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Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments Who are your favorite stage performers? Have you ever seen them onstage, or just through recordings?

Favorite American/English performers:
-Angela Lansbury
-Bernadette Peters
-Chip Zien
-Michael Ball
-Laura Benanti
-Philip Quast

Favorite non-English-speaking performers:
-Uwe Kroger!!! He has an awesome voice!
-Pia Douwes!!! My favorite female performer!
-Carsten Lepper. Very creepy, in a cool way.
-Maike Boerdam. Great Actress, although not the best voice.
-Máté Kámaras!! Hunngarian actor. He has a great voice and I like *almost* everything he does.

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments favorite performers on Broadway have to be...
-Patti LuPone
-Hugh Jackman
-Idina Menzel
-Kristin Chenoweth
-Anthony Rapp
-Adam Pascal
-Jesse L. Martin
-Wilson Jermaine Heredia
-Gavin Creel
-Jonathan Groff
-John Gallagher Jr.
-Skylar Astin
-Lea Michele (yay for her and Jonathan making it to Hollywood with their respective projects!)
-Kyle Riabko
-Blake Bashoff
-Matt Doyle
-Eden Espinosa
-Justin Johnston

National tour people I adore...
-Kyle Riabko
-Blake Bashoff
-Andy Mientus
-Matt Shingledecker (Shingledex or ShiShi :D)
-Anthony Lee Medina
-Ben Moss
-Kimiko Glenn
-Sarah Hunt
-Steffi D
-Lexi Lawson
-Nicolette Hart
-Justin Johnston

(the all caps names are the names of the swings/understudies/chair rockers (calling all guilty ones) who I adore...they are the absolute best swings and understudies you will ever see!)

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments I don't know any of the national tour people you mentioned, but I know some of the Broadway actors.

I love Patti in Gypsy, but I not a big fan of the other parts she's been in.

I know that Hugh Jackman acts on Broadway, but I don't know what he's been in.

I have Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth on my iPod through the album of Wicked. They're both very good.

I've listened to Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp on the iTunes 30 second samples, and they are very good also.

I found a new non-English-speaking performer:
-Bernadett Vagó: She's a Hungarian actress who plays Elisabeth in the Hungarian revival, and I believe that she's Juliet, in the Hungarian Romeo and Juliet. Her voice is very good, and she plays Sisi very strongly.

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☺Caleb☻ Sanders (killerkittyklaws) | 52 comments hugh jackman has played the main guy in oklahoma and a flamboyant gay guy in the boy from oz i dont know what else

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments Thanks, I always wondered what he acted in.

What are some performers that you like?

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments The national tour people I mentioned are mostly from Spring Awakening. Lexi Lawson, Nicolette Hart, and Justin Johnston are in the current touring production of Rent with Adam and Anthony. Justin was actually the Angel I saw when I saw Rent on tour and on Broadway. He's fantastic.

Look up some of Idina's and Kristin's other works. They're so good and while I love Wicked, it's not my favorite musical in the world so I really enjoy their works. Idina was in the OBC of "Rent" and the movie "Rent" as Maureen. She was nominated for a Tony for playing her and of course won for playing Elphaba (much deserved I might add) instead of Maureen.

Jesse and Wilson played Collins and Angel respectively in both the OBC and movie of "Rent." Wilson won the tony for playing Angel (again much deserved) and Jesse went on to be a big TV star on "Law and Order." :)

Gavin Creel is currently in the revival of Hair and was nominated for a Tony this year for it. He was also nominated for a Tony for playing Jimmy in the OBC of Thoroughly Modern Millie! He's incredible. (I recommend looking up the Hair cast's version of I'll Be There from when they were on Good Morning America the day after Michael Jackson died. Him and Sasha are amazingly good in it!)

Groff, Gallagher, Michele, Astin, Riabko, Bashoff, and Doyle were in Spring Awakening on Broadway. Everyone but Riabko, Bashoff, and Doyle were in the OBC. Riabko and Bashoff were also in the national tour. Bashoff ends his run August 16th and Riabko ended his late June. :( I miss them! :(

Eden Espinosa was a replacement Elphaba in Wicked and coincidentally also played Maureen in "Rent" as part of the final cast. She's good at replacing Idina and if you see her, you'll see why. lol

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments Kristin was also in an amazing show that cancelled much too soon, Pushing Daisies. Oh how I miss that creative and fun show! It was such a great cast and she was fantastic in it! She was nominated for an Emmy for playing Olive in it! :)

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments Thanks for all the info on the different performers. I love Law & Order! I can't believe that Ed Green is played by someone from RENT! Wow.

I'll be sure to look the others up. :)

My friend loved that show! I've been meaning to watch that for a while. So she's good in it?

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments She was genius in Pushing Daisies. She even sang in a few episodes. It was such a good show! It was my family's favorite was the one show we made a point to watch together every Wednesday. I miss it! :(

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments That really stinks that they took it off. I'll be sure to look that up. It'll be great to see her in something other than Wicked.

