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Discussion #5-Conflict

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message 1: by Krista (new)

Krista | 9 comments Mod
Describe the main conflict that exists in the novel. It can be either an external or internal conflict. (3 sentences minimum!)

message 2: by Graciela (new)

Graciela | 5 comments In th book there has being some attacks where witches and warlocks are being killed and their blood is like suck out. People believe is the vampire Jenna that is Sophia's friend. So Sophia has to figure out who is behind all this if she wants her friend to not get killed and to come back to Hex Hall.

message 3: by Kathy (new)

Kathy | 5 comments A conflict in my novel is when Alyssa leaves for the rabbit hole when her mother never went because she is afraid of the unknown down in wonderland. Another conflict is her boyfriend Jeb because he might follow her down the rabbit hole again. And Morphus might betray her again so a conflict is to think about trusting him and maybe be betrayed again or not trusting him and doing things on her own which will be much harder.

message 4: by Hector (new)

Hector Garcia | 5 comments The main problem of the story is the war and his family. As Chris continues to go on deployment to the Middle East his patriotic attitude is causing him to fight tough in the war which lead him to have PTS'd. Also Chris misses his young son and Taya all the time. Not to mention Taya get extremely worried for Chris while he is on deployment.

message 5: by Daana (new)

Daana | 4 comments The conflict in my book is gabby is tired of not going to the bathroom in peace and her sister is convincing her to get pregnant again her plans are to her pregnant at the same time

message 6: by Marielle (new)

Marielle | 5 comments The main conflict currently in my novel is that Adam has found Mia but he just wants to know why she left in the first place but it seems as if Mia is trying to avoid the question. Also Adam is upset and frustrated with his band and the fame that comes with it. He is trying to decide if it's time to leave the band.

message 7: by Aisha (new)

Aisha | 5 comments The main conflict in this book currently is an internal conflict. Charlie just lost one of his closest friends and still doesn't know why he has committed suicide. Charlie is also in high school having difficulty of being a regular high school student, but as we all know there are always problems or struggles students face in high school.

message 8: by Shekinah (new)

Shekinah (PolyxFinest) | 4 comments The main conflict in the book I'm reading is that , Jacob and his mother get into a car crash and , the mother goes missing . Since that happened , Jacob moves to a town named Paris with his Uncle John . Jacob has one conflict after another , and less solutions to solve it .

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