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─── P L O T ────────────────────────────────────────────

The marriage of the heirs of two kingdoms is a joyous affair, and fully entitled to all the pomp and circumstance that can be provided.

From all around the neighboring kingdoms and countries, royals and nobles flock to Brelrien, pouring into the capital for the ceremony. It's two weeks of dancing, feasting, and celebration.

But forces are at work that most are not aware of. Whispers and conspiracy in the shadows. There are those who would seek to turn this celebration into the start of rebellion. Who would see the capital burn in order to right past wrongs.

─── I N F O R M A T I O N ──────────────────────────────────

Setting - non-magical medieval world

As a note, non-straight relationships in this world are not taboo, and are socially accepted. That said, the nobility is very interested in heirs and continuing bloodlines, and do tend to try to match up their children into heterosexual marriages, though there certainly are exceptions.

Additionally, in this world men and women do have equal standing. The heir to any titles or lands in a family, or to the throne in a royal family, is simply the eldest child, rather than the eldest son.

Rules available here

Key players here

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─── C O U N T R I E S ─────────────────────────────────────

Brelrien ──
An ancient kingdoms with the same royal family stretching back countless generations. Brelrien is known across the continent for its extravagance and wealth. The heir to its throne is soon to be wed to the heir to Northbarrow.

Northbarrow ──
Brelrien's immediate neighbor to the west, Northbarrow is a small but influential nation, and a center of academia, learning, and arts. It's king and queen were killed in an unfortunate accident several years ago, and all Northbarrow's hope now rests on the young heir.

Colell ──
A relative newcomer to the political stage, Colell is an anomaly. Whereas the other kingdoms are absolute monarchies, ten years ago Colell emerged from war as a oligarchy, with a council of the top families running affairs.

Tiriand ──
An island nation located off the coast of the continent, Tiriand is regarded with some distrust, though it retains friendly relations with its closest neighbor, Brelrein. It's economic self-sufficiency and distance from the other countries has given it a reputation for isolationism, and─undeserved or not─for haughtiness and arrogance.

Alston ──
For centuries the longstanding rival of Brelrien, Alston only recently established friendly relations with the nation, and was invited to the wedding as a sign of the new friendship. But not all the nobility of Alston are happy with the new status quo, or happy at the prospect of Brelrien and Northbarrow joining in marriage.

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