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Hannah 🐾 (realhxnnah) Lillyann had always been small, a mere 5 3. Her boyfriend though, was about 6 0. She liked taller boys, but obviously it wasn't necessary. Her and her boyfriend weren't doing much of anything - simply strolling around, hand in hand, around the farmers market. A lot of things caught their eye, vibrant coloured fruit and such. Lillyanns hands were intertwined with Brandon's, her boyfriend of one year. Her head was resting on his shoulder, miraculously something she was still tall enough to do.

Lilly and Brandon were mindlessly chatting about their day. They hadnt seen each other for about three days. They talked about what they studied, and then he had brought up the topic of dates. Declaring he wanted to take her on another, her face flushed and she nuzzled her head in his shoulder - embarrassed. She was never good with dates, no matter how long they had been together. Lilly loved dates, she just didnt like.. talking.. eating.. pretty much everything about her doing things that could embarrass her.

Brandon had caught note of her head burrowing in his shirt, and he only chuckled. He looked down at her and lifted her head, giving a tender kiss on her soft lips. Lilly always enjoyed his kisses, no matter what. She didn't have a problem with PDA, ,and people who did it were fine. Obviously, she didnt enjoy the fact where it wasnt PG - 13 in public.. but she thought random acts of love were cute. Lillyann smiled up at Brandon and then grabbed his cheeks lightly and pressed a harderkiss to them. She stood on her toes, reaching him better. Lilly didn't have a problem, but then again - she was also overly caring. Other people may not enjoy ot.

She stepped down from her toes and then flashed him a small smile. He returned the gesture. They turned to another stand, and he had payed for a small chocolate, he turned to her then, placing half the chocolate in her mouth and eating the other half. Feb

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 231 comments Desmond was just walking around town, not in the best of moods. He had just been getting frustrated lately. He had turned 18 not too long ago and his father had warned him that 18 was the year that werewolves began to search for their mates. That they would get some sort of sign as to who their mate was. And so far, 2 months after he had turned into an adult, there was still nothing. Nada. Zip. He wasn't never one to be too crazy about relationship, he's never been in one and never liked anyone. But the werewolf part of him was screaming at him to find out who it was already.

Sighing heavily, Desmond turned a corner, finding himself in a small farmers market that they had in town. Little stands were set up with people selling different things, offering things for him to buy. He recognized a few girls that were hanging around from school and, as always, they looked over at him. He knew that he was considered to be "attractive", he was always convinced that it was the natural beauty that came with being a werewolf. It was the same things with vampires as well.

He shot the small group of them a smile before he continued on his way, but something caught his attention. Something that smelled really nice, sweet. Candy? Ice cream? No no, much sweeter and nicer than either of those things. Sniffing the air a bit, he realized just how much his werewolf instincts were kicking in. Was that...? Could that be...? His mate? His normally light brown eyes began to have a touch of yellow tint to them as he began to track down the scent, following it quickly, yet calmly. He wasn't going to approach this like a total weirdo. Strange though, he didn't sense another werewolf in this area. All around him there were nothing but humans. How could he be smelling this then?

Hannah 🐾 (realhxnnah) Lillys red hair fell on her cheeks as he finished feeding her the chocolate. A small laugh escaped Lillys lips as she shook her head at Brandon, a playful gesture. Lillyann had met Brandon through mutual friends and school. They had introduced them to each other - and to Lilly, it just seemed like they always spent time with him and it would be rude not to introduce them. Little did Lily know that her matchmaker friends had already planned on them being together.

Brandon wiped a bit of chocolate that she had on the side of her mouth, and she bit her lip at him. It wasnt seductive - it never was for him. Lilly loved him, with every fiber inside of her, she just didnt want to give it away so easily - her virginity that is. She still was a virgin, and she hoped to stay that way until the man she loved proved himself. Which, she deemed Brandon, yet.. something told her to wait - so she did.

Lillys green eyes danced around, only to find one older couple aweing at them. Lillys face flushed once more, and the older proclaimed tey were an adorable couple. Lilly muttered a soft thank you. Brandon looked down at Lillyann, and she exclaimed she wanted to leave. They turned to leave, passing the young man on the way. Lilly found herself intrigued by him. She didnt like him in a romantic way - obviously. She had a boyfriend, but she couldnt help let her eyes linger on him for a moment longer. Brandon called for her attention once more, and Lily snapped her head up to his. They were well passed the male, but still in his line of vision.

Hidden from site, Brandon placed a delicate kiss on Lillys mouth, wrapping her arms around her waist. Lilly gasped into the kiss, but quickly kissed him back. She pulled back though, a moment after it ended - the amount of PDA he was showing now was awkward.. and something about that male seeing them disturbed her.

Hannah 🐾 (realhxnnah) ^^

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Desmond followed the scent through the marketplace, walking swiftly, yes, but not enough to call attention. A few girls along the way would stop and stare at him, as girls often did, a few guys as well, though they didn't want to make it seem like they thought he was attractive. Girls were way more vocal about it then men were. One girl even came up to him, a small petite girl with black hair and vibrant green eyes. She introduced herself as Amanda and asked if he had a girlfriend. He got that a lot.

"Yes actually, I do," he replied to her with a small smile. He didn't, but if this thing he was smelling his mate, then he very soon was about to."I'm actually about to meet up with her now. Excuse me." The girl looked disappointed, but she smiled and let him be on his way. Rounding the corner, the smell got even more intense and intense until finally he glanced over for just a moment and say the source of where it was coming from. A girl with bright red hair was there with another guy, but Desmond wasn't even focused on him. Just on her. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, and he wasn't sure if that was his wolf kicking in or just him as a person. Either way, he wanted to meet her. Wanted to introduce himself to her. Right now.

Desmond had started to move towards her just on instinct, but then he realized what her and the other guy were doing. He watched as the guy wiped something off of the corner of her mouth, her smiling brightly up at him. Lovingly up at him. And he was looking down at her the same way. That girl was his mate, but she had a boyfriend.

