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Grim Time to go walking around the city!

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JoryTaj | 57 comments *A lone older looking man wearing a long leather coat and holding a large leather medical bag walks slowly down the streets of Azakor* It seems rather quiet around here. At least I don't feel much of anything. *A faint russling comes from his bag. He stops, sets the bag on the stone road and slowly opens the bag.* "I told you that you have to stay in there for now. I don't know what sort of creatures this town is use to and you might upset people."

*A small purple haired sprite pokes her head slightly out of the bag* "I have NEVER upset anyone in my life with my meer presence, and this bag of yours is very hot and it smells funny."

*Panishie pokes Furya back down into the bag and closes it up.* "I am going to look for a place to stay. You can come out then. Stop making such a fuss."

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Grim (Can I pop in? This seems like it would be fun.)

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JoryTaj | 57 comments (Yeah sure )

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Grim Ryutachi teleported a few feet in front of the man and looked around. "Still in this kingdom? Oh well, let's take a tour. Just wandering around using my powers with no aim of purpose is boring." He said as he turned around. He was now facing the man. He waved and said with a smile, "Helloooo."
(What character are you using?)

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JoryTaj | 57 comments (Visible is Panishie, neutral demon. In the bag not visible is Furya, neutral sprite.) *Panishie takes a step back, grabbing the bag and holding it closer to his side.* "Oh, pardon me sir. I did not expect you to appear so suddenly in front of me. My name is Panishie and I am looking for a place I might stay for a few days. Are you from around here? I do not mean to intrude if you are busy." (something to work with while i go look at your characters sheet :p)

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Grim (Alright :P)
"Hm, I'm not quite sure myself. Before I forget I think introductions are in order. I am Ryutachi Mikatsu and you are sir?" He said walking closer. He looked down at the bag and said, "My what an odd thing to carry."

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JoryTaj | 57 comments (I already told you my name so I am going to have my character assume you are asking me "what" I am not "who" I am. Which is sort of nice since you asking what I am will probably scare him a bit.) *Panishie takes a big step back, perhaps a bit too quickly and pulls the bag even closer, nearly hiding it under a fold of his coat.* Can he tell that I am a demon? "Hello Ryutachi. I am just an old man coming to this area to look for new herbs. I am a healer you see, that is why I carry such a big bag. I collect plant and knowledge that I can use. You certainly look like you are dressed up for something special, or do you always travel in such attire?"

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Grim Ryutachi's eyes glowed and said, "Well, I like to be ready for any occasion. It makes it easier to perform." He took a bow and grabbed his top hat off his head. He pulled an obsidian rabbit out of it and used his powers to make it run around the man.

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JoryTaj | 57 comments "Now that is a fancy trick. Who do you perform these illusions for?" *A few short "thumps" can be heard coming from the large leather bag. Panishie smiles at Ryutachi and gives the bag a quick jerk. A few more thumps and a small yelp come from the bag.*

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Grim "Well then, it seems I'm not the only one with something up his sleeves... You know it is really hard for our kind to be a healer. How has that been going for you?" He said with a grin.

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JoryTaj | 57 comments "Well sometimes it goes good and sometimes my true nature gets the better of me. You must spend a lot of time around demons to have seen what I am despite my current form. I don't see other demons that often, although recently it seems to be that I have run into more and more."

*Suddenly the top of the bag pops open and out flies a purple haired sprite.* "What trick is he doing? I want to see it." she yells excitedly.

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Grim Ryutachi's attention went straight to Furya and he said, "Hey there! Didn't expect something like you in that bag" He then controlled the rabbit to hop over to her and sniff at her. He looked back up to Panishie and said, "Well being the Roaming Doll you tend to see alot. Especially if your one of my kind."

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JoryTaj | 57 comments *Furya bursting with excitement flies around and around the rabbit.* "He is so cute! What is he made out of? Can I keep him, or is he your pet? Do you have others? I bet I could almost ride him." *Furya pokes her finger in between the stones of the streets and a small purple clover flower grows in the crack.* "I wonder if he is hungry?"

