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So Rose in Bloom.

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message 1: by Felicity (new)

Felicity Johnson (timelessstrawberry) | 101 comments Mod
Oh Rose in Bloom, that most wonderful of Louisa May Alcott books (in my humble opinion), has now been read by nearly all of us. So. Archie/Pheobe? Charlie?? MAC???!?!!!??! thoughts below!

message 2: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 20 comments In my 'umble opinion, Charlie is a bit of a jerk in Rose and bloom. But Mac is pretty awesome!

message 3: by MeKency (new)

MeKency | 61 comments Mod
My feelings for this book cannot be communicated in words! I feel ya, Jess, but I also have compassion for Charlie even though he has problems. Btw. We saw a guy that looked just like what we imagine Mac would look like! Even the glasses!

message 4: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 20 comments WHAT!! INTRODUCE ME!!!!

message 5: by Felicity (new)

Felicity Johnson (timelessstrawberry) | 101 comments Mod
Charlie started to reform!! He had potential! and then (view spoiler)

message 6: by MeKency (new)

MeKency | 61 comments Mod
At Regionals. He was only lacking height.

message 7: by Felicity (new)

Felicity Johnson (timelessstrawberry) | 101 comments Mod
Oo the lacking that is height.

message 8: by MeKency (new)

MeKency | 61 comments Mod
Since your original question was all thoughts on Rose In Bloom, I'll just put my thoughts about Charlie out there. In Eight Cousins Charlie and Archie were both nice, but I got them confused in my mind. So, it wasn't till the second book that I really got to see who Charlie was as a person. (spoiler alert) We all know that he has some serious problems, and I was always annoyed by him and wishing he would just reform already! But I am much like Rose in that I still feel compassion for him and his problems. I think it's an INFP thing to want everyone to be happy. I even cried when he died! That was a little traumatic for me even though while I was reading the book I thought, "Charlie will either have to die or someone's going to be heartbroken." I still did really expect it to happen like that! Just when he was showing signs of change! *sigh* Anyways, I love Max so I'm perfectly happy with them being together. Rose and Charlie never would have worked anyways. If anyone would like to hear my argument for why, I'll be happy to oblige.:)

message 9: by MeKency (new)

MeKency | 61 comments Mod
I apologize for spelling Mac's name wrong.

message 10: by Felicity (new)

Felicity Johnson (timelessstrawberry) | 101 comments Mod
Spoilers shall be present: Aha well put. And it is probably true that Charlie & Rose would never have gotten along, that doesn't mean he should have gone & died!! Alcott could have caused him to finish reforming and move away to try to get out of his bad habits and then to find a girl who is nice but not too commendeering and not too sweet and they could fall in love and get married and go into archaeology or something. That would have saved many readers tears:'( Yeah, I kind of feel sympathy for him, but, (as we have said, INFPs & ENTPs act similarly but from different motives) it isn't from the desire for him to be happy as much as it is that I could see parts of myself in him, and would want people to be understanding of me if I was in his place. Does that make sense? AND THE POOR FELLOW TRIED TO REFORM!!!!!! HE STARTED!!!!!! ahem. But I still don't know why Rose kissed him if she didn't like him. What think you? (And it is okay that you mispelt his name:))

message 11: by MeKency (new)

MeKency | 61 comments Mod
Ah yes! That does make sense! I think I also felt that way but I couldn't put it into words. Life is not that perfect, and even though it was definitely sad that he died, I think it made the book better through it. (don't kill me, Charlie lovers)

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