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((Sorry I really like using alt codes. XD))

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Alright so rules?

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Hmmm. up to you

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I was about to say the same thing >.< lol in my book anything goes

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LOL ^-^

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Okay so I guess we have no rules then hahaha. Characters?

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Name: Marcos
Appearance: Tall, skinny, black hair and a tan skin tone
Age: 19

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Name: Sarah
Appearance: http://images1.fanpop.com/images/phot...
Age: 17

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so sorry. didnt relize u posted

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its kay

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Wat r we doing?

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Haha no idea. You have any ideas?

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hmmm. up 2 u

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Ouch ummmmmmmmm..... we could do.... *thinking*..... something with combat XD and not like guns weapons but the good stuff like swords and knives :P

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2 assassins MxF have to kill someone, and become 2 good friends

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Yeah that works

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ok. u start.

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Sarah pulled on her gloves as she walked down the hall. Someone had called her in for a job, but she was just now meeting her client and partner. She pushed open the double doors and stepped inside.

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a woman sat there, a a man, about her age, with his hood u sat there with a big knife in his hands

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Sarah looked at him with her eyebrows raised. "Warm welcome to you too." She muttered, then leaned against the wall. "So what's the deal?"

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"A mans head. 500" he said

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"Who's the lucky guy?" She asked sarcastically. *This isn't vague at all.* She thought, rolling her eyes.

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"this man" he was her dad, and he DID kill in the past. 7 men in total

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"Okay then. Now who're you?" She asked, looking at the guy with the knife.

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"Marcos. and your sarah" he said "I know every soul in this city"

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"Im not from this town. I was sent here under the orders of my boss." Sarah said blankly.

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"I know EVERY soul" he said "Like how that man is your dad" he went to the window

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"What?!" Sarah exclaimed, shocked. "No."

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"He killed 7 men last week." he said, standing in the window sill

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Sarah shook her head. "No. I wont do it." She said, getting up and walking to the door.

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he dived out the window, and fell into some hay, running to where he works

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Sarah rolled her eyes and walked out the door. Instead of going back to her hometown, she stopped at a cafe to collect her thoughts.

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he ran out of her dads work, his knife with blood on it, running into the cafe family bathroom

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Sarah spun around. *Oh no.* She jumped up and ran out to her dads office. When she saw that he was dead, she was enraged. She made a promise to herself that she'd find and kill Marcos.

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he changed his clothse, and died his hair, leaving the bathroom, and going into a crowd of people

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Sarah sighed. He probably knew she'd want his head. She started walking down the street, when she randomly smelled recently applied hair dye. "Hm." She thought and followed the smell.

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he went into the ally by the back of the building

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Sarah turned and followed a little ways behind, out of sight. *An ally? Thats unusual...*

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he walked in the side door, holding a knife

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*Thats him.* She thought and put her hand in her pocket casually and followed him inside.

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he walked into the room, and locked the door

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"Shit." She muttered under her breath and pulled out one of her hairpins. She quietly picked the lock, being as quick as possible.

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he cut off the head, jumping out the window, into the bush down below. he slowly got up, his side hurt

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Sarah kicked the door open. "Dang it!" She grumbled then followed the blood trail from his knif to the window. "There." She whispered and jumped after him.

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he laid there, as she fell on him, hurting his gut. he moaned in pain

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"I hope that hurt." She barked, stepping on his wrists so he couldnt move and drawing a knife.

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he laid there "Fine. kill me. hope youre happy. he killed MY family with a bomb in my OWN HOUSE" witch was true, but she didnt know that

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Sarah's face showed a little bit of confusion. "He wouldnt do that..." She growled. "LIAR!"

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