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I loved this book

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Joseph This was my first Catherine Coulter book and I loved it. I got into the characters and felt like I was in the locations. Good job, Catherine Coulter.

Kevin ive read all 20 in this series. i see your post was over a year ago. i hope you went to book one in the series and started from there. Savich and Sherlock are incredible!

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Joseph Kevin

I've only read two so far. Knock Out and The Target. I have bought more but I doubt I'll read all 20. I've enjoyed both Catherine Coulter novels I've read.

I have one point of continuing confusion, but I'm adjusting. That is, I confuse which one is the male and which one is the female. I associate the name Savich (who is the male) with Jessica Savitch, who was a female; and I associate Sherlock (who is the female)with Sherlock Holmes, who was a male.

Anyway I plan to continue to read this series.

Kevin Lol! thats funny.

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