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message 1: by PostPerry (new)

PostPerry | 95 comments "a show with everything but Yul Brynner." Oh man did I love this book, the global stage, the clearly defined cultures, futuristic and yet familiar. Hooray for having lots of dark-skinned characters who aren't bad guys or dunces or fodder, and females! (A refreshing change from The Lord of the Rings thus far). In fact I was quite hoping there would be a movie made, and it looks like one was in the works but the chance of completion is tenuous. http://m.quietearth.us/?id=9010 Honestly I'd rather watch a movie based on Neuromancer than Ready Player One. And David Twohy and the team from Chronicles of Riddick would be my favs to pull off a great Neuromancer.

Detailed elements I enjoyed: (view spoiler)

message 2: by Cindy (new)

Cindy | 119 comments Mod
So cool that you enjoyed it this much. I wasn't sure if I'd have time to reread it, but now I really want to visit that world again.

As I recall, the next two books in the trilogy are pretty darn good, too.

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PostPerry | 95 comments Wow I didn't realize it was a trilogy, I'll be hitting the library up for those next!

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Sara (sarakatieee) | 69 comments Mod
Here's a quick article that popped up in my FB newsfeed today!


message 5: by PostPerry (new)

PostPerry | 95 comments Eerie synchronicity! Interesting article though, and I like the comments below where a person noted that Gibson's first line was the first thing in the book that became obsolete, and also the rows of coin based phone bays are changing to fit a different future than he foresaw at the time. Anyone know if there is a special word for sci-fi story elements that become anachronisms with time and hindsight?

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