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Beta-Readers needed for YA/New Adult Urban Fantasy

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Paul Weil I am seeking beta-readers for my manuscript prior to acquiring representation and publishing.
I am happy to introduce my novel to you; Themis. It is the first book in a planned series of five.
Themis centers on twelve foster siblings, their Uncle, and Sarah Castle, a twenty something London celebrity journalist who falls for one of them whilst following up on a story.
As she becomes involved with this incredible family, she discovers they are far more than just a group of gifted young people. Sarah becomes embroiled in events of enormous global significance and she is exposed to things she cannot rationally explain.
Torn between the fear of her life spiraling out of control and discovering the love of a family she never had, Sarah begins to understand that her role is far more than just an observer. She becomes a vital part of these events and the world transforming results that will surely happen.
All twelve of the siblings have gifts that can only be described as supernatural, all different but all working for the same purpose -- to advance the ideals of The Themis Foundation, the creation of their mysterious Uncle Titus.
Standing in the way are dark forces, hell bent on stopping Titus and his family from their goal of taking humanity into a golden age of peace and light.
This novel, set all around the globe, runs about 88,000 words and weaves fantasy and science fiction elements with adventure and romance. It will appeal to Young Adult and New Adult audiences.
Sarah Castle, a budding celebrity reporter in London, stumbles on a mystery and a family of twelve unusual young people whilst trying to get an interview with Henry Baxter, an eighteen year old unknown runner who just won The London Marathon. In pursuit of a story that she hopes will give her status at the paper, she falls for him, and his enigmatic foster siblings.
As events unfold she discovers they are much more than they seem, and she experiences things that can only be described as supernatural. Things that she cannot logically explain, including a cottage that despite seeming modest from the outside, is infinitely large inside with doors that open all over the world. Sarah also begins to realize that her proximity to them might just get her killed.
By time she meets Uncle Titus and becomes involved with The Themis Foundation; an organization determined to transform the world and bring about a golden age of peace and prosperity, Sarah knows that this is her destiny -- whatever the cost. In fact the cost becomes very high, as her own brother appears to have been taken by dark forces determined to stop The Foundation from achieving its goal.
In Themis, Sarah discovers the family she desperately wants, and finds herself at the center of events that might change the destiny of all humanity.
As the family hatch their plan to transform the fates of the most disadvantaged people on earth, they are continuously attacked by a man called Lars and his master, Cadiz; an enigmatic billionaire with as many secrets as Titus himself. At the very moment when The Foundation is poised to implement their plan, Marianna Lima (one of the siblings, and the architect of revolutionary inventions that promise total freedom from the blights of poverty), is kidnapped.
It soon becomes apparent that her kidnapping is no more than a trap for Titus, the true target of Cadiz. The final section of the book culminates in a race to free her, protect her plan, and survive the darkness that threatens to destroy everything.
Themis is part one in a five book series and the conclusion of the story sets the stage for part two, where relationships will be tested, battles will be fought and the twelve will learn their true identities.

Tara Woods Turner | 2 comments Paul this sounds utterly fascinating! Email me at

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Paul Weil Emailed you Tara

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