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message 1: by Grim (new)

Grim Come to address the king, talk to the princess, or interact with other royal family members in a Ball? Try to see how fair the land is lead by those who rule in this castle.

message 2: by Grim (new)

Grim Ryutachi teleported into the throne room behind a pillar and walked to the main entrance. He handed a man one of the invitations and walked inside. He glanced around and saw that there were many people at the ball. He arrived in the middle of it and decided to walk to a near by balcony. He lifted up his hat and said, "we're here Furya."

message 3: by JoryTaj (new)

JoryTaj | 57 comments ((Furya coming in from Azakor "streets" topic))

*Furya tips the hat back and flies out from under it. She looks around the balcony and then flies up and around the castle itself peeking thru window and trying to see in. She flies down and lands on the end of a nearby tree branch.* "So what can we do for fun?"

message 4: by Grim (new)

Grim "Well, I was hoping to dance and talk. See where the evening took me. As for you, I could summon a few dolls for you to play with. The choice is all yours my dear." Said Ryutachi as he adjusted his hat.

message 5: by JoryTaj (new)

JoryTaj | 57 comments "There are some really pretty flowers down here. I am just going to jump down there and get a few to make myself look nice." *Furya flies off the branch and down to the ground toward some small purple flowers. Moments after Ryutachi loses sight of her he hears a loud crunch, a branch snaps and footsteps running out into the darkness.....*

message 6: by Grim (new)

Grim Ryutachi teleports down to her and says, "Furya are you okay?" He looked around abit concerned and said to himself, "Panishie is not going to be happy..."

message 7: by JoryTaj (new)

JoryTaj | 57 comments ((You find nothing there, other than broken branches and large tracks in the dirt.))

message 8: by Grim (new)

Grim Ryutachi sees the tracks and follows them.

message 9: by JoryTaj (new)

JoryTaj | 57 comments ((You notice the tracks look like very large dog tracks and they are headed off into the nearby woods. You also see purple petals every few yards. As you near the forest edge it gets very very dark making it almost impossible to follow the tracks.))

message 10: by Grim (new)

Grim Ryutachi goes into his demon form and his demon eyes peer through the darkness. He continues to follow the path into the forest of darkness. "Furya.....?" He called out his voice deeper and more serious.

message 11: by JoryTaj (new)

JoryTaj | 57 comments ((As you get deeper into the forest you see small patches of green glowing on the roots of very large trees. You smell a very sweet yet somehow musky odor from the bark of these trees. The tracks lead you to the base of one tree that is twice as large as any other in the forest that you have seen so far. Claw marks on its trunk show where recently a large creature climbed up.))

message 12: by Grim (new)

Grim Ryutachi flies up and looks around trying to find out what happened.

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JoryTaj | 57 comments ((Lets actually move this to Alpha cove, if you don't mind.))
((Furya moving to "Alpha cove" topic))

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Grim ((Ryutachi moving to Alpha cove))

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