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Which Stephen King to read?
Sunny Sunny Feb 28, 2016 02:28PM
I am probably the only person on earth who has not read a Stephen King novel. My home library overflows with books, but the shelves are not graced with any of his novels! Interested in any recommendations on which I should read first! Which book is the best example of what Stephen King is as an author? (side note, I could not post a discussion question without first assigning a book for the topic, so I just chose the first one I could think of.)

My favorite is definitely The Stand. If you've got a few days of free time, you should really start off with that. I'm on the last book of the Hodges Trilogy which starts with Mr. Mercedes. It's not the classic Stephen King supernatural powers stuff...but still good. A lot of suspense throughout the whole trilogy!

I'm reading Lisey's Story right now which is a fantastic portrait of a marriage. Of course, it being King, the sinister creeps its way in. 11/22/63 is superb also.

The first Stephen King novel I ever read was Needful Things and I would recommend it as a good representation of his work.

Overall, I think his short stories are even better than his full-length novels. Four Past Midnight, Everything's Eventual, Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Bazaar of Bad Dreams...all of those have some great examples of his storytelling ability.

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I've read most of his books. The Stand is by far my favorite and it's the only one I've read more than once. It is very long, so maybe not a great place to start with SK. Perhaps Firestarter or Salem's Lot might be a better place to start off. Both are shorter books (for King anyway) and both are great stories.

So many to choose from but I would stick to the early classics of his to start with, Carrie, Cujo, Salem's Lot, Pet Cemetery, The Shinning etc. I have read a lot of Stephen King throughout my life and I cant believe I have never read The Stand. I have it ordered online a couple of days ago and I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas on its arrival.

Sunny wrote: "I am probably the only person on earth who has not read a Stephen King novel. My home library overflows with books, but the shelves are not graced with any of his novels! Interested in any recommen..."

I would suggest either the Shining or Dead Zone. Both are fairly early novels but in my opinion are really good reads and King at his creepiest

I agree with Pam. Starting with "Different Seasons" is a great place to start. Not necessarily horror, and all 4 short stories are good reads. And two were made into movies - Shawshank Redemption and Stand by Me (The Body). Both are excellent!

I have been a Stephen King fanatic fan since college. I have clear memories of reading Gerald's game while waiting for class to start and eating peanut M&M's. One part was so vivid that I had to put the book down and walk outside into the hallway because I got a bit nauseous. But any of his books are great. I also really liked Dragon Eyes (I think its called) and he said he wrote it as a children's fairytale for his son!

Sunny wrote: "I am probably the only person on earth who has not read a Stephen King novel. My home library overflows with books, but the shelves are not graced with any of his novels! Interested in any recommen..."

Gerald's game , the firestarter , the stand

I far prefer his earlier works and recommend starting with one of those. Pretty much anything between Carrie and It.

As others have said, "The Stand" is top-notch, but it is more than a thousand pages. If you want to get a taste of his style, but in a shorter read, try "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon". The "Hodges" trilogy is terrific, as is "11/22/63". And with the upcoming movie about to release, "Gerald's Game" will linger long after you finish it.

11/22/63 was my first Stephen King novel and I loved it. I avoided him for so long because I am not into horror, however I have found him to be an excellent story teller. I also very much enjoyed The Stand. I have not read any of his other classics, but several of his recent novels, which I have also really enjoyed.

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Jessica You know what? I did read the Green Mile! Way back when it was first released in volumes. And I loved it, too! Thanks for the reminder.
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IT was my first read and still my favorite from him. the Stand is a masterpiece to.

The Shining was my first Stephen King book, and is probably my favorite King book. If you've seen the movie, I thought the movie was awful. The book is just so much better.

This is pretty late, but maybe you should try some of his Richard Bachman novels? I liked The Long Walk and The Running Man was pretty good too. These books are not like his classic horror (Actually these two books are of the Dystopian genre) books, but they're really where he started in the book-writing business.

Stephen King is very hit and miss for me. Please don't punch me for that. *shields and hides* BUT I will say that 11/22/63 goes down as one of my favorites. My mother is a huge Stephen King buff and we can both agree that 11/22/63 was a very good book. Though, I did like many of his other books. IT was the book that helped flourish my fear of clowns.

11/22/63 is my favorite King book, and I'm currently reading his book It, which is great if you want a good scare. The Green Mile is what got me into King to begin with, and it is mild enough that I feel it is a good first Stephen King book for anyone to read.

Melinda Tyler I loved that entire trilogy. Another surprise from Mr. King--who took his audiences in another new direction.
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"Stand by me" is what I would recommend for a first reading. Not too gruesome and yet including all Mr. King's best features (such as his ability in explaining kids world in all its magic, beauty, danger and pain which most adults have forgotten).
PS Please don't go nazi on my gramamr/spelling/whatever. Not all of us are native English speakers!

I am currently reading Insomnia by Stephen King, it seems interesting to me and I recommend it.

I thought I disliked horror books until I read Stephen King. I'm convinced it is because he is such a good storyteller. On Writing is excellent if you want to read how he does it. For stories, I'd pick 'Salem's Lot, Carrie, Misery, or any of his early stuff. And don't leave out the short stories or novellas, which are marvelous.

There are too many King books to mention to say which one to best to read. Read them all! I've read almost every one. 11/22/63 is probably my most recent favorite but I've been a fan since the original release of The Stand (which totally hooked me). If I were new to King, I would start at the very beginning because the books in order kind of tell a story of King's writing, which you can see the depth and breadth of it expanding with each new book. After I read The Stand, I couldn't devour them fast enough. Each time I get his newsletter announcing a new book, I get excited.

And I'm so excited to be going to "An Evening with Stephen King and Owen King in Brooklyn" and to hear about (and receive a copy of their collaboration on Sleeping Beauty). I missed the Newton reading (I live in Boston 1/2 the time) because of a family emergency. I was exactly on time to buy the Brooklyn tickets. No way on earth was I going to miss that.

King's books *always* stay with me. I think no one writes rich characters better than he does. And his insight into relationships is amazing.

Its hard to say which is the best example as he's covered so much ground over the years. For me, all his best books, whether they are more horror, fantasy, thriller or books about writing, have one thing in common and that is lots of humanity/heart... call it what you will. For me, the absolute best and one of my favourite books of all time is IT.

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This book is just intoxicatingly wonderful. I can't say enough good about it. I don't even want to watch the Hulu series, because it couldn't be as good as the movie in my head as I read the book. A brilliant miracle of a book. Of course I am talking about 11/22/63. Mr Mercedes is good too.

Sunny wrote: "I am probably the only person on earth who has not read a Stephen King novel. My home library overflows with books, but the shelves are not graced with any of his novels! Interested in any recommen..."

11/22/63 was the first book i read of his and it was AMAZINGGGGGGGGG.

I would have to recommend the Dark Tower series. Starting with the first book, The Gunslinger, you will be instantly hooked by the first line...."The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." This opens the door to a universe that you will never want to leave and it introduces you to a character that you will never forget about.

Oh god I think i'd recommend the Different Seasons book which consists of four short stories just to read Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption. It throws a real curve ball and is not what people expect from King.

My favourite King book is IT! Also love The Stand, Misery and Gerald's Game.

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