*Panishe glares down at the sprite and says in a rather harsh tone* "Furya leave it be. Get back, Now!" *He then turns back to Ryutachi* "Did you just say that you are a doll?"

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Grim "No, it's just a title the humans gave me. Roaming Doll. Due to my toys ofcourse." He said while making the rabbit eat the flower. He looked down at Furya and said with a smile, "I think he likes you."
(Does he know Furya's name?)

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JoryTaj | 57 comments (You could have just heard Panishe call her by name)
"You allow humans to see you using your powers like this?" Panishe asks looking a bit shocked. "Are humans in this area fairly use to such things?"

*Furya pokes the ground in a few more places causing various flowers to grow and bloom. She then flies up to Ryutachi inspecting him closely.* "What about birds? Do you make birds as well? Can they fly if you make them? Or butterflies! Or something really big like a horse or a WHALE!" she shouts and then giggles at the thought.

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Grim (True)
Ryutachi shrugged and said, "I get mixed reactions. Just depends on the person. I just don't care what others think of me."
Ryutachi's attention went to Furya yet again and he laughed. He smiled and said, "Why, I do believe I have made my fair share of flying creatures as well as large. You name it, I've made it. Some legends are actually based off my dolls. I once made this huge serpent and the humans thought it was a water god. Such entertaining beings. I'm happy you enjoy them as well, Furya was it?"

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JoryTaj | 57 comments "Yes my name is Furya, and your name is Ryutachi, and you are sort of like a druid. I am a druid. I have lots of friends that are but not one just like you. I also have friends who are demons, like Panishe. You and I could be friends and I could help you." She stops and thinks for a second "Well I could help you if I knew what you needed help with."

*Panishe gently reaches out and grabs the spirit away from Ryutachi's face.* "Yes Furya but we have many things we have to do and I am sure Ryutachi is very busy."

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Grim Ryutachi leans into Panishie's face and says, "Come now, no need to be rude to her curiosity." He then walks around him and says, "I am a demon puppet master, you're a healer, and she is a ball of fun. I roam the realms in search of entertainment. Be that I provide or be it you who provides. I will assist you when traveling or you could help lead me to something fun."

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JoryTaj | 57 comments "I don't bother with fun." Panishe states while backing up and closing his bag. "Furya and I have work ahead of us finding herbs and new remedies. We have very little time. Come on Furya let us go find a place to stay."

"What about the bunny?" Furya asks looking down at it. "Can I bring him with?

(I work early in the morning so I might not respond again tonight but will be back around 4pm EST)

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Grim (Same I got to work early. Night)
"Sure, why not? I'll make it smaller though." He said summoning a rabbit that was smaller than her. He made it hop onto her shoulder and said, "My creations don't move without me, but it's still an unbreakable forget me not. I hope you enjoy it."
He looked at Panishie and said, "Why run from me? You that afraid?"

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JoryTaj | 57 comments *Panishe glares at Ryutachi* "I never did like the smell of fear much, although so far you have shown me very little to be afraid of. I simply have a long day ahead of me and I have heard rumors that the forest around here is not always the safest place to roam. I do ask however that if you are in contact with others of our kind you try not to mention me."

*Furya flies around Ryutachi while playing with the bunny in her hands.*

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Grim Ryutachi smiles at Furya and says, "I like your spunk!"
He then turned his attention to Panishie and said, "I don't care for all that hierarchy mumbo jumbo. Why do you think a noble like me left the underworld? Oops... I may have said too much." He scratched his head and watched Furya enjoy his gift. He had a kinder expression when he watched her be happy.

