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message 1: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Meyer (loptsson) | 49 comments Mod
The Day Star is written by Mark S. Geston and is the 6th book in the DAW lineup. An ancient city at the height of human civilization is nothing but fable now and one man is set to find out the truth of it. Set far into the future. Should be interesting.

message 2: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Meyer (loptsson) | 49 comments Mod
This book is fascinating. It is probably unlike anything you may have read before, surely unlike anything I have read. The dreamlike quality of the story is the first thing you have to overcome or at least embrace. If you struggle with that at the beginning most likely you will have come to terms with it by the end. It truly is like Homer's Odyssey in some aspects, at least for the Navigator, and perhaps once one thinks about it for Thel as well by the end of the story.
The story's basis is the legendary city of Ferrin and the Daystar which it had controlled the time streams and held back Chaos and the dark. The original Daystar was destroyed and now the fragments were being searched for to reconstruct it throughout all the worlds of the universe which were connected with a road, or highway, that ran between them all. Upon the finding of a wrecked sailing ship outside the city of R by young Thel and the ghostly Navigator, and discovering a piece of the Daystar in the hold, their journey was begun upon the path back to the legendary Ferrin.
As the Odyssey, the Navigator had when they came back to Ferrin come home, but the uneasiness of Thel propelled him to the seas to continue the exploration for new lands and pieces of the Daystar. Throughout all the years he spent at sea his final voyage and final days brought him essentially full circle back to his beginnings completing his own Odyssey in a way. I feel a little saddened that the story ended there considering that at the end we had the possibility of yet another Odyssey beginning. After reading this story I am definitely interested in finding other works by this author.

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