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Unamo | 744 comments .

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Unamo | 744 comments So first we need to establish the plotline of the story. What is the issue? Whether or not we want it to be a fantasy wolf rp or realistic? Throw out any ideas you have.

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Unamo | 744 comments Um let's see...

We could go with two packs have been at war with each other since anyone could remember. However two members of the pack could meet each other or probably met once when they were little. They could become friends or lovers (depends on if you want romance) and try to stop the war.

That's a pretty basic plotline.

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Unamo | 744 comments Bingo! Now we make character sketches. I can post mine first that way you can get an idea.

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Unamo | 744 comments Now yours doesn't have to be so detailed. I had this one ready.

Name: Hisui Bloodrose
Name Pronunciation: (He-swee)
Age: 2 Years
Gender: Female
Species: Wolf
Pack: Bloodrose Lycan Pack
Rank: Alpha's Daughter
Personality: Hisui is a very childish fae and being the youngest of two pups has made her spoiled. Though she is often kind it isn't uncommon for her to argue over her opinions. Hisui's pup like demeanor also tends to get her into trouble but her pretty blue puppy eyes and pouts get her out of it.

History: To tell you Hisui's history you have to know about her pack history. You see her family comes from a proud strong line of Alphas and Betas which is why Hisui considers them "old-fashioned".
   In order for the Alpha to retire or give up his position he has to have a son to take it over. That's where Hisui's older brother Asura comes into play. He is the male pup of their mother and father so he gets the title. Not that Hisui even cares about it.
   If an Alpha's mate was incapable of giving a boy after five attempts within two years then the Alpha got a new mate. Kind of tragic in a way. Hisui's great grandfather had a barren mate and he was forced to leave her for Hisui's great grandmother. They had her grandfather and her grandfather told Hisui about his father having an affair with his first mate.
  Yeah she had a really complicated family history. There were other traditions that were smaller. See Hisui's family had milestone years for most of the pack. From birth to age two you got to play and have fun. At age two you started to develop a good, proper reputation. At age three you picked a job and apprenticed under a mentor. Also the Alpha and Beta are given select mates. They had to go into a relationship with no idea who ut was. Lastly, age four you started that job. By then the Alpha and Alpha female should start having pups. The lucky Beta can wait until he is five.
   It was all pretty straightforward but yet complicated. And Hisui, herself, hardly followed a single rule.
Father- Carter Bloodrose
Mother- Rengae Bloodrose
Brother- Asura (Ah-sure-a) Bloodrose
Best Friends: Asura and Mori Cranston (Beta to be)

Theme Song: "Hey Alice" Nightcore
Quote: "The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before." -Albert Einstein

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Unamo | 744 comments Woops hold on. Part of it didn't work.

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Unamo | 744 comments There now it's fixed.

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Unamo | 744 comments Yeah that's fine.

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