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JoryTaj | 57 comments *Furya stops flying, she lands gently on Panishe's shoulder then sits down with the rabbit held in front of her, cupped in her hands. Panishe goes a bit pale, he looks wide eyed at Ryutachi.*
"A noble? What would bring a noble to this area?" Certainly this has to mean trouble. There is a reason I never stop and chat with strangers. He could not possibly be here on my account. I am nothing to them.

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Grim "I told you, I roam around this realm seeking entertainment and helping those who interest me. As well as removing the more violent ones. I live my life how I want, free. As for you however... Your business is your own, it may be that out culture dictate that I take charge. It's just that I don't care about rank or social standing. We're all trying to live our lives and as long as you don't restrain mine, I have no problem. " he explained.

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JoryTaj | 57 comments "Very... noble.. of you. Although it is of no concern to me. Anyway I see an inn over there. Perhaps I will see if they have any empty rooms and some good food for me and Furya." *Panishe begins to walk toward the drunken sailor inn, turning his back to Ryutachi.*

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Grim Ryutachi teleports in front of him and says, "Well Panishie, I would like to offer my service and company." He held his hand and said, "I promise that I will make sure if anyone tries to harm either of you, I'll make them regret it. Plus, a noble's class usually deters most bounty hunter. I'm not here to charge you, but merely observe and protect."

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Grim (got to go, RP some more tomorrow. Night :3)

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JoryTaj | 57 comments "That is an offer I would take you up on. There have been tales of strange moss growing in the woods and my plans are to go out early in the morning to study it. I am sure for tonight Furya would love your company. She always hates to just sit in the room"
*Furya quickly jumps up and pockets the small bunny.* "Oh what can we do tonight? Is there a party? I can make lots of nice things for the party, and you can bring your animals."

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Grim Ryutachi smiled and said, "Why not have a ball to celebrate our new found partnership? I will summon human, dwarf, and elf dolls to attend. As well as animal that you wish Furya. Though, we might want to do that in the room. Don't worry, if I make them your size there should be enough for the party. Unless ofcourse you'd rather go to a real ball tonight? There's one at the palace."

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JoryTaj | 57 comments "You will do such thing in my room. That would be too much company for my tastes. Whatever you do, just be careful Furya, we are still not sure of how the humans of this town will react to you." *Panishie continues walking in the direction of the inn.*

"Would we be allowed to attend the ball? Do you have an invitation?" *Furya asks Ryutachi*

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Grim Ryutachi smiled at Furya and held up two invitations. "Some humans saw me the other day and gave me them, but I'm pretty sure if you could use some magic to grow taller I can provide you a dress. Just don't tell Panishie, unless you can convince him ofcourse." He said while putting a thumbs up

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Grim (apologies for my absence the other day, was really tired and needed sleep for work)

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JoryTaj | 57 comments *Furya waits until Panishie is out of view, then whispers* "Oh I can turn into a human if I want. I just never really do. It feels funny to me, so big and clumsy. You don't think I can go like this?" *Furya spins in little circles with a big smile on her face.* "I could always make a nice dress out of some flower petals. What are you going to wear? You already look fancy enough."

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Grim "I think this suit will be fine then, but Panishie is worried about you being seen by humans in your present form. I wouldn't mind, but we should at least make sure people don't suspect you of being something else other than human. As for your movement, I'll be there to help you and if anyone asks just tell them you're alittle worn from the journey." He said with a smile

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JoryTaj | 57 comments ((Panishie moving to the topic "the drunken sailor inn"))

"I would be too embarrassed to go in human form. I will just stay under your hat and peek out when I can." *Furya tips Ryutachi's hat up and climbs under, sitting herself on top of his head.*

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Grim (Okay, thanks for the heads up.)

"Aw and here I was looking forward to having a dance. Oh well, lets be off shall we?" He said with a chuckle. He then teleported to the palace throne room where the ball was being held.

(they shall now be in the throne room. I'll comment there in a sec. :3)

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JoryTaj | 57 comments ((Furya moving to Azakor "throne and ballroom" topic))

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