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"I still don't believe he just ditched me." Aspen told Grayson angrily

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"Give him some slack." Grayson replied patting aspens shoulder

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"Can I have a hug?" Aspen asked.
"I'd give you one, but your still soaked." Grayson pointed out her water logged clothing

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(Whoop. My phone didn't refresh.)
Grayson opened the door as Aspen took of her shirt to change.
"You." He snappe when he saw Suun. "I doubt she'll want to talk to you."

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Aspen came to stand at Graysons shoulder.
"Stay by the door. If i scream, show no mercy." She said before turning to Suun, arms crossed. Grayson left, looking disgusted

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"Maybe." Aspen snapped

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"You think i'm not above kicking a boy where it counts?" Aspen snapped. "And if you think that this huge joke of your is funny, go see a psychologist."

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"I wouldn't put it above a bastard like you. I pity your girlfriend. She doesn't know the real you. The backstabing you." Aspen didn't give in. She could take care of herself. And there was always Grayson.

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Aspen did as he requested, hearing her palm across his face. Guilt streaked through her heart. She gently placed her palm back on his cheek apologetically
"Sorry." She whispered

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"Don't cry! Please don't cry! That'll make me cry and thats just a mess!" Aspen held back the tears, not wanting to make her make up stream down her face

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Aspen hung her head. She sniffed and desperately wiped her eyes. She opened her mouth to say goodbye, but a sob escaped instead.

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"I can't help it. I'm a girl, we just cry sometimes." Aspen tried to control herself

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"I wasn't planning on it." Aspen informed him between uncontrolled breaths " I think we've burned that bridge."

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"Details first." Aspen begged, bracing herself for the blast from the past.

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"Yes, yes." Aspen waved her hand impatiently. "You already told me that."

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"What! You little....." Aspen called choice words to Suun's back. She fell back on her bed, completely loosing herself in her past. Sobs rack her body and she remembers the way Suun had seemed like her dad when he threatened her.

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