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message 1: by Grim (new)

Grim Come walk around the gardens of the castle or sit by the fountain. The beauty and splendor of this courtyard shows the wealth of the royal family.

message 2: by Grim (new)

Grim Ryutachi warped into the courtyard of the castle and looked up at the sun. "Well now... It seems that I may have gone into a place that seems a bit.... Beautiful." He said looking around the garden.

message 3: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) Damian, hidden in the shadows of solitude, in a rift in time & space were humans were not going to be able to see him, was looking at the beautiful courtyard... "It's a nice place" He said as he made some plants go so the place look nicer. He watched the person that appeared from nowhere, and just stare at him

message 4: by Grim (new)

Grim Ryutachi took a deep breathe and smelled the flowers. He picked a rose and walked over to Damian's position. He stopped and said, "I can feel your presence. If you're the one altering this garden, I must say your taste is good."

message 5: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) "Hmmm ... Thanks" He said appearin from him, like if he was another him appearing ... he made the humans around everycorner of the space move and go away "Im sorry for the mystery, im not welcome in here" he said walking to another part of the garden and reviving another zone of the garden... if humans just knew that he was the one giving life to it "Im Damian" he said far away, not loudly, softly

message 6: by Grim (new)

Grim "Nice to make your acquaintance. I am Ryutachi Mikatsu." He said tipping his hat. He looked around as the humans walked away and said, "Yes, humans are a bother aren't they. Though you, are something different. You're a half breed.... You have a dark presence and yet you can still grant life. Most intriguing."

message 7: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) Damian smelled a flower And felt how his creation didn't end well, so he just killed it... "You have a nice feeling of presences, Ryu, Im Damian Kun - Soul, ex a lot of things, half demon half angel" He said feeling Ryus energy "and you're a pure demon, I like it... its not common of one of yours to enjoy the gift of life"

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Grim Ryutachi shrugged and said, "I have roamed this world for a while. Have been for at least a millennia. As such, I earned the title Roaming Doll. As for the appreciation of life and acceptance of the things that be. Having seen many different events, beings, scenarios, and whatever else. It made me just stop and realize. If it entertains me or interests me. I will not toss it out of my attention. This realm is interesting, different from the same old underworld I grew up in. Rather dull. At least in this dimension, I can have my fun."

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Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) "Roaming doll?" he said as if the ñame was familiar in has head "Hmmm" he though not knowing from where, maybe from his times in the lines of hell or heaven "Its nice, the world is different , that's why I leave hell and heaven for being here" be smiled as he watch Ryu "So you like control dolls or what? I dont understand"

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Grim "Something like that." Said Ryutachi with a chuckle. He summoned a small cat obsidian doll and moved it around with his hand. He made it walk around the fountain and then curled up on the stone. He then severed the connection from him and the doll. It laid there like a statue and Ryutachi just looked at it, like someone gazing into a painting. He sighed and said, "I tend to leave them lying around. Never did like putting my toys away. Plus they liven up the place. Even if they don't move."

message 11: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) "I like them." He said looking at the obsidian cat, wondering and feeling its energy, but he was not only energy it was more, but were did it come from? maybe from a open rifts of time and space. "It most be freaking hard to fight with them, like having numerous bodies and control all of them, an artist of battle" He smiled and walk to Ryu as he finish his job in the part of the garden

message 12: by Grim (new)

Grim "Yes, imagine creating anything and then making it play out the scenes in your mind. They are my favorite play things, though I don't make them battle unless I am bored." He said walking over to the cat and petting it's head. He sighed and said, "Though it does feel like I'm in an endless play. Being pulled by strings of fate."

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Grim Ryutachi then smiled and chuckled to himself. "Well its been fun Kid. See you around." He said as he stood up and stretched. He tipped his top hat to Damian before teleporting off to his next location.

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