He automatically felt heartbroken as well as jealously raging throughout him. The wolf side of him wanted to go over and just snatch her away from him and take her back to his house, his pack. But he refrained, somehow. It had never been this hard to control his wolf before, but he supposed it was because he was dealing with his mate here. He watched as they walked in his direction, smelling her sweet smell as she passed by. He looked at her, his eyes locking with her for a moment before her boyfriend caught her attention. And that kiss...That kiss made rage and jealously run through his body like it never had before. He knew that his eyes were yellow and orange now, how could they not be?! He had finally found his mate, but not only was she a human, but she was taken by another man.

Hannah 🐾 (realhxnnah) [ I actually have no friends, or romantic partner so I'm on this site 24/7. SenD hAlp. ]

Lillyann wasn't a werewolf, so she really had no idea that there was a certain male in the crowd that was dead set on getting her attention - but she dd feel a longing sensation to a certain male that wasn't Brandon. Lilly found her hands intertwined with Brandon - he did that often. he showed random acts of affection in public. Lilly had asked him once why he did it, he just replied by kissing her lightly and saying that he needed to show everyone that she was his - and only his. Lilly only snorted to this response and kissed him back, dismissing the topic.

Lilly and Brandon continued walking, losing their way out of the market, almost walking in circles. Lilly had noticed this long before Brandon and then looked up to him, a laugh escaping her lips. She just shook her heads and then glanced down at her phone when it had buzzed. She checked the time, but not the message, and then looked up. She informed him that they could stay longer if he wanted - and Brandon agreed.

They soon started to walk around, Lilly laying her head on his shoulder. There were many people around, it want a big deal if they did that - plus, it wasnt like people were directly at her or at him. Lilly and him both walked to a stand, which she assumed was.. corn? Though, she didnt make it much far. When Lilly wasnt paying attention, she pumped into a male.

She yelped, weird tingling sensations violently shook her body. It only lasted for a hot second, but Lillyann looked up to the taller male and let out a short laugh, she was more over laughing at how she hadnt paid attention. "Oops! Sorry!" She apologized, another small laugh escaping her, as a small smile played on her lips. "We were just trying to get over to this stand," She smiled, looking over at the stand.

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Desmond stood there in a burning rage as he watched the two of them, crossing his arms over his chest. He couldn't believe this. He had found his mate, but she was a human and she was taken! He thought that all mates of werewolves were suppose to be werewolves themselves! Only in rare occasions has he ever heard of a werewolf having a human mate. Werewolves having mates of the same gender were more common then werewolves having a human mate!

Tapping his foot lightly on the ground, Desmond tried as hard as he possibly could to calm himself. This was his werewolf part reacting after all, not him. He himself knew that it shouldn't bother him that she was in a relationship with another person. If she was happy, he was happy. But his wolf part wasn't having any of that. That part of him just wanted her to be his, no matter what. That part of him was a pretty big problem for him at the moment and he needed to calm it down. Way down.

Stepping off to the side a bit, he began to pace around the area he was at, taking deep, calming breaths and just getting his mind together. It was difficult, however, with all of this noise around The market was quickly becoming more busy so there were more people crowding around. Because he was a werewolf, he hated feeling enclosed and trapped in small areas. He much preferred being free and in very open spaces. Deciding to leave for the moment so he could tell his father what happened, he turned to make his leave, but that was when someone pumped into him. And it was like electricity all throughout his body.

Shivering from the contact from whoever just pumped into him, Desmond turned quickly, the smell hitting him before he actually noticed who it was standing there. It was the girl, his mate. Oh how he so desperately wanted to take her right into his arm, he could only imagine how soft her skin was, it was probably just like a feather. And her voice. That laugh. It was like music to his ears. Gathering himself, he cleared his throat before he smiled at her widely, not able to help himself.
"No, I'm sorry about that. Should have been paying attention more, go ahead," he replied to her, taking a few steps to the side. He looked at the male she was with, a frown appearing on his face even though he tried to stop it. This wasn't going very well for his first encounter with his mate.

Hannah &#x1f43e; (realhxnnah) [ Yas, tyyyy. <33333 XD ]

Lilly found herself smiling softly art the males words, behind a group of people who were arguing with the sales person. Lilly found herself watching them, but then turning her gaze to the attractive male in front of her. Almost as if Brandon had read her thoughts and because he squeezed her hand that was intertwined with his. "Oh, I feel bad," She offered a small smile and the concern laced her voice, "Are you okay?"

Lillyann was a bit shorter than him, possibly to heads shorter. Lillyanns red hair flew in the wind as the wind picked up. She shifted her grip from Brandons, but didnt take her hand out. Lillyann took in this males appearance. He was tall with nice build, and dark hair. She wondered la bit what the violent tingles that she had experaned the moment she had touched him. She'd never experanced it before - but it felt nice really. The people before her werent moving and Lilly shifted her weight on foot to another.

She stepped forward once more and casually touched him, she brushed her hand on his arm. She shot her hand back and then eyes him weirdly. More pleasurable tingles volts within her, and a small gas left her. She blinked a few times and then cleared her throat. "Sorry," She mumbled. "You shocked me," she let out small laugh. He had shocked her two times, that was weird. Lilly looked up to Brandon as she smiled gently at him.

[ im sorry this is short!! :< I couldnt figure out what to write. ]

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Desmond continued to look down at the girl, since he was taller than her by a pretty good amount. He was 6'3 after all. He did take note when the guy, her boyfriend, squeezed her hand, guessing that he was doing that in a protective nature. He had to fight down the growl that wanted to escape from his throat oh so badly as well as a glare over at the guy. He didn't want to start a fight, he really didn't. It was just his wolf butting into all of his feeling, thoughts and actions.

Shifting his weight as well, he noticed how she was examining him, possibly taking in what he looked like. He had to wonder if she felt anything towards him, maybe some sort of pull or attraction. Obviously she was a human so the effect of having found her mate must be different. He probably didn't smell quite as nice to her, she also probably didn't feel the protectiveness towards him that he did to her. Of course, he wasn't with another girl, but enough girls were staring at him as they passed, even those with boyfriends. He had no idea what the mate process felt like from a humans point of view.

