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Born at Midnight > Thursday: ch 21-26 (pg. 171-230)

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Because that's not awkward or anything. Also one way to make them stop fighting lol.

So Kyle. What a jerk. Okay she didn't stop him right away but he shows up after everything and then just dives into making out and trying to get her naked. Glad she showed him the door but I don't think she should have given him hope for when school starts back. He's not work the trouble. Also Holiday mentioned the ghosts sometimes help her so maybe Solider Guy was helping her but showing up and breaking her brain fuzz. Just a thought.

So the FRU are kind of jerks. I'm hoping somewhere along the way those two get kicked out.

So Perry tried to talk to her and how presumpsious to just start pulling her away like she didn't have a choice. Also loved that she stood up to him. Also love how the girls have her back with were-bitch. Such good friends, also loved how Della causally saves her from chocking lol. But love when Kylie is threatened by what's her face and she will not be blackmailed, YES, OMG how many times do I tell book/TV/movie characters to just go for it don't allow yourself to be blackmailed over stupid crap.

Also no one wants to go to the falls? Why I wonder? We now have seen the tree from the cover, or so I assume. A waterfall on book two...just saying might be important.

Also I like her idea about checking the time of birth. She seems to be opening up some to the idea of being supernatural somewhat. Bright side no tumor and she made a new friend. Her family is pretty screwed up though.

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Bogdana (bogdana_m) | 295 comments Mod
I really hope she can put Trey behind her because he is just horrible.

As much as I understand that Kylie is having a hard time with everything and I respect that, I hate when she calls others "freaks". It's like such a terrible way to address someone. Even if they are different, especially when she was talking about how they dress and all that. Just a side note and pet peeve of mine I guess.

Now Lucas... I really don't know what to make of him, but the way he's written I feel like there's so much more to him.

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