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2016 > War and Peace : Week Eight

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Marie Williams | 561 comments Mod
When he realises his feelings for Natasha, Pierre resolves not to see her anymore for both their sake. He is called to a council of nobles in Moscow, and pledges to fund one thousand men for the army. His desperation to find purpose in his life blurs to delusion, and Pierre begins to believe it is his fate to destroy Napoleon himself.

Nikolay finally believes he's found himself in battle at Ostrovna. Meanwhile, Petya longs to join the army.

Out of duty to his country, and a desire to distance himself from his feelings, Andrey returns to his position on Kutusov's staff and finds Russia's leaders more divided than ever on how to face Napoleon. As the French approach Smolensk, he sends word for his family to leave Bald Hills.

After months spent by doctors trying in vain to cure her depression, Natasha finds solace in the church.

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Erik (airxx) | 112 comments Nice recap @ Marie.

Funny thought... and perhaps a testimony to Tolstoy's skills: It seems you could do a movie from this story set in ANY time period. The problems are just as relevant today as then, and could easily be imagined in some future setting. Affairs, depression, lost youth, pursuit of wealth, the lure of being a hero... all timeless.

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Marie Williams | 561 comments Mod
The government, the politics...

But yes, his characters were faceted and timeless. They almost feel modern when you read them, but they're perfectly suited to their time. But things were often far more blurred than the strict, reserved society a lot of people imagine. They weren't so much different than us, they just knew you had to keep things quiet.

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