Desmond had almost gotten lost in his thoughts when the girl decided to touch him again, him thinking it was probably an accident. Again, electricity shot throughout his entire body, him getting the chance to feel how soft her hands was. He wanted to take it, his hands shaking slightly with the need so much that he resorted to stuffing them in his front pockets, smiling at her.
"Oh, sorry about that. I think I shocked you the first time too," he replied, chuckling softly at her.

(( It's Kay! (: ))

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Hannah &#x1f43e; (realhxnnah) [ Yasss, and we can talk about how much I hate boys and they nEvER like me ;-; ]

Brandon and the male were much taller than her, they seemed to be about the same height. The male was attractive, but Lilly had a boyfriend. She was scaring herself at how the thoughts of this male were streaming in. For fucks sake. You're not single Lillyann! A small voice called out inside of her head, sadly having to fucking remind her that she had a boyfriend.

He smelled like chocolate - which was weird since guys usually smelled like Axe or Old Spice. More specifically, he smelled like mint chocolate. Lilly couldn't help but let her mind wander back to the pleasurable jolts she had felt with him a few moments before. She was pretty close to touching him again to just see if the sensation was still there and if it really did feel that good. Usually shocks hurt, why this one didnt she didnt know - but she didnt put up a fight.

Brandon took his thumb and ran it over her skin, sort of reminding her he was there. How pathetic was that? Her boyfriend had to remind her not to look at other guys. Even thinking that, Lillyanns face fell. She was more ashamed then anything. A small blush covered her cheeks as she soon came to the realization that she needed to get away from the male.

He was distracting her, and she didnt like that one bit.

He made her feel guilty, since she wasnt faithful to Brandon, she swore, she was probably going to go home and cry about the whole incident. Lillyann didnt want to be deemed a cheater, were her thoughts unpure?

The male in front of her didn't seem to want to speak to her actually, he seemed a bit tense with the conversation, and Lilly tok that as a sign he didnt want to be around her - since she was technically a stranger. He didnt look like he wanted to be here at this moment, especially with his hands shoved deep in his pockets, it looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here.

Lilly bit her lip and looked down at the ground. "Well, we're going to go," She dint want to make him any more uncomfortable. She offered a sad smile, somehow thinking he didnt want to be around her made her deeply distressed and upset. But alas, she wouldnt ever see him again.

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Desmond was needing to use every ounce of strength that he had within himself to remain calm in this moment and not do anything stupid. Stealing someone else's girlfriend wasn't exactly the plan that he had made for himself today and it wasn't what he wanted to do at all. But a part of him, the wolf part, didn't care. He was a nice guy, friendly to most people, so the idea of sabotaging someone's relationship was not right at all to him. It made him feel dirty.

But she was rightfully his.

Yes, he knew that. She was his mate and they were meant to be together. They needed to be together. Sure, mates aren't aware to a werewolf until they turn 18, but still. They literally needed to be together, especially once they meet on another for the first time. Even if they don't want to be with one another, after that first meeting, the first time they get to be around one another with that feeling that they had. If they weren't together, it eventually started to cause mental problems within themselves, that leading to a lot of other complications within themselves and, from what he's heard from his father, they actually went insane eventually. Though this girl had a boyfriend at the moment, he knew that she wouldn't be able to have him for much longer.

Snapping out of his thoughts for the moment, Desmond examined the two of them a bit more. They seemed like a happy couple and the guy didn't seem bad for her. He seemed a bit protective in this moment, considering how her and Desmond were being towards one another. That was good, he was protective. That was also bad for him though since it would be harder to break the two of them up. He had started to think of ideas when the girl said they were going to head out now.

Right away, Desmond wanted to reach for her, to stop her. He started to take his hand out of his pocket even to do so, his eyes showing this look desperateness in them. No, she couldn't leave now! He wouldn't be able to handle it! But what could he say, what could he possibly say to stop her!? They were strangers, they didn't even know one anothers name. Clearing his throat slightly, he forced a smile at her.
"Yeah, have a nice day," he replied, forcing himself to turn in the other direction and start walking away from her. He was slower than normal though, feeling like he was being pushed back by some unseen force, making it so hard for him to continue walking away from her. But he needed to for now...

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Hannah &#x1f43e; (realhxnnah) [ Do you want to time skip to when Brandon and Lillyann break up? it would just be meaningless rp with them acting out their lives if I didnt. O,o ]

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 231 comments (( How long would it be before they broke up? (: I was also having a slight idea if you'd like to hear it? :3 ))

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Hannah &#x1f43e; (realhxnnah) [ Sorry, I fell asleep. XD It would be about a month, or possibly two. If you want, we can time skip with Desmond being a little known to Lilly, like she knows his name and just the general premis of him. Orm we can leave them strangers before he goes after her. But! I wanna hear the idea! :> ]

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 231 comments (( It's okay! ^w^ And the idea that I had is that maybe vampires or werewolves from another pack know that Lilly is Desmond's mate so they actually target her. Like try to either kill her or kidnap her to kinda shake up Desmond's pack a bit, make them angry because she was killed or force them to go get her if she's kidnapped so that they can kill off his pack easier. But of course, Desmond would sense that she was in trouble and come help her before they could kill/kidnap her, so she actually learns that he's a werewolf, but not that they're mates right away.

Just a thought ^^ ))

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Hannah &#x1f43e; (realhxnnah) [ How about Desmond and Lilly get closer - bonding from Lilly breaking up with Brandon - and maybe while they're hanging out or something, she gets taken away while he was looking away or something. ]

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Hannah &#x1f43e; (realhxnnah) [ Yup, Im writing the reply now. ]

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Hannah &#x1f43e; (realhxnnah) Lilly sulked as she was forced to leave the comfort of her house. It was depressing about Brandon and her had broken up at least a week ago. Yay, its my one month break up anniversary! Lilly at least tried to look presentable for when she was going to the library today. Putting on a black skirt and a white crop top, along with a black cardigan.

She really didn't want to do her hair, but her mother told her to women up and get ready. She brushed her hair out, and just left it down in the loose waves that she didn't care to redo. She looked the mirror, her red and puffy eyes still a tad bit noticeable, but she didn't care to put makeup to cover it. Brandon had already found a new girlfriend anyway, was she not good enough?

