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Stephanie | 2739 comments Here we go

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Oh yeah it can be, I have no idea but im into romances a lot as well.
I was hoping i could be the girl-basically fairies consider a mix of races that don't correspond with each other an abomination, as the two races cant even mmeet up without hurting each other. THere's the Summer, Winter. Spring, and Fall fae. So when the prince and princess of the Spring and Winter fae have an affair, they have long forgotten the incident after a long 16 years. And that affair lead to a little princes, who was adopted by a fea who lost her wings and her overprotective father-a merman.
The guy can be supernatural as well if you want. ANd you can add any twists or turns to the plot, im all ears.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Well that part i was fine with you completly coming up with- anyhow this would be the love interest. So basically, you get to completly choose. You could be a forgotten vampire, a lone werewolf, or something completly different.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Oh sorry, I'd be playing the mixed fae.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Sure, lets make bios. Unless youd like to just jump right into it. Sorry, i got a bit busy.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Name: Diana Rosalee Antoinette
Age: 16
Race: Fairy, she's a mix between Spring and Winter.
Appearence: She has hazel green eyes, with change to be more blue hazel than green hazel when its winter. She has log hair, reaching the end of her shoulder blades that she puts in a braid. Its wavy, and a dirty blond color that turns to a brighter blond to appear white in the winter as well. She's 5'4", and her wings are mostly wrapped around her arms and her lower wings around her waist, and when they are risen resemble the appearence of leaves.
History: Diana grew up in france, but moced to America in the middle of elementary school as a result of her parents jobs. She still has her accent, though it's not as thick as before, and she tends to talk to herself and her family in french.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Awesome! Did you want to start with them meeting up in the woods, for example Diana could be practicing some magic stuff. Or something else that makes them run into each other? Like maybe school.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Diana jogged down the pavement in the park, and decided to go off to a trail leading farther into the woods. With her earbuds in, she jogged down the trail, and up and down a hill, slipping on her way down. She glanced down at her watch and looked around as she stopped to catch her breath, tugging the sleeves of her hoodie back up as her hand went to her necklace, and fumbled with the green gym for a second.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Diana looked around as she heard a few howls in the distance, one closer than the other. She didn't come to a halt until she heard the crinkling of leaves. "Oh, il n'y a rien ici." She mumbled to herself after she glanced around, and tugged her sleeves up again. Her wings wrapped around her arms, she took no notice of the wolf in the area. She crouched down to look at a wilting bright blue flower, gently holding the head of the plant as she watched it grow back to life, seeing it get brighter. She smiled and started to say something in joy, but then she sneezed. Harsh cold wind came by, and her wings appeared to have a white glow to them. As she glanced at the flower, it started to freeze in her hand, and quickly she got up, and sprinted away, not bothering to think twice.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments She ran, and kept on running until she tripped and fell as she entered a clearing. Looking around her as she sat up she quickly took her jacket off and covered her face with her hands. After a moment she brushed her hair back and took a deep breath. "Ok, ok remember um..r-" She stopped herself as she glanced at her jacket, which was frozen. Standing up, she noticed the plants around her froze, and were still freezing. She sneezed again, and the wind blew harder, and she saw a lock of white hair that fell loose from her braid. "Oh god, that's going to take a lot of dye." She said, as she soon fell to her knees and rocked herself back and forth as she tried to warm up.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Diana jumped, moving back and shrugging the jacket off in the process. "Who are you- where did you come from!?" She ignored his question, stepping back in fear of freazing him.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments She looked at him, and took his jacket. "Im Rosalee." She said, obviously shivering. "How-how do we get back?" She asked, rubbing her arms. She couldnt feel her feet, and that wouldnt bode well if Tyler did something stupid.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Rosalee smiled slightly at him, putting her arms through the sleeves. "Like the back of your hand?" She asked, soon realizing her arms wouldnt fit through the jacket- he was much taller than she was. "I sometimes come here."

