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Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) This is the basic layout of a character sheet and ALL sections must be filled out in order for the character to be approved. This is only the minimum information, however, and additional information may be added.

First Name:
Last Name:


Relationship Status:


<"img src=[picture link goes here]/IMG"> (minus the quotations ( "" ) and brackets ( [] ))

Distinguished Markings:



Special Abilities:

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Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 4 comments First Name: Saerina
Last Name: Winterfae
Age: 774
Gender: Female

Family: None

Sexuality: All
Relationship Status: Preffers to not have any higher attachment than necessary

Personality: Cold, Calculating, Logical and ruthless. Step on her toes, she makes yours into a necklace. She wont bother you if you don't bother her, though she's extremely territorial.

Appearance: [image error]
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 149lbs
Height: 6'11", though she can change it at will
Distinguished Markings: Blue tattoos on her face

Backstory: Once human, she was given the power of the Winter Queen by her predecessor, Queen Kiya. She had lost all of her family during a raid on her home village, and with no other option enlisted the help of the Winterfae. They gave her shelter and sustenance while she stayed with them. However, as Kiya's subjects never did anything for free, they had her make a deal with them - in exchange for food and shelter, she had to accompany them on tasks they were given from Her Highness. Saerina had been assisting regularly for three months when, taking an interest in her, Queen Kiya had bought her bargain with the WInterfae and began to raise Saerina like nobility.
Seven years after Saerina began, Kiya declared war against a nearby kingdom on the basis of territorial violations. Kiya herself engaged in battle, but was slain with a steel-tipped arrow before breaching the front-most lines. The power of the Winter Queen was immediately transferred to the nearest being of worth, and naturally fell to the newest adoptive princess of winter, Saerina.
Saerina, now well versed in kingdom politics and military tactics, avenged her adoptive mother by not only defeating the enemy army, but by slaying the King and High-Prince, thereby permanently adding another stronghold into her domain. On the very outskirt of Seranon, Saerina spent the rest of her time rewriting neutrality treaties and preserving her domain. Much like the previous Queen Kiya, she maintained an adamant policy of bargaining before letting anybody cross through her borders.

Strengths: Logical, never burns bridges.
Weaknesses: Steel, Voluntary violation of a bargain, Magefire of a higher order (Summer Fire, Hellfire, etc)

Powers: Control over ice, can manipulate time during
Special Abilities: On the Winter Solstice, is invulnerable. She is vulnerable again after noon on the next day.

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 95 comments Mod
(( Needs a Weakness under Strengths. Forgive me that I haven't put it in the template yet. In addition, you need a much longer backstory if you're going to claim the a royalty position. ))

Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 4 comments Sage of Souls wrote: "(( Needs a Weakness under Strengths. Forgive me that I haven't put it in the template yet. In addition, you need a much longer backstory if you're going to claim the a royalty position. ))"

How about now?

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 95 comments Mod

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