Lilly glumly sulked down the stairs, grabbing her book bag along with her phone. Giving a small goodbye to her mother and father, she started out to her local library. She hoped she looked a bit decent, she was still torn up about the whole situation - but she didn't want to look like a homeless person.

Reaching the library, Lillyann bit her lip, opening the small white doors into the big building. She was suppose to be working on homework, being she stayed home from school for a few days - Lilly didn't want to see Brandon and his new.. girlfriend for the month.

Lillyann walked over to the book section, it was her favorite place to work. There were little kids running around - but it wasnt deadly silent like the study area. Grabbing the textbook that looked like it corresponded to what her class had been learning while she was gone, she sat down and starting working away.

Usually, when Lily didnt understand the problem, she went to Brandon for help in math. Who was she going to help now? Her best friend, Lillith, wasnt the best in Math. Lilly brushed her hair out od her face and sighed, her pencil writing then erasing the numbers and letters that she wrote only moments before.

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Hannah &#x1f43e; (realhxnnah) [ ^^ ]

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Hannah &#x1f43e; (realhxnnah) [ 'Tis okay. :P I'll hear from you then. ]

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Desmond shifted his weight a bit in the chair that he was sitting in at the local library, looking down at one of the children's books that one of their children from the pack, had handed to him, wanting him to read it. And he was, even though his mind was very, very distracted. It had been a month since he had met his mate for the first time and it had been hell since then. Because he was no where around her, his mind and body was beginning to react violently. He was more anxious than normal and more easily set off. It was really horrible, it was torture for him.

He had explained to his father what had happened, who reacted to it much more calmly than Desmond was. He let him know that even though the human girl had a boyfriend now, because they had touched and connected, which was the shock that she had experienced, she wouldn't be able to keep her boyfriend for long. It was too hard a pull of attraction for Desmond for her to stay away from. Despite that, however, it had been a month and she hadn't showed up once.

"D, don't worry about it too much alright? I like you much better when you're not sulking," the pack member that sat next to him, Tiffany, said to him from her spot, looking over to make sure her child was still okay. They were in the children's area of the library that had just a small plastic slide for the kids as well as some learning toys, like puzzles. Desmond looked over at her and sighed, closing the book that he had and set it on the arm of the chair.

"I know, I know. But I can't help it. You know how powerful the pull that you have towards your mate. It's not as hard as it seems," Desmond replied to her with a heavy sigh, drooping down in his seat a little bit and crossing his arms over his chest. He didn't know much much longer he was going to be able to keep this up. He was loosing sleep, loosing appetite. Whenever he smelled that she was close, he just wanted to run right after her, but he couldn't. She was with someone....She wasn't with him.

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Hannah &#x1f43e; (realhxnnah) Lilly was much more on edge lately. She wasnt sure why probably from Brandon though. She had a longing sense to come forward to him, well, thats who she assumed it was. She had no idea who else it would be, and if it was anyone else it would scare her. Even sometimes, she would get a weird sensation to go one direction. [ AH ONE DIRECTION :> See wat I did there? >.> ] Sometimes it was left, or possibly right - but it was weird. It was so strong too. Somtimes if she didnt follow it, she would get sick. And she knew it was becuse she didnt follow it, because it happened every time. And if she did follow it? Well, she never made it that far.

Groaning, Lillyann erased yet another problem and let out a definite aggravated sigh - about ready to leave and give up. She didnt make it far enough to give up though befoe a small peppy blonde came up to her. It was a small child, her hair not falling anywhere below her shoulders. Lillyann didn't notice her for a moment before the girl poked at her side. "You're pretty," The girl said.

Lillyann smiled at the female, puling her books closer to her stomach so she could see the girl better. She wasnt a toddler, but it looked like she was still reading smaller child books. "Desmond is lucky to have you as a mate - when I get older, I want a mate." The girl mused, taking Lillys hand and pulling her. Lillys eyes went from confusion to even more confusion. Mate? Maybe this girl was reading too many books.

"Come on, he's here!" The girl called, tugging at Lillys hand. Lilly wasnt sure what this girl meant, who the fuck was Desmond? Lillyann shoved her books in he bookbag which she left on the ground by her chair as the girl was relentless. She continued to pull her deeper in the younger ids section.

Lily heard the small noise of even more children, until they topped in front of a male and a female. Lily remembered the male instantly, the one at the market. That weird one that shocked her every time they touched, and it looked like his girlfriend. They were sitting in opposite chairs, but, they looked about the same age and they diddnt look alike so she just assumed.

"Look! I found her, Des!" The female called before leaving Lilly infront of the two, but not after she boasted to her friends. What was so special about her? She had no idea. Lillyann shifted uncomfortable as she was stnaing in front of the two while they were sitting . It felt like they were judging her with their eyes. Plus, it looked like he was talking to her right before.

Lilly blushed lightly at thinking she interrupted something important. "I'm sorry, she kind of dragged me here as I was leaving-" She said, an embarrassed laugh leaving her. She looked down at her shoes and then said, "Um, yeah, Im gonna go," She smiled before turning her heel to leave.

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"I know Desmond, believe me. I know Ashton told you how it was hard for us to accept one another as mates when we first met. Being away from him was hard, so I know almost exactly what you're going through," Tiffany replied to him, reaching over and gently rubbing his arm. Desmond chewed on his bottom lip a bit as he sat there staring at the ground, listening to the human children around them playing, Lynette, Tiffany's daughter, running off for just a moment. He didn't worry though, they could easily find her if she wandered too far.

"Yeah, you almost know how I feel. Ashton wasn't a human though and he didn't have a partner when you guys first met," he replied to her words, shrugging her hand off of him. He knew that she was just trying to help, he knew that. It was just so hard for him, he was feeling so frustrated and uncomfortable constantly because of all that was going on. He wasn't sure anything could make him feel better at this point.

"I know D, I know. And I'm really sorry that you're going through this," Tiffany replied, a sigh being clear in her voice and he heard her shift in her seat a little bit. They sat there for another moment in silence, just listening to the children around them. That was a little calming honesty. Desmond really liked children and most children liked him as well, even human children.

