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message 1: by Rose (new) - added it

Rose M | 9 comments If you enjoy reading about love stories then reading this book would be right for you. The theme of this book is about a teenage boy living on a boat in the water with his father. The boys name is Anthony and he has been living with his mom his whole life until his father offers him this opportunity to come live with him on his boat. After living on the boat for a little while he meets a girl name Amber that is living two boats down from him. i enjoyed this book because the book is both a romance and a comedy. The author gives a very good job of painting a picture of the setting and of different settings through out the book.

message 2: by Bryson (new)

Bryson | 7 comments Good review, I am very interested in this book cause this can relate to everyday life. This book sounds like this could be a very moody book when it comes to him meeting Amber and can really become emotional. It seems like this is a happy ending book by the cover and the review. I will be sure to check it out.............

message 3: by Harsha (new)

Harsha V | 12 comments I think this book tell us a sweet and romantic love story. It will give us a mood change from all our tensions.This will be a good example for new generations relationship. It seems that this book is telling the importance of love. From the review i can understand that this book can be funny too. The author use a way to tell us a sweet happy love story through comedy.

message 4: by Dajla (new)

Dajla | 10 comments great review! I Love this book!I love books about two people falling for each other. romance and comedy are by far my favorite books. Anthony is actually very sweet as well as amber is. the two were on for a great love story!

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