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments She was fabulous. She was also amazing as Peppermint Patty in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown co-starring Anthony Rapp. She won the Tony for that role! :) Check that one out too!

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Hannah Colvin (colvinh) Ruthie Henshall.

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments She's fantastic. Her voice is amazing. She's my favorite Fantine, and is a great Roxie.

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Hannah Colvin (colvinh) amen.

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments She does really well with harmonies. I love how her voice blends with Lea Salonga's in the Les Mis 10th Anniversary Concert in the finale. I get chills every time I hear it.

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments I have someone to add to my list: Paul Vogt. I just saw him Monday night as Edna in "Hairpsray" and I can't believe I forgot him on the first list I made. I read my program before the show and saw his name and about had a heart attack. He's one of the best Ednas ever!

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Amelia, free market Puritan (aeimaginer12) MICHAEL BALLLLLLLLLLLLLL! yeah caractacus potts!
i liked bernadette peters and tom wopat in ANNIE GET YOUR GUN and i absolutely love harvey fierstein! has anyone seen the movie EVITA? i saw jonathan pryce (juan peron) in MY FAIR LADY, and yeah he's great!

but the best ever is KRISTIN CHENOWETH!!! oh and i guess idina menzel's good, too ;]

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments I love Michael Ball in Les Mis, but I haven't seen or heard him in ahything else. What else has he played in?

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments I love Harvey Fierstein...I wish I could've seen his Edna but Paul was fantastic too! I hear he was wonderful in Fiddler too! :)

Kristin's AMAZING and I loved her on Pushing Daisies and of course in Wicked and in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown but because Rent is my favorite musical, Idina is the team I'm It's really a shame they're considered to be the biggest rivalry on Broadway because I can't decide between the two...they're both fantastic and I'd love to see them work together again but I doubt that will happen. :(

I'm also super excited for the Rent baby that's on its way next month! I can't wait to see that gorgeous and talented will be the most talented child ever!

Amelia, free market Puritan (aeimaginer12) Rachel wrote: "I love Michael Ball in Les Mis, but I haven't seen or heard him in ahything else. What else has he played in?"


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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments I have yet one more to add to my list. I saw Hairspray for the second time tonight and I must say that Meggie Cansler is my favorite Penny Pingleton of all-time! She beats Kerry, Diana, Alexa, Amanda, etc. She was FANTASTIC and she was incredibly nice! She gave me a huge hug at the stage door and everything. Awesome, awesome actress! I can't wait to see what she does in the future!

Amelia, free market Puritan (aeimaginer12) HUUUUUUUUUUUUGH JACKMAN IN THE BOY FROM OZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ahhhhhhhh!!! i was 10 feet away from him!

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments You are so lucky. I had him on my original list! I LOVE THAT MAN!!!! He's so amazing. I loved all of his singing and dancing at the Oscars this year. He's fantastic and I hope to see him live in a show one day instead of clips on youtube!

Amelia, free market Puritan (aeimaginer12) yeah he was something! of course i have to admit it was pretty weird watching wolverine prancing around stage; the couple in front of us came all the way from australia to see him, and they said that they saw him as gaston in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST back before he was like really famous and stuff. to me, the most talented actors are the ones who have theatrical training; of course, i'd also take it one step further and say that out of the theatre people, the most MOST talented are the musical ppl, cause they have to sing and dance AT THE SAME TIIIIIIIIMMMMEEEE!

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments oh yes...the musical people are the best! I tend not to see plays unless a high school is putting them on and I know someone in the cast or something. I love being a part of musicals because of the acting, singing, and dancing. It's so much fun and really helps you learn a lot about patience and teamwork. I am so glad I get to do it even if I don't do it for a living or anything. It's still fun to do the school theatre or community theatre.

Amelia, free market Puritan (aeimaginer12) the last really good play i saw was RAISIN IN THE SUN with puff diddy or whatever his name is. i also saw hayden christensen and jake gyllenhaal in THIS IS OUR YOUTH, but i thought the play was really boring, and that was before either boy was really famous, and i was just like SNOOOOOOOOOOOOZE!

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments I've never seen any famous actors on stage.

Amelia, free market Puritan (aeimaginer12) you're young - you WILL :)

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments I plan on it. :D

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments That's fine, Heather. I haven't seen anyone on my list either. ;-D

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments I haven't seen Idina and Kristin live either but they are amazing! I watch their videos all the time on youtube!!! Their voices give me the chills. The absolute perfect team for Elphaba and Galinda!

Who is Ruthie Henshall? What would I have seen her in?

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments She's Fantine on the 10th Anniversary Concert of Les Miserables. She has an amazing voice!

I Dreamed a Dream:

Ruthie comes in at 2:50, and there is an amazing harmony between Lea Salonga and Ruthie Henshall at 6:20

She's also Roxie in the London Cast Recording of Chicago.