"Look, I found her, Des!" Lynette voice snapped him out of his thoughts for a moment and he looked up, smelling that scent before he locked eyes with her. The girl. That girl. The human girl that was his mate. She was here? Why? Why was she here?! And with Lynette?!

"Lynette sweetheart," Tiffany's voice spoke up, a bit on the warning side as she sent her daughter a little look,"Go over and play with your friends, alright?" Desmond barley heard her though, far too concentrated on the girl in front of him. After not seeing her for so long, oh the pull was stronger than ever. A small whine even escaped his lips because he still needed to hold back, he couldn't do anything stupid...

And then she was leaving. She was trying to leave him? She just got here! No no no, he couldn't handle being away from her again! Without even thinking, Desmond quickly got up out of his seat and moved quickly over to her, catching her hand before she could go too far. Right away, he realized his mistake. He couldn't touch her, she'd feel the connection d*mmit! Quickly withdrawing his hand like she had burned him, he looked at her, desperation clear in his eyes.

"Sorry! I mean, uh...Last time i shocked you and...I just thought I might have again...," Desmond tried to stutter out, scratching the back of his head a bit,"Um, hi." Could he be anymore awkward? Could he really make any of this anymore awkward for this poor girl?

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Hannah &#x1f43e; (realhxnnah) [ >.> Also, I noticed that you bleeped out a part of the cuss words. Would you like me to do as well if youre not comfortable?]

The male stared at her, and frankly it made her feel a bit uncomfortable. Well, he was just looking at her as if he was in a trace. Jeez, it keeps getting weirder and weirder! Lilly thought to herself as she irched for something to play with. God, I wanna kiss him.. Something inside of her said. Wait, kiss him? She had no idea were that thought came from. It wasnt like Lilly at all.

She took a look at his appearance from last time. He was still wearing jeans, and a cool graphic tee. She then looked to his stomach, had he been eating? He looked awefully skinnier. Then looking to his face, he looked tired even. Though.. her eyes followed down to his lips. Well fuck. His lips looked fucking delicious. She actually resisted the urge to just feel them and kiss then.

Jesus, Lilly. Jezabell over here. She thought.

She turned to leave from him, feeling like she was interrupting a moment between the couple. Lilly knew when people came up to her and.. her horrid, horrible, annoying, and dreadful ex, when they would talk forever, Lilly would get ansy. She felt bad inteupting their talking. Sheturned to leae, offering the people a small smile.

Though, the redhaired teen didn't make it very far before she felt a pleasurable sense of tingles erupt through out her body. Little did the know, that now she had felt the pleasure he gave her from touching her, her body would have mini withdraws without feeling it again. But, he pulled his hand back from her, and she quickly flt lost and without a sense of direction.

Lillys eyes followed up to his eyes, hoping not to get stuck on his lips..

He seemed flustered, had he felt it too? she subconsciously stepped closer to him, wanting to be nearer to him. She wasnt too close though, she just wasnt a mile away.. metaphorically speaking. She actually found his flustered state cute. He wasnt quite sure what to stay, and honestly it looked as if he fancied her. "Its okay! I swear, it didn't urt," She reassured, a small laugh leaving her lips. She smiled aat his reaction to her by just saying hi. He looked like he wanted to get her attention, but it wasnt like he was being rude. He lookd like he wanted to impress her - was that right? He looked like he wanted her to watch him and stay with him.

She didnt mind it, since she didnt have much to do. "Hi, the last time we introduced I dont think I told you my name. Lillyann. Not, Lillian! Lilly. Ann. A lot of people mess it up, but, of course you can call me Lilly," She balled. she felt like she was rambling and she instantly stopped, her eyes un denying falling to her lips again.

But then her eyes flickered over to the women who was watching the two and her face flushed instantly. Lilly had forgot all about his girlfriend! As her face was pretty much as bright as her hair, she stepped back from him, returning to the normal place she was at before and then she looked over at the women offering a small smile. "I'm sorry, I didnt mean to make it like I was.. um.. like, yeah. " She said, now even more flustered.

It was pretty obvious as well that Lilly thought they were dating. She had just apologized for standing too close.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 231 comments (( Oh, no no, you're fine! ^^ I just did it in case you weren't okay with swearing haha ))

Desmond noticed that the girl was standing closer to him then most people would normally stand. That meant that she had felt it then. Crap! He hadn't meant to do that, she was still in a relationship after all. Or...wait. Being discrete about it, he sniffed the air a little bit. He couldn't smell any traces of that guy, her boyfriend, on her anymore. That was strange. Even if she hadn't seen him today, he would have been able to smell some sort of residue of him from her. Weird. But they still had to be a thing, right? They needed to be.

Listening to her words, he had forgotten just how much her voice affected him. It sounded more and more wonderful with every words that she said. He was convinced that that was what an angel sounded like whenever they talked. And, of course, her smile. He was slightly embarrassed that Tiffany was here to witness all of this because she could tell just how much being around this girl was affecting him. But hey, she went through this all too.

When the girl introduced herself, that was when he could tell that she was just as nervous as he was. She was rambling. But that was okay, that was perfectly okay. It just gave him more time to listen to her voice and learn her name.


A beautiful name really, not something that he would think was common, though then again, his name wasn't exactly common either. He was going to introduce himself when he heard her next words and the way that her eyes seemed to be looking in between him and Tiffany. And when she backed up-, oh God! She thought that him and Tiffany were a thing!

"No, no no no. I mean, we're not..," Desmond tried, pointing over towards Tiffany,"This is one of my family member, Tiffany." Tiffany sat up a bit straighter in her seat when she heard Desmond say that. It was technically a lie but they were a pack together, so that was family in their eyes. She looked at Lilly and smiled brightly at her, waving her hand to her in greeting. Desmond looked back at Lillyann again, wanting them to be closer once more since she had moved away.

"Any my names Desmond, though you might have heard my name from Lynette when she dragged you over here," he introduced himself next, offering her a small smile. Now maybe she would move closer again. He hoped she would anyways.

