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Bloodblader | 2339 comments Ok any ideas or should I post some?

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E M M A  | 43 comments Go ahead and post some :)

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Bloodblader | 2339 comments Guy a do to a disease been turned into a girl, his/her family decided to send her to the same school as his/her mother. There is both a up and a down to that, up side is no guys to deal with down side is that she will be living with a bunch of girls that think she is just another one of the girls
This is a twist on a fxf rp

The female population has dwindled to almost nothing forcing scientists to make artificial humans. This man made beings were called Angels. Angels are easily told from humans do to their unnatural hair color and a tattoo like mark of wings on their back.
Guy A had saved up money to get his very own angel, on the way to the store he found an angel (girl a) wrapped up and rowen in the trash

Guy a lives near the forest. One night in the dead of winter he is awaken by gunshots coming from the woods. He looks out side to find a hooded figure running out of the woods, this hooded figure is the princess of the forest, a member of a pack of wolves that can take human form.

Human population was dropping to the pint that human kind was becoming endangered, all due to a virus that made it so fewer and fewer females were born. Scientists made a way to make artificial human females, they called them nekos do to being part animal. Guy a saves up enough money to finally buy his first neko.

Girl a is sent to an all girls school for young women, the same school her mother and grandmother went to, there she meets her dorm mates girl b c and d.

Human kind had developed tech that lets someone change into an animal, and to turn animals into almost full humans called nekos. Guy a decides to make his pet, girl a, into a neko, but he decided to turn into the same anime as her first. Humankind is also in a stat of decline do to fewer and fewer girls being born.

Guy a is a holy knight sent by the king to a small twin to kill the dragon terrorizing them, the twin tells him that the dragon lives in a nearby cave, when the knight makes it to the cave he only finds a young girl his age, girl a. The girl turns out to be the dragon .

In a world where select few can use magic, most of them head to the three major schools to learn to control and harness it. Muse a is sent to one but not before accidentally messed up a spell with major repercussions, muse a turned to the opposite gender, muse b has been muse a's friend since they were little and now must help muse a adjust to their new gender and help them hide this fact from the other students once at school

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