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J.D. Thomas (judasdthomas) | 5 comments Hi,

Giving away free copies of my novel SECRET WARS OF ANGELS, it is a science fiction/fantasy story
available in PDF, Epub, Mobi, or other format that you
prefer. Please reply to this message or send me a private
message and where to send you the file.

Secret War of Angels (The Angels of Sky Jerusalem #1) by J.D. Thomas
Secret War of Angels

Book Description:
In a world where humanity is caught in wars between powers beyond their understanding. A world where science and magic, mythology and truth, angels and gods, and ancient religions and history are one…

The greatest conspiracy in history is that angels continue to live amongst us, sometimes in the guise of humans, sometimes falsely revered as gods. They are here, and have been here, since the beginning of time.

This is a story of their secret wars. Wars fought in the shadows, and wars fought before our very eyes but hidden in plain sight.

Circa 2000 B.C. After the sky warship—the Tower Ship of Babel—is destroyed, the knowledge to rebuild it is scattered all over the world. These pieces are called the Ten Fragments of the Sephiroth, their location hidden in a book called the Zohar, and no matter what happens these ten pieces must never come together. Because if they do, it will lead us all to the destruction of the world.

Circa 30 A.D. Two thousand years later. It has happened before, and it can happen again. Just as Lucifer destroyed the first heaven in ancient times, now Earth too is in danger. Judas Iscariot the infamous Betrayer—with the help of a witch, a thief who denies he’s a thief, an angel who is losing his sanity due to a tainted wound, and a cast of unlikely heroes—must do everything in their power to save the world from self destruction. The clock is ticking… Six hundred and sixty six days left before the world ends!

But even as the angels battle against each other, and even as humans struggle to survive and rise up with their own power, a greater war rages on. One of such immense scale that even the angels know nothing of it. Battles between two races more powerful than the angels: the High Serpent Prophets, who are the only beings who can stand up against the Slayers, and the Slayers who seek to destroy the True Creator, and in the process destroy them all.

Tara Woods Turner Wowwww! Sign me up - ebook, please. Thanks :)

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J.D. Thomas (judasdthomas) | 5 comments Hi Tara,

Thanks for the request,
I just forwarded it to your email

Thanks and best regards,

J.D. Thomas

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Eleanor (bookmarkedreading) | 3 comments This sounds great! Could I have a .mobi copy to

message 5: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Thomas (judasdthomas) | 5 comments Eleanor wrote: "This sounds great! Could I have a .mobi copy to"

Hi Eleanor,

Sent a copy to your email,

Thanks and best regards,

J.D. Thomas

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