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Just what I think will happen in RQ3 after the events of GS.

1) One of the big theories circulating around is that Farley is pregnant with Shade's baby. Evidence: she was always sick all the time, she clasped her hand over her stomach at Shade's funeral, the answer to her question was 'yes' that she is pregnant.

2) Mare says this quote about Maven: "He could not save that boy. But he can save me in his own twisted way. (pg 7)" and Maven says this quote to Mare: "I said I would find you. And I said I would save you. (pg 235)" I really want to see what's inside Maven's mind and what he thinks he is saving Mare from. We know that he has big plans for her.

3) Victoria Aveyard confirmed that there will be a second POV alongside Mare's POV in RQ3 in order to expand the story. As much as I want that second POV to be Maven's I don't think it will be considering Mare is probably going to be with Maven for most of RQ3. It might be Cal or Farley's POV though so that we get some insight on what's going on with the Scarlet Guard. I really want the second POV to be Cameron's because I really liked her character and I think that her perspective will be a breather compared to Mare's solemn/annoying thoughts.

4) I REALLY want Mare to go dark! I want to see Mare become a full-fledged villain herself. I mean we can already see her turning into this monster that she said she was never going to be. We kind of see the beginning of her downfall towards the end of GS. Plus, she made a reference that one day Maven was going to capture her: "Maven won the crown. Maven won every battle that truly mattered. And given time...he would've won me too. (pg 163)" and "He's already conquered me. (pg 277)" and "I am a sword, born of lightning, of this fire--and of Maven's. (pg 250)" I kind of want this series to tell the story of Mare's downfall into becoming a villain and this could lead to a spin-off series with another character trying to defeat Mare and Maven as they try to take over the world/watch the world burn. "I almost spit in anger, hoping to expel the thought that I have anything in common with Maven. (pg 228)" Even Cal sees the stirrings of Mare become a villainess: "I don't know if you love anyone at all...if you see anything out there but tools and weapons. People to manipulate and control, to sacrifice. (pg 395)" Julian even confronts Mare and says: "Mare, I am very afraid for you. Things have been done to you, things no person should suffer. You've seen horrible things, done horrible things, and they will change you. I'm so afraid for what you could be, if given the wrong chance. (pg 412)" Ultimately, we see Mare turning dark or at least becoming an anti-hero: "We face each other as betrothed people would, stark and alone before a crowd of faces. But this is not a wedding. This might be my funeral, my ending. (pg 439)"

5) I'm wondering if Jon was sided/under Maven's control the whole time. I mean he just kind of threw a lot of vague prophecies at Mare and Mare just took his word for it. There's definitely more to Jon than he's letting on.

6) We know that Mare still harbors feelings for Maven no matter how small those feelings may be after his massive betrayal in RQ, but the question is: does Maven still have feelings for Mare/did he ever have feelings for her or is he just out to kill her? This distinction is not made very clear. I mean most of the malicious stuff that Maven is doing is all to get Mare's attention and for her to come back to him and surrender herself. "Maven wants you more than anything else on this earth. (pg 249)" We see that Mare still holds some sort of attachment to Maven like that fact that she kept his cryptic notes and she never even bothered to tell anyone of their existence. "The brand he gave me burns with the memory. I wonder if he can feel it too. (pg 280)" "Strange, my enemies know me best, and my family doesn't know me at all. (pg 60)" " As much as Maven lied to me, I still know a small piece of his heart. (pg 7)" "Despite the impressive defenses, despite Maven's haunting stare, I can't help but smile. (pg 209)" Even though I still hold out hope that Mare will end up with Maven by the end of this series I just can't help but think that if a (romantic) relationship were to foster between these two it would only be a destructive/toxic one. In an interview, Victoria Aveyard said that by the end of RQ3 we will know who the core couple will be.

7) We can see that in the beginning of RQ3 we are going to be in Maven's turf in the palace now that Mare is back in Maven's clutches. In the same interview, Victoria Aveyard said that RQ3 is Maven's book and we get to see what happens to him and why he's become what he's become, so he will be very prevalent in the third book. Victoria has said several times that her favorite character to write is definitely Maven's because she loves to write morally gray characters.

8) I want to see the world fleshed out more.

9) I want to see how expansive the Scarlet Guard's ties really are.

I really like Maven but I don't want Mare to go evil!!! I want Maven to be redeemed....

I just found this series and I really love it. I'm glad I don't have to wait long for the third book, but waiting for the fourth might be my end, especially with Aveyards cliffhangers. A few thoughts:

1) I love that Mare is not perfect. She doesn't always make the right choice. She can't save everyone. She struggles with the consequences of her decisions and what they have done to her. So many strong female characters are 'perfect.' They may struggle about what choice to make, but in the end it's almost always the right one. I truly appreciate that Aveyard has avoided this and made a very human character out of Mare, even though it drives me crazy some times. That being said, I don't think Mare will become a villain (at least I hope not). There is potential for immense growth in Mare, growth that I want to witness. She talks of how she has to burry the girl she used to be and I think being separated from the cause and subject to Maven's rule will give her the chance to reconnect with what started all of this to begin with (and realize that Maven is horrible and that she doesn't want to walk that path ---sorry, it's just how I feel ) allowing her to have the space to find her true self again.

2) I was so shocked that Shade died. I actually put the book down and went for a walk (then ran back to keep reading this book that I love and hate in equal amounts!). He brought so much to the story and was such a strong character. In the middle of the book, the Scarlet Squad retrieved a young boy who could cause death (he killed a plant with his hand). Cal hypothesized that the boy could likely also bring things back to life. I really hope this is true and that they bring back Shade. He didn't deserve such a rushed death and mourning.

3) I love Cameron and the conviction she has to do what she believe is right. I hope we get a lot more of her in this next installation of the series. She would be great as the second POV. Additionally, I think her twin brother that was sent to the Choke might be the twins that Jullian marked as newbloods. My guess is the brother doesn't know about his power yet, but I can't wait to see him and learn what it is. Maybe it is the opposite of his sister and enhances a persons power (possibly making them immune to silent stone?).

4) There is something fishy about the Ardents living in the north. I don't know what it is, but I don't like it and I sure think they will be butting in at some point in the next book. For that matter, I also don't like the Colonel (Farley's father) and think he will be causing his own problems. But I do want to learn more about the Scarlet Squad and Command Center. How strong is this revolution?

5) I hope Sara fixes Gisa's hand. I think Gisa could become an amazing character is given the stage. She always returns to and supports Mare, even though things Mare has done would justify Gisa staying away.

6) I love the next title: King's Cage. It could have so many meanings. I want to see more inside Maven's head as well, to understand his motivations. I think this may be what the title is referring to. Not Mare stuck inside the King's cage but Maven struggling with his own barriers and walls that he has put up.

7) I think we are gonna see more of Jon, the seer. I don't think he has sided with Maven though, I think he has something in store. I can see him sacrificing his life when needed so that some future result that only he can see will occur.

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Cover is Getting Revealed Next Week!

Man tHats an awesome thought.. I love it!! It has to happen MARVEYYYYYY!

Me Too! #TeamMaven

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