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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 95 comments Mod
This is the basic layout of a character sheet and ALL sections must be filled out in order for the character to be approved. This is only the minimum information, however, and additional information may be added.

First Name:
Last Name:


Relationship Status:


Appearance: <"img src=[picture link goes here]/IMG"> (minus the quotations ( "" ) and brackets ( [] ))

Distinguished Markings:



Special Abilities:

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Grim First name: Ryutachi
Last name: Mikatsu
Rank: Demon Noble
Class: Puppeteer/Warrior
Title: The Roaming Doll, The Slayer of Clans, and The Jumping Hatter
Age: 2000(actual) 22(appearance)
Gender: Male
Personality: Goes with the flow. He's laid back and just wants to roam. He enjoy his freedom, but nothing excites him more than having a worthy opponent. He loves the thrill of the fight. He doesn't really care what happens to anyone else, but will help those in need if he thinks it'll become a problem down the road. Loves to take his time and relax. He is late if there is ever a place he has to be, but doesn't care if he is. Daydreams alot and gets distracted by things he finds entertaining. Loves to be entertained, be that comedy, drama, or any situation that intrigues him. He is cold and merciless when angered.

Appearance: Human
Height: 6ft
Weight: 170lbs
Body: Muscular, toned, pale, fast, strong, durable, and agile.
Eyes: Lime green.
Hair: Black hair that reaches past his waist. Has the back in a ponytail and leaves the front to hang over his face partially.
Face: Calm, carefree, always smiling, and has fangs inside his mouth. Also has a blue tongue.
Hat: Brown top hat with a silver ribbon.
Boots: Black leather.
Suit: Brown tux with a silver dress shirt and black tie.

Appearance: Demon
Height: 8 ft
Weight: 1000lbs
Body: Has turned into pure water and is encased in obsidian armor that can move with how his body flows. Also can stretch out and launch, but shows his watery body.
Horn: One at his forehead covered in armor
Tail: About four foot long covered in armor.
Wings: Six feet each per wing and covered in armor except for the thin part. The thin layer is condensed water.

Back story: Was raised in a noble clan of demons. Didn't care for the life of luxury and the rules if etiquette. Was bored of all the hatred and competiveness for inheritance to luxuries he had no interest in. His father and mother then had his baby sister, he loved her dearly and stole her away one night. He gave her to a human family in one of the kingdoms, they were a wealthy family that had a religious outlook. Ryutachi knew they wouldn't leave her to die and knew that they would treat her as their own. When he got back he decided to take out his clan to prevent them from searching for his little sister. He went on a rampage and killed his family. Free from his old life, he now roams the earth in search of self indulgence. Happily exploring the world and doing as he pleases.
Weakness: While in human form, can't access full physical strength. Relies on other means of combat. Demon form accesses all his power, but restricts some magic.
Strength: Human body his fast and can use his skills to the max. Demon body is strong and can use his power to the max.
Human combat mode: Uses magic to summon obsidian dolls which he controls through water tethers attached to his hands. Teleports around the battle field to keep a distance and creates dummies of himself. His dolls can mimic fallen foes.
Demon combat mode: Has obsidian claw gauntlets to slash away with physical damage and uses high water pressure with wings, as well as body to increase speed and power. Can control water around him when in demon form.
Family: Dead, except for his little sister.
Sexuality: Straight.
Relationship status: Single
Other: Craves sweet food to the point that it makes L from death note doesn't have a sweet tooth.

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 95 comments Mod
Race: Demon
Subrace: Xenz (Humanoid-Demon)

General Information

First Name: Razenker
Last Name: Verordon
Age: Unknown; Appears 30
Gender: Male

Titles: Demon Lord, Hellblade Bearer, The Shadow's Flame, Nightmare of Hell, The Vengeful Warrior

Family: All deceased.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single

Personality: Razenker is a strong-minded fighter who desires nothing more than to see the leader of the Angels' head on a pike. He despises all of those who stand for virtue and righteousness and will stop at nothing to slaughter all who align themselves with the Light.
Razenker prefers his privacy, but has no issues with interacting with other beings. He is a quiet being, but will willingly engage another person in conversation if it proves to be worthy of his time.
Razenker has great control over his emotions and allows a range between anger and passiveness to be shown, but will avoid going into extremes. However, he can be quick to anger and is easy to irritate if the being doing the irritating is deliberately trying to annoy him. He never allows any signs of sorrow or joy to be shown, as such is believed be signs of weakness by his kind.


Hair: Short, Black
Eyes: Red
Weight: 180 lbs.
Height: 6''0'
Distinguished Markings: None

Backstory: Razenker was born into a family of high-ranking Demons. Among them was one of the greatest Demon warriors Hell had ever spawned--his father. His father, Bolrenar, was a being of immense physical strength and a powerful commander of the Element of Fire. He was also one of the few Demons capable of commanding Hellfire, itself. Unfortunately, he was seen as a threat to other Demon families and was assassinated by means of demonic consecration--an art considered forbidden and only used by the Demon King, himself, in executions of the highest degree. In doing so, his assassins expelled him to the Abyss--the border between Hell and Oblivion. Losing their strongest fighter, Razenker's family was quickly hunted down and slain so that others could take their places. When approached and engaged by four elite assassins, ruled by a rival family, Razenker vowed that he would avenge his father's death and return the glory and fear that is family held to the domain of Hell. He released his rage and inherited powers upon the assassins that tried to slay him, then proceeded to hunt down and slaughter the others that took his family's lives. Finally, after scouring the plains of Hell, he hunted down the rival family that had issued the order to eliminate his family and returned the favor by banishing them all to the Abyss by the same forbidden methods. In doing so, however, he caught the eye of the Demon King and was forcibly brought by the Royal Guard before him. Seeing the rage that burned within his eyes, the Demon King believed that Razenker would be worthy of becoming a Demon Lord. Instead of banishing him to the Abyss, the Demon King gave Razenker an offer--to serve him as a Demon Lord or be exiled forever from Hell and hunted by all beings from both Heaven and Hell. If he chose to serve, he would be granted immense power in return for his loyalty. Agreeing to serve the Demon King under his new title and rank, he was granted the Hellblade, