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A (louboutin) | 24 comments Hi all,

I really feel like reading a 70s/80s/90s Harlequin set in a small village/town or farm (actually it doesn't have to be set in the UK, anywhere is fine) hopefully where the hero is a native to the area and the heroine is treated/seen as a a 'City girl.'

Something like:

- Chase A Green Shadow by Anne Mather - heroine returns to small Welsh town to live with her father and meets local vicar who is much older
- The Devil's Arms by Charlotte Lamb (LOVE this) - heroine is twin or hero's fiance, he thinks she is the twin and faking amnesia, he owns an old manor house and farm

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boogenhagen | 306 comments The City-Girl Bride Penny Jordan

Bauhinia Junction Margaret Way

both city ladies in the country

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