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What happened to.....
Kamie Etzler Kamie Apr 30, 2014 06:52AM
In War Brides there were several unanswered questions. Did anyone catch what happened to Frances's baby? Did she even give birth? The author didn't allude to what happened to the 3 children Evangeline kept during the war (or did she)?

I had the same questions. I was also disappointed in the ending.

Yes, I was equally bewildered about Frances' baby; it's like a red herring. I thought maybe the author was going to base a sequel upon that question. We find out in the epilogue that the twins survived the war (though Lily succumbed to incumbent illness afterwards). No consolation whatever to Tammy and her friends. The attention to detail in the most trivial aspects of this novel are counterbalanced by the hasty conclusion leaving questions unanswered. Evangeline was supposed to tell THE SECRET to her friends but never did; we have to hear it told to the constable's granddaughter instead. Was baby part of that secret? Very frustrating indeed!

I would like to know the same thing! I'm scouring the Internet trying to find out what happened to France's baby. I was thoroughly disappointed by her ending.

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