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Diana followed him, making sure not to touch him. As they approached town, seeing it in the distance, she looked back at him. "You aren't going to tell anyone about what you saw right?" She asked him, thinking anyone seeing a frozen clearing during the middle of fall would find it strange- even on a sunny day. She took his jacket off and handed it to him. "Thanks for lending me your jacket." She quickly added, realizing she said what she meant to say out of order. Way to be rude... She thought, as her wings circling from her shoulder blades to her wrists were quite visible as she only had a tanktop on for a shirt.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments She quickly hugged her hand to herself, surprised to even see he wasn't frozen. She felt another cold wind, her wings turning slightly blue, and glanced over towards the woods- maybe it'd be better to risk not freezing any part of her house that night.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments "Yes, but.. But uh," She glanced to the woods and noticed a small trail of frost, melting yet still there. "I might not want to go home yet." She knew if her parents came to a frozen house they'd freak, again. She bit her lip as she looked at him, curious as to why he wasn't eager to leave her.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments "Would you, if you don't mind, please take me there?" She bit her lip, and glanced down, seeing her white wings on her arms, and her white hair. This will be hard to explain... She thought as she glanced back up at him as he spoke.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments "Thanks. Aren't you freaked out?" Rosalee asked him, a little after he started the fire. She sat on the other side from him, and pulled back a sleeve to see her wrist, and saw her wing shivering up. She slipped the jacket off, and scooted closer to the fire as she slipped her wings off her arms and raised them, quickly lowering them.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Rosalee tilted her head in surprise as she pulled her hair over her shoulder. "One season?" She smiled a little, "Eiter you are something, or you were raised by something- or someone who knows, like a hunters family? Well, yes, we can be two seasons, mostly just one. The seasons let us survive, usually a winter fairy would be dying in the summer, so they'd either use magic, or tend to be cold to keep the attempt. Autumn fairies can't survive the winter- their wings sometimes freeze and break. They can grow back, but it takes a while." She paused, looking at the fire. "The crosses of the fae are spring and winter, spring and sunmer, falll and summer, and fall and spring."

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Rosalee looked up at him and smiled. "Yeah, there are also four kingdoms- the children are royals, and are the symbol of the peace treaty their parents marriage served as a perment one. The only couple that didn't- shouldn't have a child are the winter and spring fae." She stopped in her thinking, a confused look on her face, and then realized what she did. "Oh, sorry, i meant spring fae are the ones who can't be with the winter. Autumn can. Not spring, it's considered an abomination. As a result, any 'abomination' wouldn't be accepted into the Seelie court at the age of 16, but instead 18."

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Stephanie | 2739 comments She looked away from him, down at her feet as she answered. "Yes. My parents were ashamed to admit to having an abomination and raising it, so they put me up for adoption."

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Stephanie | 2739 comments "Do you have something against wolves?" Rosalee asked him with a half smile as she glanced up. "So how do you know about fairies?"

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Stephanie | 2739 comments (Ooh sure)

Rosalee looked at him from across the fire, and sat up a little. "So how does he know?"

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Stephanie | 2739 comments As the wolf barged in, Rosalee jumped- and felt the air get colder. Her hair now snow white, she scrambled to her feet, her wings dragging behind her as she moved back. One hand was instinctively at her necklace, and it wasnt until now that she noticed that as she backed up, Tyler appeared taller than before. She hadn't realized that she shrunk a few inches when the wolf jumped in.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Rosalee watched as Tyler shifted in front of her and with fumbling hands she quickly took her nexklace off and held it in front of her. The green crystal started to glow softly, as she bit her lip in thought and stared at the two wolves. I need to store my magic, but they might think im casting a spell... With a sigh, Rosalee waved her hand around the crystal and stared to mumble the latin words.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Rosalee quickly stopped and scampered back, tripping and falling on her side. She quickly sprang to her feet, feeling a foot on her wing as she got up, accidently tearing her wing. She turned around and put her hand against the cave wall. Concentrating, a guest of wind moved around her and her necklace flew towards her, as it glowed green again and she continued the enchantment quickly, and fell to her knees, as a strand of her hair was now slowly turning brown.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments As she fell to her knees, the gem lost its glow and she looked up at Tuler's father. "How does the alpha- or just a werewolf if youre not evan an alpha know about faries?" She asked softly, her hair white, except for one brown strand.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments (Sure)

Rosalee's eyes turned bright white as she quickly lifted her hand and the alpha in front of her was covered in ice- except for his head. Still alive and able to talk, but covered in solid ice waist down. "How do you know about faries? Tell me!" As Rosalee spoke, it sounded doubled, as if someone else was speaking at the exact same time as her. She stood up, and even her posture was different from before. The way she cardied herself, confident, strong, independent. There was something that could be feared, and her scowl deepend at the alpha. "What do you know!? My daughter's wing is broken, and wolves have been known to eat fairy wings, so i have every reason to be as worried as you were looking for your son."

