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March 2016: Clockwork Angel > Will vs. Jem Battle!

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Olivia-Savannah  (olivia_catastrophe) Who do you think Tessa should be with? Jem or Will? Comment below your choice and also mention WHY she should be with that particular person over the other. We'll see who wins out!

message 2: by meghann (new)

meghann (megs182) | 8 comments I've only read this first book in the series, but I'm going to have to go with Jem. He's just such a genuinely good guy, and he doesn't play games/mess with people's heads. I feel like I've officially become an adult by choosing the "good guy." lol

message 3: by Amy (new)

Amy Liu (Bookish Amy) (theamylooo) | 7 comments This is soooooo hard!!! I ship both wessa and jessa!!!!!

Olivia-Savannah  (olivia_catastrophe) I think I am going to go with Jem. Will comes off as too cruel sometimes and I always end up falling for the gentleman anyway...

message 5: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Scofield From what I have read so far, I love the contrast between to the two characters. . . Will being the "bad boy", the rebel that most girls deep down have the sensation to long for. Versus Jem, who is your sweeter, sincere, more reserved, and usually the "nice guys finish last" type. . . I'm early enough on in the book to where these two already reek of the stereotypes. Myself having suffered the "friend zone" for most of my youth, heck ya I'm routing for Jem in this go around. . .

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DJ (aerochik) Right now I don’t think Tessa should really be worrying about guys. She has enough dealing with things in her own life right now and isn’t ready to be in a relationship. That even sounds true for Jem and Will. With that being said I know how books are written. I feel like the “bad boy” Will is going to be her primary interest, but he will continue to be rude and confusing. I hope later in the series Jem wins to put a unique twist on a so commonly played out act.

message 7: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Scofield (goodreadscomkayla_lemmon) | 9 comments So far, from what I've read, I'm rooting for Jem all the way. I always went for the "rugged" guys who were never any good for me and now that I'm older I see that all my "best friends" were actually the better choices. So I'm totally rooting for Jem, although in these type of plot lines, I know that her heart will usually be torn a billion times before the right choice is made. Such is life.

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