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The 100 Best Nonfiction Books > Week 5 - (1995) Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama

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message 1: by Gill (new)

message 2: by Pink (new)

Pink I read this before he became president and remember being impressed, then hoping that he'd get elected. I wonder how differently people might approach it now, knowing that he made it into the top job.

message 3: by Portia (new)

Portia Or that Donald Trump looks to be his successor. Pray for your American friends.

message 4: by Greg (new)

Greg | 7264 comments Mod
lol Portia! :)

I wonder if Obama himself even thought it was possible he might one day be president at that point? Pink, is this written before he was even thinking of running for President? If so, were there any hints to those hopes?

message 5: by Pink (last edited Mar 02, 2016 06:44AM) (new)

Pink Greg, I think it was written in the mid 1990s, so around the time he's moving from law to politics and early on in his journey. I don't think being president was on the agenda back then, but maybe he dreamed big. I don't remember it being mentioned in the book, but I could be wrong.

Or and Portia, I can sympathise that you might get Trump. Over here we might get Boris :(

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