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message 1: by Ama (new)

Ama Pomaa (amapomaa) | 7 comments Of days long gone-An inspirational novel about a young woman- Jasmine-who learns to let go of her past, forgive her family, and accept the love of an old flame- all with backing from the king of heaven.

I would love your inputs on the title, plot and characters.


message 2: by Deb (new)

Deb Rhodes (debrhodes) | 138 comments Hi Leticia,

Please visit my website at for information on my beta reading services.

You can contact me through my site if you have an interesting in hiring me.


message 3: by HitC (new)

HitC (hitcgirl) | 136 comments Hi Leticia,

I may be a good fit for you; I have experience with Christian fiction and non-fiction and am a Christian myself.

I'm an independent editor who also offers beta reads. Below is a bit more info from my website if you're interested. You can also go to for more info, including discounts, special offers, and testimonials.

Beta Reading:

I’ll read your manuscript to get a feel for plot, characters, setting, voice, writing quality, or problem spots. Comments will be inserted within the manuscript and will point out issues a first-time reader may have as well as offer suggestions for improving structure, character development, plot, voice, and writing quality. This option does not include any editing.


10k – 49k words = $50

50k – 99k words = $100

100k – 150k words = $150

Above 150k words = $200

message 4: by Ama (new)

Ama Pomaa (amapomaa) | 7 comments Hello,

Thanks for getting in touch. I will reach out to you as directed.

thanks again.

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