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Hannah &#x1f43e; (realhxnnah) Lilly didnt think he was sniffing the air. It was kind of silent around them, but Lilly really wasnt worried about that. In fact, she wasnt worried about anything. Him and her were sort of staring at each other. Those were cliche things in the movie that people did. She actually became pretty flustered under his awed gaze. Her cheeks turned a light pick a he offered a small laugh at him and took a peice of hair and awkwardly put it behind her ear.

The male looked like he hung on to every one of her words. It wasnt like he was annoyed and the hanging on to every words was dramatic, it was more like he just wanted to hear her voice. But obviously, he had a girlfriend so that couldn't be the case at all.

Lillyann felt lost without being near him. Seriously, she felt weird and lost, and with a sick feeling to her stomach. It was like she needed to be closer to him. She coudn't be away from him. Lilly's name wasnt common and she hoped that he wouldnt forget. Some way, she felt like she would feel distressed without him knowing her.

This was the only moment that she didn't ffeel the need to go a certain way. Feeling the fine way, she tilted her head at this. She felt fine.

The redhead still backed up, she didnt want to be.. what was it called? A homewrecker? Yeah. She didnt want to be a homewrecker. That would be horrible and rude - if she ever did that to someone she wouldn't ever forgive herself. He seemed to notice the look and the interaction that Lilly had with the girl - or Tiffany. He was quick to correct her.

As soon as he heard the word 'family' she even visabbly relxed. Her shoullder slumped normally, she didnt even know she was tensed up. Lilly finially reliased she was no threat. Or, not threat. That made it seemed like she liked him. She just met him. That wasant possible. She looked over to Tiffany again and ofered a small smile and a hello.

Lilly heard his name. Desmond? Thats why the girl called her Des. Was that his nickname? It was a great name, definitely swoon worthy.. Lilly sighed in her head. "ice to meet you, finally," She smiled lightly. "Um, well, actually. Are you good at math?" She asked lightly, seeing nothing else to do. She didnt step closer, that would be too obvious.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 231 comments Desmond could tell that the stress and tenseness of Lillyann's body went away when he told her that Tiffany was a part of his family. And even though they weren't technically, biologically related, the pack was still his family. Therefore, his family. She was like an aunt to him, no romantic involvement what so ever. Besides, all werewolves had a mate and he and Tiffany obviously were not that.

Feeling better now that she was relaxed, he looked at her, trying to figure out what the deal was with her boyfriend. There was no much smell of him anywhere on her. Not even a little bit. The two of them obviously hadn't seen one another for at least 3 weeks. But why? Was he maybe just away on some sort of trip? Vacation maybe?

Did they break up?

No, no no, he couldn't start thinking that. He wanted her to be happy! If they broke up because of him, oh God he would hate that. That was the one thing that he didn't want to happen. Of course, if they broke up for some other reason, that was fine. But if it was because of him. He'd feel really bad. He didn't ask her about it though, how weird would that be? He was a stranger and to ask about her love life. That would be creepy.

Though, her next question kind of confused him. Math? Why was she asking about math? Well, the two of them weren't far apart in their age he would guess, maybe...homework? So, he sent a smile her way, nodding his head.

"Yeah, I'm actually pretty good at it. Why? Do you need some help with something?" Desmond questioned her, not wanting her to leave after all. He would help her with whatever she wanted if it meant they could remain together for longer.

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Hannah &#x1f43e; (realhxnnah) By some weird reason, Lilly felt better knowing that the pretty blonde wasn't Desmond's. But, Lilly wasn't sure why, seriously, just because he wasn't dating her, didnt mean that he was single. Lilly knew that but of course.. it didn't matter to her. She didnt like him anyway.. Well, may she did. Maybe she did like the way his hair looked, or how when he was nervous it gave Lilly tingles, or maybe how he smiled.

No, thats not it. It's simple puppy love. Quick and meaningless. Lilly thought to herself, annoyed with even her own thinking. She knew she would get over it soon. The fact that she didn't feel the need to walk one way, didn't have anything to do with it.

Brandon and Lilly broke up because he was cheating on her. He was cheating on her the whole time. From the day they started dating, he was dating someone else. His real girlfriend.. from five years ago.

Hearing he was good at math, Lilly looked up at him once more, forcefully moving her eyes away from his alluring lips. "Really? I need help with homework, can you help me? I used to ask Brandon, but," She said, cutting off, why was she telling him this? He probably fucking knew that they broke up now. He probably thought she was pathetic, she couldnt even save a boyfriend without him cheating her. "Yeah," She added. waiting for him o accept or deny.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 231 comments (( So, I was mailing something today and as I was licking the part to seal it up, I gave myself a paper cut on my tongue... ))

Desmond knew that something was bothering Lilly, he didn't know what exactly, but he knew that it was something. He could just feel something in their connection that was bothering her. Well, of course she was probably frustrated about the weird feelings she had for him. But even more then that, there was something else there. When she mentioned the name Brandon, he figured that had to be it. Brandon must be her boyfriend! Or the person that was her boyfriend- No no. Boyfriend. Brandon was her boyfriend.

"Oh, yeah sure, it's not a problem. I'd be happy to help," he replied to her with a bright smile, looking over at Tiffany,"Whenever you're ready, you can head out. I'll make it back home." He actually lived about 6 miles away, but hey, he didn't mind walking it. He loved walking as a matter of fact. And getting to spend time with Lillyann was well worth a little bit of a walk home. Tiffany seemed to understand that well as she just simply nodded her head, smiling at the both of them.

"Alright, have fun you two. And it was nice to meet you Lillyann," she replied to them, giving an extra nod in Lilly's direction. She didn't want to come off as a threat after all, someone that was also in the line to get Desmond. Of course, he had told her that they were family, which they were, but she knew how much girls could and would worry even after that. People in general still worried about things like that even if they're told not to.

"Alright then. Lead the way to your math," Desmond said to Lillyann with that all settled, chuckling softly at her and smiling. He was excited for this, maybe he could even figure out if her and Brandon were actually still a thing or if they were broken up.

