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message 1: by Anna (new)

Anna Sobczak (reader222) *Spoilers, dont read if you have not read the Fate of Ten yet*

Ok, who just can't wait for this book!!! I really want to see if Sarah resurrects because she can't be dead!!!

message 2: by Eragon10316 (new)

Eragon10316 | 20 comments Same here SHE IS NOT ALLOWED TO DIE, who will be with john then (Marina?)

message 3: by Anna (new)

Anna Sobczak (reader222) I KNOW! It can't happen!! Marina has Eight, *Snifle*, and John needs Sarah or he will never find love again! (That whole love-for-life thing)

message 4: by Eragon10316 (new)

Eragon10316 | 20 comments AND EIGHT IIISSSS D___DEAD (sobbing) I miss you eight, (stop sobbing) although I would like to see if it would work out between John and Marina just for reasons of interest.

message 5: by Anna (new)

Anna Sobczak (reader222) Yea, maybe.

message 6: by Eragon10316 (new)

Eragon10316 | 20 comments hmmmm!!!! I wonder

message 7: by Eragon10316 (new)

Eragon10316 | 20 comments hey wouldn't it be cool if Ella was Pittacus Lore

message 8: by Anna (new)

Anna Sobczak (reader222) yes,it would!!!
but I think it's John because he has all of his powers.

message 9: by Eragon10316 (new)

Eragon10316 | 20 comments yeah that is true but then who would Ella be?

message 10: by Anna (new)

Anna Sobczak (reader222) Remember,she is just a Lorien citizen,not one of the nine.

message 11: by JumbleofJargon (new)

JumbleofJargon The whole love for life thing wasn't real remember what nine said? It was just what John's Cepan wanted for him. Sarah annoyed me at times, but I still didn't want her to die. I'm hoping it's not permanent. John is an Ximic right? Maybe he can teleport where they are and heal her or something? Or maybe she'll get a legacy....even though she wasn't pulled into Ella's vision. =/

message 12: by Eragon10316 (new)

Eragon10316 | 20 comments She is one of the Ten though
And oh my... Joyce you are a genius, you are so right but with the legacy of her own all the other people without their Legacies yet were in the vision so that on is a little iffy But the rest of it could be 100% correct for all we know (I hope they are) but she is already dead and for the record I MISS EIGHT!!!!!! And nine is always saying things that could or could not be true.

message 13: by Eragon10316 (new)

Eragon10316 | 20 comments please read my story it is under animal lovers it is called Nickey or Pittbul lover forever

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