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CrimsonStarz | 1 comments genre (I think): adult romance, supernatural/fantasy, fiction
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- Main Character Description:

It's about a hero (I'm naming him 'guy A') who has some sort of super power due to which some sort of electrical blue force comes out of his hands when he feels strong emotions. He once killed his former lover by burning trough her heart. I also believe he has tribal tattoos that help to contain his powers, but they vanish after a few days so he has to 'retattoo' them.
The heroine in the story was once kidnapped because her family/father were/was of high status and important and the kidnappers wanted money. After her father returned her, he let her endure a series of operations so that she wouldn't feel pain (her nerves were electrified?). This was because the kidnappers sent her father video's in which she was being tortured.

- The Story:

In the first few chapters of the story, the girl and her best friend sign up for some sort of training/bootcamp which they have to do in order to join some sort of federal/police unit in a world where supernatural beings live.

(The story takes place in America)

Here she meets a guy (the one with supernatural powers), he is their trainer together with a few others, one who is his best friend I think. Almost immediately the best friend of the girl calls 'dibbs' on Guy A. The few chapter after are about their training. One night she sneaks out of the camp (which is of course forbidden) to go a candyshop to buy some candy (toffee/caramel?) for her friend, but when she has bought the candy, she runs into Guy A. He drags her to a dark alley, here they have a verbal fight and when it gets heated, Guy A pushes the girl against the wall ans he kisses her while his hands are placed on the wall. When he or she pushes her or him away, the author describes burnt handprints on the wall where the guys hands had been. Guy A then takes her back to the camp?

After a few chapters, we meet the girl, she was accepted and now fully agent, chasing a guy who had stolen something?. At the end of the chase she tackles the guy (oh yeah, if I'm correct she's wearing high heels and leather pants: I think she just came out of a club). Guy A shows up, they have a verbal fight and after that I can't remember what happens until at a moment the best friend of Guy A, tells Guy A about a vision (he's part/fully seer?) where the girl is in bed with one of them. Guy A has possessive feeling towards the girl, but he also fears that his best friend will die, because that was what would happen when one of them, he can't see whom, went to bed with her. Eventually we (the readers) discover that the best friend of guy A would have died if he would have gone to bed with her.
Somewhere in the last chapters of the book, Guy A and the girl are kidnapped. They are both seated towards each other in some sort of warehouse and Guy A's hands are bound around the girls neck. They are interrogated I think, but when one of the kidnappers stabs Guy A with a syringe, he can lead the blue electrical force through the syringe which causes the 'stabber' pain because the syringe melted in his hand. They can
escape and in the warehouse the girl sees the long lost brother of their (female) boss, only she sees him and he winks at her ( he's one of the good guys). If I'm correct their boss and her brother have some sort of transporting power?

This is where the story ends I think. I'm pretty sure that the book was part of a series of books, maybe it was one of the first.


Thank you for reading my post and even more thanks if you have even the slightest idea what book I'm talking about.
Excuse me for my bad English but originally I'm not english, so I had to learn it (^,^)

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CrimsonStarz, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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