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Grim What would you do with a drunken sailor?
Send him to a room and charge him for the drinks, as well as the room.

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JoryTaj | 57 comments ((Panishie moving in from the Azakor "streets" topic))
*Panishie pushes open the door to the inn and enters slowly. He looks around for the inn keeper and notices a small middle aged man using a rag on the rough counter top of the bar.*
"Excuse me sir." *He says quietly walking up to the man.* "I am in need of a room for a few night. Do you have anything available?"

"Yes sir, I have a few rooms right now. Would you want meals included in the stay?"

"One meal a day should be fine. I will be out most of the day so I will not be eating the midday meal here at the inn."

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JoryTaj | 57 comments *The man hands Panishie a key.* "Third room down the hall, 15 silver a night, the meal is included in that and dinner is served around sunset. i will get you a bowl of soup and some bread for tonight. I don't want any trouble so no company."

*Panishie thanks the man, hands him 30 silver, takes the key and heads down the hall to his room.*

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