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Hannah &#x1f43e; (realhxnnah) Lillyann smiled as he said he would help, she suddenly got really excited to be around him. She felt.. giddy? Yeah. That was it. She felt giddy - she hadnt even felt this way around Brandon. She actually felt flustered, she didnt think that he would actually accept. She offered a small flustered laugh and pushed a lock of her red hair behind her right ear.

Lilly heard the comment made to Tiffany. Lilly looked over to her again - she couldnt help but be a bit envious of the females looks. If they were family, jeez, genes did them well. "Oh, I can take you home. It's the least I can do for you helping me," She smiled lightly. Lilly had passed her drivers test, meaning she could drive him home with her moms car. It was getting later into the night, so she assumed her mother was home by now, leaving Lilly the car if she wanted.

Lilly bid farwell to Tiffany, and also crouched down to say good bye to the small girl who brought her over to Desmond. That angle of a child.

Turning back to Desmond, she smiled, the flustered state coming back. "Oh! Right, its right here." She said, nervously brushng more hair behind her ear. She pulled out her math binder, with a pencil and pen and looked up to him. "It's path aro yin theorem. Is that okay?" She asked, biting the edge of her lower lip, hoping her partner knew it and could help her.

[ omfg. omfg. omfg. I would cRY. How are you holding up? XD ]

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 231 comments Desmond heard her words about the drive home, but she didn't say anything to them. Instead, he just waited there with her, watching as she said goodbye to Tiffany as well as Lynette. She was so nice, Lillyann. Seemed to be a bit on the nervous side, but she really was very kind. And werewolf children were very sensitive to peoples emotions and feelings, so if there was any sort of negative energy in her, Lynette probably wouldn't have been quite as kind to her as she has been. No no, the child was perfectly fine around her. Comfortable even. That gave him even more of a good feeling.

When she started to lead him towards where she was working, he followed right on her tail, sending a final wave to both Tiffany and Lynette, which they returned. He walked a fair distance away from her, even though he wanted to be much closer than he currently was. He was just craving being around her so much! He knew that mates had a very strong pull towards one another, a need to be touching them 24/7. He honestly didn't think it was going to be this profound. When they got to where she was working, he sat down at a chair next to her, keeping his distance though. Listening to her words, he also looked down at what she was working on, nodding his head.

"Yeah, I know what that is. It's some pretty crazy and complicated stuff huh?" Desmond replied with a small laugh and a smile over at her. Okay, this was good. He was alone with her, well, library, sort of mostly alone, and he was going to help her. He figured this was good, much better than when they had first met at the market.

(( It scared me half to death, that's for sure haha I've never been cut on my tongue before xD It like stings and hurts, but not bleeding, so I guess that's a good sign. ))

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Hannah &#x1f43e; (realhxnnah) Lilly had always loved kids. She even wanted two herself. he wanted a little girl and boy, the boy though she wanted first. She was a bit biased. Lillyann continued to nervously push her hair back behid her ear. It had always been a nervous habit. Well, rambling had been another one as well. When Lilly as nervous, playig with her hair and constantly talking was a thing for her.

Lilly really hadnt ever felt this way: She had to impress him. Well, that was a lie. She had felt this way before, but with him it felt majorly different. She felt relaxed and liked around him. She even felt safe. Lilly hadnt knon tha feeling before, she just assumed the feeling with Bradon was real. But now, she knew it. SHe felt safe around Desmond and she didn want to leave.

Lillyann smiled up at Desmond, "Oh great! Yeah, I even went after school to my teacher to get mrre help, but I stil couldnt get it. After that, he told m to just get peer help. My friends dont do math, and, Brandon and I don't speak anymore, so I didnt have much to choose from." She joked lightly, unaware that what she had just said was a vital thing to Desmond's relationship t her. She looked down at the homework her teacher had handed to her to try out, and she placed it on her binder, both visible to Desmond and her. Looking at the two problems her teacher had already finished with her, she looked up to Desmond.

[Yeet, jure preend that this isn't like, seventh grade math. Im too lazy to do all of this in highschool or college. XD Also, omfg, you can do ThiS bBY. ItS OKAy. You wont diE. <3 XD P.s Sorry my response is crAP.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 231 comments Desmond listened to Lillyann's words as she spoke to him, hearing the part about her and Brandon not talking above anything else. They really had broken up, huh? He automatically felt bad. What if it had been because of him? He didn't feel any sort of negativity towards him through her though, so he hoped that he wasn't the reason. He would hate himself if that was the case. Yeah yeah, he and Lilly were mates and they needed to be together anyways. That didn't make him feel any better about ruining a relationship though.

"Oh, sorry to hear that. Both of those I mean," Desmond replied with a soft chuckle, looking down at the homework that was visible to him,"Most of these problems are the easier version of them. When I took this a few years ago, my teacher showed up a different method and gave us harder ones. I still know how to do it though, don't worry."

So, he started to help her with her homework ,explaining everything to her clearly and slowly so that she would get it. He had gotten good grades in school, but math just happened to be the thing that he was really good at. While kids in his class were in high school taking the high school math classes, he as over there taking college math. It just came naturally to him. Science on the other hand, Desmond hated science and he was convinced that science hated him back. He could never get it right! Maybe because he was a bit of a science experiment himself, being a werewolf and all.

(( It's okay haha some sort of high school math stuff. Well, I am still alive! I think the cut is gone now, but now I burned myself at work ;~; ))

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Hannah &#x1f43e; (realhxnnah) Lilly souunded a lo normal for the way she was speaking so freel about their breakup - thank god. If she started crying I front of him, he would probably run for the hills. "No, it's all right. Maybe he wasn't my star crossed lover," She hoped her joke seemed to play by and it idnt look like a forced joke like it was. Lilly wasnt sure if she was ready to start a new relationship so fact (Even though Brandon did..) Lillyann thouhgt it would be better to waist, atleast a month. She would go on dates though, seh would have a bit of leisure, but, dating might be a no. That was unless they were totally hers.

That wass right. Lilly believed in soul mates. She believed in the sappy star-crossed lovers and everything. Lilly believed everyone had one, and she was just hoplessly waiting for hers. And even werewolves. She read a few stories about them, they werent her thing but she knew about their fantasy mating relms and such. Their relationships were so cute and they were so dedicated to each other. It made Lillys heart ache for alove like that.