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Stephanie | 2739 comments "Call me Marse. With it getting close to the season changing, well, even a changling must change." She smirked a little and snapped her hand, releasing Jackson from the ice. "I assume you know about abominations?"

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Stephanie | 2739 comments "You do understand there is little rexorded about abominations? Have you ever meet the highest regarded and locked out abomination of the faries? Winter can not survive with summer and spring, yet spring and autumn can survive each other." She picked up her necklace and handed it to Jackson. "If you truly know the fairies, you must understand why I would wish to protect my daughter. She can never know." Marse said, handing the necklace to him. It was a symbol of royalty, the colour of the spring gems and the shape of the winter gems.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Marse shrugged her shoulders, and looked over at Tyler. "That's a question for your son." A sudden change in temperature caught Marse's attention and she looked down to see her daughter's feet and see that there was ice around her. "I am Diana's adoptive mother, and her time is out. If you know how to deal with a winter fairy, please help her." Marse closed her eyes, and collapsed.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Rosalee mumbled something, as ice followed her, leaving a trail that quickly melted. In Jackson's arms, she grew cold as he took her to his place.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Rosalee gasped and bolted upright, her eyes turning a bright blus as ice spread out in a flash from her and all over the house, spreading past to several rooms, but only on the floor she was on. Rosalee took a deep breath as quickly the ice flew back into her, freezing her wings, only to shake off like snow revealing her wings healed up, and blue. Her eyes were now a bright blue as she fell back, and she seemed to have passed out. When she woke up again, hourse later, the first thing she noticed was a figure sitting next to the bed.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Rosalee sat up and smiled a little. "Hi. Im Rosalee. Thank you, for letting me in. Is Tyler all right?" She asked, sitting criss crossed as her wings ruffled behind her.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments "I ran into him in the woods, he was just trying to help him." Rosalee answered honestly.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments "May i ask exactly what you thought i was going to do to him? He's twice my height ma'am." Rosalee said as she brought her hand up to her neck, and realized her necklace was gone.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments "Yes. Youre werewolves." Rosalee said subtly.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments "Uh, yes, and thank you. And im sorry if i messef up your home with whatever i did." Rosalee got up and followed Evelyn outside, noticing she was slightly dizzy.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Rosalee followed her and looked around, and took a seat at the stool. "So how does your family know about fairies?"

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Rosalee looked at her wings as she wrapped them around her arms. "Alright." She took an apple and ate it, only eating one. Once she was finished, she threw the core away and looked over at Evelyn. "Was there somewhere you wanted me to stay?"

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Stephanie | 2739 comments "Thank you." Rosalee smiled gratefully, and once Evelyn left the room she sat on the floor, still looking for her necklace. She glanced around but figured it was with Evelyn, or her husband.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Rosalee sat on the dresser, looking down at her hand as she shrunk down. She stood up and unwrapped her wings, flying onto the bookshelf. and landed on her feet satisfied that her wings were fine. She then sat down on a book lying on its side. dangling her feet as she grew lost in thought when she heard the door open- expecting it to be Tyler forgetting something he needed.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Rosalee looked up in surprise, not even realizing when she teleported into the living room. "Tyler." She said his name, thinking he'd hear her. She stood up and flew, growing back to her human size and looked up at Tyler.

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Stephanie | 2739 comments Rosalee smiled a little, and shrugged her shoulders, her wings fluttering a bit as she did so. "Did-I didn't mean to get in here I was in your room..which i completly forgot how to get back to."

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Stephanie | 2739 comments "No." Rosalee shook her head, smiling a little bit more.

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