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message 1: by D.D. (new)

D.D. Story | 5 comments The Suzy & Katie Series which consists of five individual novels and a collectors edition. The five individual novels Are all going through a major re-write and returning as the Second Edition. The second edition of these books is the only edition available either in digital or print format. A new cover design was developed for the series, and is now the cover for the first three works, First Blush, Growing Love and Surprises.

I, as do my readers find it disconcerting to see the book advertised with the proper cover, and then come to Goodreads and find, and multiple array of covers, and rarely with the proper cover featured.

In this day and age of digital publications, and print on demand, the only cover shown should be the one that is the current one. This is what both the author and readers want to see. It is what the readers are looking for.

If you need to keep the other covers with the book, please archive them, but don't show them.

Thank you
Richard Nurse D. D. Story
Author, Publisher, and Reader

message 2: by Annika (new)

Annika | 568 comments Books are not deleted from GR, even those out of print. Users want to shelve the editions they've read or bought. When new editions are released of the books new editions are added. As author you will have the ability to set the default edition of the book, the one that is shown on you page and comes up in searches.
Please see post 2 and 4:

Please provide links to the books you need updated, along with links to the correct covers etc and a librarian will help you out.

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