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Born at Midnight > Friday: ch 27-31 (pg. 231-283)

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Bogdana (bogdana_m) | 295 comments Mod

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Eve (Functioning Insanity Reviews) (evilous) | 480 comments Mod
So first I have to say her dad is an ass! Grade A Ass for not showing up. She could have had someone there but her mom didn't come because he promised he'd be there so instead of seeing him and hoping to make things right between them he left her there alone waiting.

Now on other notes I feel so bad for the girls. I get why they are mad. But I also get her side of things. She still doesn't fit in because no one is able to tell her what she is so she feels she only belongs with the two of them but they aren't the whole camp. Also on the subject of 'friends' Derek clearly was a bit of a scam. Okay she said just be friends but you can't really like someone one minute and the next day be on another girl and have any validity to your previous claim.

Now Lucas, while I like that they are talking some which is nice and he was listening to her interest I don't like the kissing. It was steamy and hot but you haven't talked yet and I'm still mad at him for killing your cat. I hope it was an accident that he couldn't control but until I hear that for a fact and not some speculation on my part I can't see him as anything but a cat killer. Sorry. They need to talk about their past because I want so much to like him. And yeah he needs to be straight up and clear with Frederika and it's probably going to end badly for Kylie anyways.

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Bogdana (bogdana_m) | 295 comments Mod
Well this was definitely an interesting section. I think he dad is hiding something. Either that or he's not the great dad she always thought he was.

I think Derek is trying to make her jealous. And I really wish it didn't work, bc I don't really like him all that much.

I am really opening up to Lucas. I do really want them to talk though, because I want to know for sure he didn't kill her cat. I also wish he would just tell Frederika off. He needs to deal with it before it gets out of hand.

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