This isn't the whole song, unfortunately

Audio only

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments Awesome thanks!!!

Also...Heather...Meggie Cansler who I had listed as my favorite Penny from "Hairspray" was Galinda in the tour of Wicked this year. Well, she was an understudy and an ensemble but she went on a lot! IDK if there's any youtube videos of her or not but she's fantastic! You should look her up!

Amelia, free market Puritan (aeimaginer12) i think i saw her in THE BOY FROM OZ. she was judy garland i think... idk i'll have to find my playbill

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments Meggie Cansler??? That's interesting...i don't remember that being in her bio for Hairspray but the bio for Hairspray was short and didn't list all of her work. Although, she has yet to get a lead role on Broadway but you could've seen her in community theatre which she has done a lot of. She is fantastic and was just casted in the revival of Finian's Rainbow (again in the ensemble but still) so I'm hoping that she'll start getting bigger parts. She's fantastic and more people need to see her!

Amelia, free market Puritan (aeimaginer12) i am so *psyched* about FINIANS RAINBOW!!!! :D
kaitlynn - do you live in the tristate area? you seem to have really quick access to bway.

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments No I don't unfortunately...I would love to! I just keep up with this stuff because I'm quite obsessed. I'm also friends with a lot of BWay people on fb so I get the info from them when they set statuses and send updates. I also do the stage door stuff a lot so I've met quite a few people and had the chance to talk to them for a few after their shows. I met Meggie that way and she was officailly the nicest person I've met at the stage door!

Is Finian's good? I want to see it because of Meggie but I don't know anything about it.

Amelia, free market Puritan (aeimaginer12) it starts previews in october---im so MAD i'll be in school ahhhhhh!

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments What's it about though? And is the music good???

I'm going to NYC for spring break so I'm trying to pick my shows...I know I'm seeing Hair but I really want to know about Finian's because I would see it for Meggie but I don't want to see a bad show and from what I read on playbill it didn't sound like something I would enjoy.

Amelia, free market Puritan (aeimaginer12) HAIR...ugghh (sorry but it seems like such an outdated fit the 60s but idk about now)
- Finian moves to the Deep South from Ireland with his daughter Sharon, to bury a stolen pot of gold near Fort Knox, in the mistaken belief that it will grow. A leprechaun follows them, desperate to recover his treasure before the loss of it turns him permanently human. Complications arise when a bigoted and corrupt U.S. Senator gets involved, and when wishes are made inadvertently over the hidden crock. All ends happily!

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments That sounds like a very interesting show. I might get to see my first Broadway show this spring. My mom is thinking of taking me to New York to see Rebecca. I'm getting really nervous that they're going to mess it up though.

Amelia, free market Puritan (aeimaginer12) are you sure REBECCA is scheduled to open on broadaway within the next year? PLAYBILL.COM is not listing any information on it.

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments Wow...Finian def. does not sound like my kind of show. It sounds rather weird.

Hair is still very relevant today. Just because it takes place in the 60s doesn't mean the message of the show (revolution of the 60s against Vietnam...we still have a war going on, etc.) isn't relevant. Spring Awakening takes place in 1891 but the show is still very relevant for today's teenagers. It is a great show with a fantastic cast with a message that I still find relevant because of all the war stuff going on. Plus, the 60s styles are coming back in honor of the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock which is why Hair was revived.

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 153 comments Kaitlynn wrote: "Wow...Finian def. does not sound like my kind of show. It sounds rather weird.

Hair is still very relevant today. Just because it takes place in the 60s doesn't mean the message of the show (re..."

Finian sounds marvelously weird! Is it a musical or a straight forward play?

Amelia, free market Puritan (aeimaginer12) lol FINIANS is one of those old-fasioned shows; silly plot but a total classic. it's kind of like rogers & hammerstein or jules styne stuff: they seem outdated compared to the complex plots and advanced stagings of nowadays, but they're just fun light-hearted shows. you watch them cause they're classics!

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments Finian's is a musical Rachel. It just sounds so weird to me, but it may be one of the shows I see just because of Meggie. Not sure yet. Although right now, I'm leaning more towards my three shows being Hair, NEXT TO NORMAL (love <3 <3), and Billy Elliot.

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments And if I don't see it, I may find one show to go to the stage door of just to talk to Meggie again.

Amelia, free market Puritan (aeimaginer12) i LOVD billy elliot on the west felt so much more authentic with a british cast. like when i saw KISS ME KATE in london, it seemed weird: british ppl doing gangster accents. i know it doesnt really matter, it's just a nitpicky thing. and btw my billy was SOOOOOOO CUTE!!! he had curly brown hair and eyes that are either blue or green idk!

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Kaitlynn (NoDayButToday636) | 60 comments I love the movie Billy Elliot! I've never been to're lucky! I've only seen Broadway and tour shows! I loved the 3 boys that won Tonys for playing Billy. they were too cute on awards night! It would be cool to see it authentically but I'll have to settle for NYC.

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