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Really need to discuss

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Belle I know that I am way behind in this series but I just really need to talk about how much this series is killing me.

I'm only up to page 177 and I feel like I already know the ending, because I've got a theory behind the 5 books title. Because of something that happened in tigers quest.

Now I don't want to know what happens and who she ends up with but I feel like I already know and it is tearing my insides apart.


Chloe Trust me, I know the feeling. It was a major struggle since all my friends had read the book and would give me those sad smiles while I talked about sertain scenes and stuff. Just keep reading... I think\hope you will be content with how everything works out.

Belle Finally finished now. I am very content with the story.

Chloe Did you finish all the books?

Belle Yes, just not the novella yet.

Chloe Novella?

Belle Yes it's called tigers promise

Chloe hmm, I'll have to read that

Belle Yes it's suppose to be #0.5
Plus it has bonus content for the last book in the series Tigers Dream

Chloe Okay, do they sell it in book form or do I have to buy an ebook?

Belle I think they do. I bought it paperback from the book depository for around $12 AUD

Chloe perfect, I'll hit up a book store tonight and read it asap

Belle Just can't believe she is going to make us wait till 2018 to read Tigers Dream.

Chloe ahhh I cannot wait that long....... Torture... Cruel and unusual punishment

Belle True. Have you read Reawakened by her

Nevaeh I Love This Book So Much!

Belle I don't know why this book is not hyped up as much as other older series are

Nevaeh Yeah, but it's still a good book

Belle Not saying it's not, I love this series and all the books she has written so far , I was just saying that it should get more praise.

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