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Grim Here any demon can roam and interact with each other. This castle is vast and lit by flames everywhere, the ground is like that of a volcano and the buildings are formed by magic. Once formed they are carved out by worker demons brute strength. The buildings are all dark colors. Please enjoy your stay.

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Grim Molly teleported into the underworld and looked around. She walked to a desolate home that was marked Mikatsu. She looked into the gate and teleported into the volcanic garden. The plant life was evil and dark like the surrounding building. She didn't really care much for the heat either. She sighed as she looked towards the house."So this is what my brother took me from? Maybe he is a caring person... Heh, I guess that's weird for demons." She said as she sat by a fountain that seemed to spew out lava.

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*Razenker approached behind the Demon* "Can I help you?" *He frowned, studying her while waiting for an answer*

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Grim She jumped alittle and said, "Oh my, you startled me. Yes I was told this is where the Mikatsu clan lives or lived..."

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"Really? I thought that this was the castle of the royal family and the Demon King, himself. Tell me who this "Mikatsu" clan is. I haven't heard of them before, so they must a lesser family."

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Grim She nodded and said, "Well apparently they were a clan of demon nobles that served under the demon king. They all competed for the kings favor and the strongest one, my brother despised it. He stole me away one night and shortly after killed our clan. Now he roams around the realms. I am searching for him and thought the former household might have a clue to where he is."

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"Hmm. Sounds like a petty reason to be here right now, but I can understand the desire for revenge. Assuming that's what you're searching after him for. However, I cannot help you with that and I do not know where the steward of the castle is right now."

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Grim (Ohhhh. I thought it was weird you didn't post yesterday.)

Molly shook her head and said, "I harbor no hatred for my brother. I just want answers. Aw, you can't assist me further? That's a shame... Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself. I am Molly Mikatsu."

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"I see. Then perhaps you would be better suited looking for him elsewhere. And no, I cannot help you." *Razenker paused for a moment, then spoke* "I am Razenker, Hellblade Bearer."

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Grim Molly raised an eyebrow and said with a coy smile, "People give that name? Guess you must be a pretty important guy. Razenker, aren't you a demon lord? Been hearing alot of rumors and all of them terrifying. Though to me it just means you're just more interesting than the weaklings who grovel at the mention of your name. As for what they said... You're definitely impressive, but I don't understand why the weak give us these names."

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"The title is because it's an obvious observance. I bear one of the Hellblades--an infamous weapon made with the essence of Hell, itself. Yes, I am a Demon Lord and only Demon Lords of great power are bestowed such a weapon. The title is simply a method of recognition to separate wielders of such weapons from others of similar power."

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Grim "Like knights and a round table? Well, I guess a lady like myself wouldn't understand. I wasn't raised as a demon, but I certainly seem to be able to handle it better than most of those who were. Maybe it runs in the family. By the sounds of it he's famous here and in the mortal realm. Whether I think mortals know more, but some here have been calling me by a name. I guess people label those of importance to know what to do when you see that person. Either way, I guess we're both dangerous and famous for it in that regard." She said as she walked around him in a circle. She was observing his armor and weapon. She leaned in and said, "Not very subtle."

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"I'm not trying to be." *Razenker stood still, showing no sign of emotion or discomfort* "So tell me a bit more about yourself. I wouldn't call you a Demon if you weren't born one, but you say that you are, so I'm curious as to what you really are and why you're in Hell right now."

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Grim "Well long ago I was raised by a merchant family. They were elves and I look like one, so naturally no one questioned it. After a few years, I went to my foster parent's daughter's wedding. When I entered the church I felt pain. The church was blessed and had wards to keep demons away. I ignored it, but my family saw me. They knew what I was. Though they pretended I was ill. After awhile I transformed once I saw a holy image of an angel killing a demon. My family to save face tried to kill me. Naturally I killed them and the all of those in the church. After that I went home and started to take everything for me to leave my home. I came across a letter and it told of me. My past and why it happened. Ofcourse it was from my brother, so he has more answers for me. I then went to search for him. I traveled around the lands following tales and rumors. Then I got ahold of some demons who once knew him. They told me that this place could tell me. So, I teleported here." She explained as she looked up to him.

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"I'm afraid I do not know your brother, nor where to find him. We don't keep track of beings that come and go. If they 're not supposed to be here, we kill them. If they are, then they report to the Demon King. You'll have to look elsewhere if you want to find out information about your past." *Razenker paused for a moment* "If is a pity you weren't grown as a Demon. You could've probably been so much more. But I do not feel sorry for you. You chose to stay while you grew, so it's your own fault. No you've left and have no idea who you are. You are a wretched creature, aren't you?"

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Grim "Is that anyway to talk to a lady? Not much of man, if you stoop that low. I may seem weaker to you because I wasn't raised in hatred, but I have studied magic sense I was able to read. Not to mention I have fought any that stood in my way. Most weak and few that provided a slight challenge. The result was the same. I didn't choose to be stolen from my family and I stayed for answers. That family was nothing to me, but an ends to a mean. It's rather sad to see a man of high stature throwing mud in someone else's eye. Shows how dim you are to act like you know everything and then insult someone. Maybe your just weak as a man. Why else would you assume power is everything? Power is useless without direction and skill." She said as she turned on her heel and glared back at him with a cold evil look.

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"You seem to forget that you're in hell. Respect in hell is earned, not given. From what I've seen thus far, you are an outcast that was raised like a mortal and is just now assuming that she knows her place in hell without even knowing who she is. I am not going to discuss honor with you until you've earned my respect. You've done nothing to lose it, but simply that I don't give it out until it's earned. If you want my respect, earn it."

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Grim "What? I gather you'd like to fight me as a test. So be it, it'll be a lesson in underestimating a woman's wrath. Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman." She said summoning her bow from the bracelet on her wrist. She teleported to the top of a tower and shot an arrow. She activated two spell runes on the arrow. A multiplier and explosive ice runes glowed on the shaft of the arrow. The arrow split into thirty spikes of ice and had reached the Razenker within less of a second.

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*Razenker simply looked up and swung his blade, sending a beam of fire from it, incinerating the spikes of ice and continuing its way up towards Molly*

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Grim She teleported behind him and shot an arrow at his back. "So a dance or fire and ice? This will be interesting." She said as she teleported into the sky. She floated there using a spell and cast a teleportation rune on three arrows. She looked down at Razenker and took aim.

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Grim (Ello?)

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