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Aurora (aurora_the_lycan) | 126 comments Yukiko had once again found herself in the slave trade and in a cage up for sale. She looked around and saw many others trapped like herself and also saw all the higher up perverts eyeing up their potential property. She was starting to grow irratable in her small enclosure and was contemplating all the ways she was going to break out and murder every single one of the traders. Scar, her clan leader, wouldn't be too impressed with the massacre but she had little choice. Yuki started to hum to herself as she readied her claws for escape.

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Eoraptor  (Mortus) | 107 comments It took all of Nokoto's willpower not to vomit as he walked past yet another group of slaves up on the market. In truth the only thing keeping him from slicing the master's throat was the fact that his little brother was sound asleep in his backpack and he didn't want to put him in danger. Still, he couldn't help but notice one of the weapons was trying to escape her cage and despite himself he couldn't help, but admire her fairy spirit. "Well a free bird like that doesn't deserve to be caged," the pixie thought and before he knew it, he was discussing her price with the soli purpose of buying her and setting her free.

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Aurora (aurora_the_lycan) | 126 comments Yukiko was nearly finished picking the lock on her cage when she noticed someone trying to buy her, she scoffed at the buyer, he looked like a child. She hissed as her capture glared at her, the second this cage was opened, shit was going to go down, she was going to take her revenge out on every single one of these prats, and she was going to set all the slaves free. A fellow seller noticed her escape attempt and injected something into her neck, nothing too strong it just made her reactions slower, and excluding her plan of mass murder

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Eoraptor  (Mortus) | 107 comments Nokoto paid no heed to the glare the weapon was sending him, though he did send a glare of his own when the seller tranquilized her. While the girl didn't know it at the time, they were both on the same page in the sense that he would rather just kill these slave selling scum and free all the poor souls that were now caged up like beasts. However he knew that he couldn't,not yet anyways, but he was going to save this young girl, even if it cost him dearly. And finally, after he'd finally managed to negotiate a deal with the sellers that wouldn't leave him completely broke, and with all the paperwork in order, he opened the girls cage and slowly but surely lead the drugged weapon into a dark ally where he occupied himself by writing up her certificate of freedom, while he waited for her to come to.

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Aurora (aurora_the_lycan) | 126 comments 'Now listen here sir,' she slurred her body not quite doing what she wanted it too, 'you can either let me go or Imma stab a bitch, infact I'm gonna stab all of them,' she tried to stand up and fell back to the floor, 'god dammit,' she hissed. 'I'm not gonna be your little lap cat or anyones so if you value your life I'm going to go, and you're not going to stop me, ' she tried once again to stand but failed, 'Well this is demoralising,' she sighed in defeat

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Eoraptor  (Mortus) | 107 comments "Yeah, you could've killed them, but then you would be running from the law and more likely than not you would've ended up back in a cage again, without little old me to save your carcass," Nakoto said as he handed her her certificate of freedom. "Here once your sober, I'll take you to the middle plane, where you be able to live free in relative peace and comfort around folks that'll actually respect that document. So I just bailed you out of slavery and offering you a better life than you could possibly dream of. I believe the correct response is thank you."

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Aurora (aurora_the_lycan) | 126 comments 'Pompus prat,' she hissed, 'I think you'll find I've been doing alright on my own for years, I just messed up a little on a mission. So you should be thanking me for not tearing your ass apart,' The drowsiness wore off and she quickly sprang up and bared her claws and teeth to him/

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Eoraptor  (Mortus) | 107 comments "Easy there you might not like me right not, but your talking to a middle class pixie. A pixie who's just offered you a ticket out of this hell hole, not as a slave, but as a free woman. So unless you want to want to just stay here living in this cess pit. I highly suggest that you keep it down and follow my lead," Nakoto said simply though he was getting a bit annoyed at this weapons lack of gratitude and overall antagonistic nature.

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Aurora (aurora_the_lycan) | 126 comments Yukiko weighed up the pros and cons in her head, she did hate the lower plate but at the same time there were so many people to save, she'd also have to send word to her clan which wouldn't be hard considering Scarlet was a middle class, 'Why?' she asked, 'There are so many people here suffering, so many people who are a lot kinder than me, and definitely have a cleaner criminal record. Why chose to save me? Why chose to save anyone,' Her eyes scanned Nakoto's face for answers, she knew better than to trust someone of a higher class.

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Eoraptor  (Mortus) | 107 comments "Well, in all honestly I don't really know. I guess I saw you try to break out of her cage and saw that you had one thing that none of the others had, spirit, it burns in your eyes. I know that your going to fight for what you believe in and no one is going to stop you. If I had free any of the others, I would've been saving one slave out of thousands, but by freeing you, a weapon with a fire in her heart that will no doubt lead her to save countless more. Well it seemed to me like the best option, " Nakoto answered simply.

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Aurora (aurora_the_lycan) | 126 comments Yukiko's eyes narrowed and she pursed her lips, 'Okay then Mr. Pixie I shall take you up on your deal, just don't be too surprised by the amount of trouble I get myself in to, or how high the body count gets around me,' she winked lowering her claws, 'Lead the way Master' Yuki said the last bit with heavy sarcasm coating her voice, she did a mock bow for him, "Finally I get to use my acting" she thought

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Eoraptor  (Mortus) | 107 comments "Well I would be a hypocrite if I lectured you about getting into trouble or limiting your body count. Come to think of it, the middle plate could use a bit more excitement," Nakoto said with a smile, truly happy that she'd finally taken him up on his deal even if she was being sarcastic about and besides two could play that game. "Well my loyal and faithful servant, I will be leading us down the back allies to avoid anymore traders and we'll be heading up a corridor of stairs that'll open into the cemetery. So follow me, try to keep up and whatever you do, don't wake up my little brother, he get fussy." And with that he took off into the dark ally with the speed and agility that only a fairy could ever hope of possessing.

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Aurora (aurora_the_lycan) | 126 comments 'Damn show off,' she sighed dropping to all fours and hurriedly following him, the cat blood was helping her keep Nakoto in sight at least. 'This is not how I expected my week to go.'
//I assume we're switching to the cemetery on the middle plate? Or a different area?//

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Eoraptor  (Mortus) | 107 comments //yes//

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