where you have to read both series to understand it - then MBTW readers would have to read 17 books of MSTV to get it! I definitely agree there should be more though! I think a MBTW appearance in MSTV would be cool to do next, since the only one so far was MSTV characters in a MBTW book. I really want vampires to discover werewolves or for it to be revealed that they already know!

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Sophie | 1253 comments We need more of their mum!

That's what I was thinking.

That would be a bit over the top. Ooh, a MBTW appearance in MSTV definitely needs to happen. Vampires discovering werewolves and vice versa would be awesome too!

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Daisy | 1399 comments Since our recent re-read of the MBTW series as it is right now (four books), I've been thinking a little more about what might happen in a potential fifth book. Here are some of my ideas:

-Some conflict between the twins. Justin and Daniel have been really solid throughout the four books so far in their friendship, and while I definitely wouldn't change that and it's so nice to read about, I think I'm ready for Sienna Mercer to shake it up a little. Even if it's just a playful rivalry, I think it could be interesting and if done right, it wouldn't be completely out of character. I mean, all brothers fight sometimes, right?

-A holiday. Not to brag, but I think this is a awesome idea. In MSTV they go to a variety of different places around the world, and I'd love that exciting change of scenery to take place in MBTW too. So some kind of family holiday, werewolf gathering or school trip away from home could open up some great possibilities I think.

-Some Debi detail! We've talked a lot already in the Debi thread about wanting to see more dimensions to her character, and I think the next book would be a great time to do that. Now that her and Daniel are dating and hopefully (pleaseplease!) their jealously issues are out of the way, we'll see more of them happily together and thus more of her character. It'd be great for her to have her own storyline which Daniel could help out with.

-Debi to find out about werewolves!! This follows on from the previous suggestion - what better way to see more of Debi than to see her finding out Daniel's true identity?! We've been saying for ages it has to happen, and perhaps it could be really interesting if Debi actually had a negative reaction. That's never really been done before in either series - most people are really understanding. I know it's not exactly in tune with Debi's character for her to be anything but accepting, but maybe she'd be freaked out and lash out because of that, or maybe she has something going on (I don't know what but there's storyline potential) that's making her upset. Ooh, or her dad could find out and he could have a negative reaction??

-More parents. This is one we've talked about before as well, in this thread as a matter of fact. Justin and Daniel's mum especially would be amazing to see more from. Actually with the family holiday idea the parents would definitely get more stage. I'm starting to see all these ideas coming together!!

Apparently I had more ideas than I thought for this thread, but there's definitely plenty more out there, so if any of my fellow members have any thoughts, I'd love to hear them! Fingers crossed MBTW book 5 isn't far off!

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