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Hello again :)) What genres would you like to rp about?

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okay hold on, I'll post my comment from before

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Sure :)

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Okay I want something either really romantic or action-ish and dramatic. you can have your own rules because in my book, anything goes

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I want to do something really romantic. Would you mind if I play the guy?

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Yes that'd be great :)

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Any ideas to what our plot would be?

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Hmmmm I have no idea.... Lol

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Can we try friends turned into lovers? I haven't done that before :)

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Sure haha

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Oh I like it

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Want to start creating our characters now?

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Yeah! Ive been using like one girl for almost all my rp's because I really like her, but if you want an original I can do that too

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I think using an original character would be great but it's your own choice :)


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Alright if you make yours first I'll try and make an original to go with it

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Name: Alessandro "Drew" Niccola
Age: 25
Appearance: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_gC3IZzsqvLg...
Personality: He is a straightforward character. In his career and love, he is faithful, courageous, dexterous, smart and warm-hearted. He knows how to keep secrets and inspires other people's confidence. He makes a good leader. If he falls in love with someone, he would not change. He can be terribly stubborn with the right things.

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Name: Jessica Sanderson
Age: 23
Appearance: http://s1.hubimg.com/u/6417664_f260.jpg
Personality: Sweethearted but a little pushy, Jessica can be a real pain in the neck sometimes. She wants the right guy for her and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Determination and confidence shines in those green eyes, and most fall for her smile. Although she can be stubborn at times, she's a lovely girl with a good heart. She gets a little 'over the edge' when she drinks, so beware.

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((Yes he is :) and he's mine LOL Shall I start?))

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((Hahaha yeah))

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((Here it goes))

Alessandro Nicolla shouldn't look at it but he was, after all a man, so his eyes were now glued to the wiggling bottom of his best friend who is now currently searching for the cork of the wine she just opened. "Jess? Are you looking for treasure there or what?" He teased lightly as his eyes strayed away. Think about old people, he thought as he pushed his hair back away from his face. It was longer ever since his wine bar opened its door to all. He was planning to cut it but things were still a little hectic around his business. With his best friend, Jess by his side he didn't mind the all-night programming of his wine to his new computer.

Stop looking, he whispered to himself and once again his eyes disobeyed him as he almost groaned when he saw Jess lift her head to give him a weird look. He knows that wearing a suit to his business was a little overboard but who can blame if he wanted the best for himself? Sighing he looked at the green eyes which haunt him for almost a week now. "You done?" He asked in a sarcastic tone as he looked at her green eyes.

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"Shut uuuuup." Jess said with a laugh. She stood and threw the cork at him. "Today was slow." She said as she poured herself a glass of the white wine she had opened. She sat on a stool. "Don't you have some sort of business stuff to be doing instead of staring at me?"

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"As a matter of fact, I don't have anything at all to be busy with but I have a question for you. What are you doing with that white wine? I thought you gave that up," Alessandro added the last thought with a raised eyebrow as he let his body lean against the wooden door. He let loose his tie and he pocketed it just as Jessica, his best friend took a sip of the wine she has on her hand.

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"Well, I did..." Jess shrugged. "But it's too hard to just let go of." She shrugged and laughed. "Besides, its not easy to give it up when you give it to me for free." She closed her eyes and savored the taste.

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Alessandro or what his friends like to call him, Drew shrugged at her words. "I guess it's time to take it all away," he posed the words not as a question but as a fact. He remembered the time when Jess was drunk and all it took was just one glass of wine so taking a step closer he swiped the glass from her hand and he laid it away from her.

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Jess gasped and made a face. "Drew!" She complained. "What was that for?" She remembered nothing about last time she drank so of course she was clueless.

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He tsked as he held out a hand in mock surrender. "Jess! It's me doing what I should have done the moment you stepped inside this room." He said with a smile playing on his lips.

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Jessica leaned on the bar with her elbow. "And you just HAD to take my drink?" She complained, mocking a pout. "That's not fair." She tilted her head and looked at him with a little smile.

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Don't smile, he grilled into his head. Shaking his head just as he felt his lips stretch into a smile. Shoot! He sighed yet again and turned to away from Jess. "It is but seeing that you're a lightweight for these things," his head motioning for the glass he left on the table. "You should thank me from a disaster waiting to happen."

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"What kind of disaster?" Jess asked, reaching for her glass again. "Nothing bad's gonna happen from just one glass!"

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