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message 1: by SamZ (new)

SamZ (samwisezbrown) Our two winners for our first themed read are:
The Curiosity Keeper by Sarah E. Ladd
Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson
and our moderator's theme pick:
A Heart Made of Indigo by Shaela Kay
Please discuss and let us know what you thought of any or all of these books below! Warning: there be spoilers ahead!

message 2: by Janet (new)

Janet | 17 comments Reserved The Curiosity Keeper and Edenbrooke at the library. Looking forward to reading them. :)

message 3: by Tracey (new)

Tracey (traceyrb) I have The curiosity Keeper and Edenbrooke on reserved at my library and will join in the discussion as soon as they come. A heart made of indigo I can't get :(

message 4: by Shaela (new)

Shaela Kay | 23 comments I LOVED Edenbrooke!! It took me a while to get into it because it was weird for me to read a regency novel written in first person, but a few chapters in and I was hooked. ☺

message 5: by SamZ (new)

SamZ (samwisezbrown) I've about a hundred pages left on The Curiosity Keeper and I'm loving the gentle romance that is slowly (and properly) unfolding!

message 6: by SamZ (new)

SamZ (samwisezbrown) Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson
I liked it. It was a lot better than some other romance books I've read lately. I especially liked the fact that Marianne had some insecurities without being a whining weak sap of a woman. That said, I felt that the interaction between the main characters was a little too modern, since it was supposed to be a period piece. It was a quick read and anyone who enjoys clean romances with a bit of intrigue in them would have fun with this book.

message 7: by SamZ (new)

SamZ (samwisezbrown) The Curiosity Keeper (Treasures of Surrey, #1) by Sarah E. Ladd
I really enjoyed this story! I loved the way Ladd stayed true to the time period with the romance. Camille and Jonathan kept their distance, and used each other's surnames for most of the book, making the Regency feel much more authentic. I loved the way Camille managed to rise above her circumstances to change her own destiny, and I really enjoyed Jonathan's dedication to his career.
While I enjoyed the strength of the main characters, I was a little let down by the supporting cast. I felt that all of the extended families were selfish (both Jonathan's and Camille's). I also wished that there was more with Jonathan's dad and Camille's friend Molly - there was so much potential for outstanding characters that just got left in the dark!(view spoiler)
Overall, a fun read and a great Regency romance.

message 8: by Christi (new)

Christi | 50 comments I wasn't able to read A Heart Made of Indigo because my library didn't have it. :(

I have read Edenbrooke before and loved it then! It was a pleasure to reread it! I really love Philip! (I am also excited that she came out with another book that is from Philip's point of view!) I also enjoy Marianne (even if I wanted to shake her a little at times saying: "Philip doesn't like her, he likes you! Cecily doesn't deserve him!!") Cecily drove me crazy but I think that that was kind of the point! I really want to hate her dad for just abandoning her like that, but my heart melts at how gentle he was with her when he came to her rescue (though it was really ALL Phillip's doing, really!) I love a happy ending and this one gave me all the good feels that I sometimes crave in a book! :) 5 stars for me!!

This was the first time reading The Curiosity Keeper for me and I did like it. I like how Jonathan stayed true to himself and how Camille was an independent woman (but still able to depend upon a man and be his equal)! I find it sweet that Camille is able to "get" Jonathan's dad in a way that he never could and by this, I know that their relationship will heal and grow. It always makes me happy when authors write in real feelings and give hope for a healing process. My only problem with the book is that the bad guys get away in the end and there is no resolution in that area. Yes, I know that this sort of thing happens in real life and not everything is a "happy ending with no loose ends" but I still like it when everything is resolved (unless there is a second book). I am also curious of what happens to Jonathan's sister. Over all, I give this one 4 stars.

message 9: by Amber G., Group Creator (new)

Amber G. (lavenderbutterfly) | 288 comments Mod
I loved Edenbrooke! I loved the mystery and seriously laughed out loud multiple times. I have met Julianne Donaldson, and find her witty and interesting. She has a much quieter demeanor than I expected, but she is delightful. Can't wait for more of her books. Loved Blackmoore, too.

message 10: by SamZ (new)

SamZ (samwisezbrown) Ladies! Quick question as you post your reviews? Would you like to have a separate thread for each book during our group reads (so one for Edenbrooke, one for Curiosity Keeper, and one for Heart of Indigo) or would you prefer having one thread like this one? We're just trying to figure out which way the group as a whole would prefer to run these? Is it easier to just have it all in one, or more confusing to have different reviews for different books in one thread?

message 11: by Christi (new)

Christi | 50 comments I think that I would be okay either way

message 12: by Amber G., Group Creator (new)

Amber G. (lavenderbutterfly) | 288 comments Mod
I would prefer each one separate. I like to keep the group clean and organized and easy to find threads when they aren't mixed.

message 13: by Katrina (new)

Katrina Lybbert | 72 comments I just finished re-reading Edenbrooke. Even though I had read it before, it had been long enough that it was like reading it for the first time. I really enjoyed it. I liked how both main characters wanted to be loved for who they are. That titles and wealth should not matter and that you don't need to change yourself to behave as society dictates ... though of course still being moral and good.

I am still reading the Curiosity Keeper and will post about that when I finish.

message 14: by Katrina (new)

Katrina Lybbert | 72 comments I finally finished The Curiosity Keeper today. I agree with most of the comments above about this book. I really liked Camille and Johnathan. I was disappointed that Camille's parents didn't redeem themselves. But it is more real to life... not all families have happy endings... yet a person can rise above their background and start fresh and change the pattern for the future generation. Both Camille and Johnathan feel strong in character and will not make the mistakes of their parents. I enjoyed the book. I had hoped the second book in the series would continue the story of some of the other characters in the book, but appears to be a new story in the same setting. I look forward to reading it, though.

message 15: by Amber G., Group Creator (new)

Amber G. (lavenderbutterfly) | 288 comments Mod
I finally read Curiosity Keeper. Nice regency romance, but nothing super exciting. I shouldn't have read it right after a super intense book. I think I would have liked it more if I had been specifically in the mood for a regency.

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