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Ashley (anicholsb) | 132 comments Mod
To Kill A Mockingbird won the Pulitzer Price a year after it was published in 1960 and the author, Harper Lee, chose not to write another book because she felt nothing she could write would be as good as what she'd already written. In July 2015, 55 years after he first book, Lee published Go Set A Watchman and just seven months later, on February 19th, she died. Whether you read the first book or just watched the classic film staring Gregory Peck this sequel is worth the read.

Discussion Questions:

1. Describe the Jean Louise Finch of Go Set A Watchman. How does this grown-up woman compare to her younger self? How does Jean Louise conform --- or not --- to the ideal of womanhood in the 1950s? What was that ideal? Compare her to her Aunt Alexandra and the women of Maycomb. Does she fit in with these women? How do you think New York City has changed her? Or has it?

2. Maycomb is a town without train service, and its bus service “was erratic and seemed to go nowhere.” How does this lack of connection isolate the citizens of Maycomb, and how does that isolation affect how they see themselves and outsiders? Early in the novel, her longtime friend Henry Clinton tells her “you’re gonna see Maycomb change its face completely in our lifetime.” What does he foresee that Jean Louise cannot --- or perhaps does not want to see?

3. Describe the relationship between Jean Louise and Atticus at the beginning of the novel. Does Jean Louise idealize her father too much? How does she react when she discovers that her father is a flawed human being? How does this discovery alter her sense of herself, her family, and her world? By the novel’s end, how do father and daughter accommodate each other?

*These questions came from The Book Report Network

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Ashley (anicholsb) | 132 comments Mod
I love how Harper Lee managed, 55 years later, to pick up Scout right where she left off. The Jean Luise of Go Set A Watchman is such a perfect grown up version of the girl we met in To Kill A Mockingbird. She's still kind of a tom boy, which is perfect in the "Rosie the Riveter" world of post WWII New York but maybe not for the deep south. She smokes and swears, goes for late night swims with boys and feels completely awkward with the ladies of Maycomb. I'm not sure that New York changed her as much as it might have but I do think it separated her from Atticus for a time and the distance was much more important to her character than the social geography. She is really set up by Lee as the future of the south.

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