Lilly seemed to get it a lot better when Desmond taught, she actually grasped the material. She ended up doing the problems without him finally. Yes! She actually got it now! Thank god! Her eyes were finally filled with happiness that she actually achieved something. ow that she was upset about Brandon, the smallest things seemed to make her happy.

"Oh god, thank you so much! I couldn't get it before now, thank you! God, I'm not sure why I'mso happy," She bit her lip and leaned fowaard, giving him a small hug. That was a good question, why was she so happy; she just didnt know that she was so happy from being around her mte for so long. It was likke the sim bars of happiness, she was pretty much over the rim.

[ Where do you work that you got burned? o.o #feelthebern2k16 ]

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 231 comments (( Hey (: I'm just letting you know I'm sorry for not being on yesterday. I probably won't get to reply to this until later tonight :/ ))

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Hannah &#x1f43e; (realhxnnah) [ 'Tis okay, thank you for telling me! :> ]

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 231 comments (( Welcome!! Also, I burner myself because we work with chocolate and we use hot hot water to melt it....so that's how that happened XD ))

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Hannah &#x1f43e; (realhxnnah) [ omfgg, I would die. Once when I was younger, I was behind my sister, flating her hair. She asked to see the straightner, and I did but I was playing with her hair when she brought the straightener back to straighten, she caught my arm. I cried for hours, and I still have marks. XD ]

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 231 comments (( Oh my god, that sounds awful! I think all of us have been burned with a straightener at least once in our lives XD *pats you head* At least you're okay, minus some scarring. I'm working on my reply now btw! ))

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 231 comments Desmond hated that her and Brandon had broken up. Hated that she now had to be upset. He could feel some of her sadness through the connection that they had and it was horrible. This was one of the reasons why he was so upset to figure out that his mate was with another person! Because he knew that they wouldn't be able to make it with him, Lillyann would have to end that relationship and go through being sad about it! It broke Desmond's heart.

He wanted to make her feel better. He wanted to become her friend just so that he could make her feel better about Brandon. And, eventually, they would get into a relationship. But newly broken up, he knew that she probably didn't want one.

So, for now, he just helped her with the math, walked through some problems with her and showed her how to do them. Then, he started working on them with her, seeing how she was doing it herself, fixing her mistakes and in no time, she seemed to get the hang of it. Which was good. Desmond was glad that he could help her with at least one thing for now.

Listening to her words, he was just going to tell her it wasn't a big deal. But when she hugged him? Oh God when she hugged him. Small at it was, it was like a field of fireworks just went off. The electricity going through his body was like nothing he felt before, that was for sure. It was almost too much to handle. But he found himself hugging her back gently. Lovingly. Probably more intimate than he should have been. He couldn't help it. She couldn't hug him like that, so suddenly without him being prepared for it. Deciding to pull back before he did something stupid, he forced himself to unwrap his arms from around her, clearing his throat.

"It's not a problem, really. I was glad to help, you know how to do the problems now," Desmond replied with her with a smile, sitting closer than he had been before. It was so hard to pull away from that hug, he didn't want to move away anymore. He wanted to stay right here, closer to her. Their legs were touching, just ever so slightly on the knees. But it was enough.

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Lilly smiled at him as she got her things packed up, but as soon as he pulled from the hug, she wished he hadnt. He erased all of the pain from Brandon. It made her forget all about it and just relish being held by him so tightly. Desmond seemed to be very affectionate, but Lilly didn't mind. That's what she needed right now. She needed someone who would just hold her and hug her. Lilly did feel the small tingles through her body as he hugged her though, and that was also enough for her.

She didnt like that he pulled away, and would rather stay in his arms - but she didnt say anything about that. Lilly untangled herself from him, biting the edge of her lower lip as she did so. When he spoke, Lilly couldnt help but smile. He was adorable, well, not adorable. He was a mix between hot and adorable. Hodorable Lilly said to herself, causing her to scoff inwardly at her own awe. '

Lily didnt want to leave him. She knew she couldn't spend the whole night with him, but she also knew they did have time before the library closed. He was really helping her mild depression - and he idnt even know. She needed to stay around him. She wanted to stay around him.

Their knees ended up grazing each other, offering pleasurable tingles throughout her. She looked down at her hands, fiddling with them as she didn't want to leave just yet. She was stalling. "Um, do you want me to take you home? It sounded like you lived far away. I don't really want to go home, so it wouldn't be a huge deal for me to take you," She said, looking up to him. God, she hoped he said yes.

She didnt want to leave him just yet.

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Hannah &#x1f43e; (realhxnnah) [ sorry about my 0/10 reply. ]

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 231 comments (( You're fuse? O.o you mean like electricity fuse? *runs into your room and huggles you, stroking your hair* it's okay my child.

Also, I'll be outta work in a bit, so I'll reply in about 2 hours (: ))

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 231 comments Desmond was having a really hard time not just pulling Lillyann into his arms again. She was so warm and soft and smelled wonderful. The touching on the knees, however, was all that he was going to be getting for now though. He didn't want to make a move on her so soon after the breakup that she had. That was be horrible. He wanted her to cope and not deal with a guy trying to get with her every time she turned around.

Hearing her words about the drive home, he smiled softly at her even though he didn't want to leave yet. Yeah, they would still be with one another in the car, but she was driving him home. Which means that she'll be gone in a little while. They couldn't just stay there in the library forever though, even though he wanted to.

"Yeah sure, that would be so nice if you'd be willing. You good with everything on the math? Don't need help with anything else?" Desmond replied with a smile. No, he wasn't trying to make excuses to stay. Well, mostly not. He really wanted to help her, with whatever she needed. It was his natural instinct to want to make her life easier.

(( It's a bit short, sorry t.t ))

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Hannah &#x1f43e; (realhxnnah) [ TY TY TY. BUT MY MOM HELPED, BUT THANK YOU. YOU HELPED <33333333333333. XD. I should be able to reply today, if not now in a few hours. :P ]

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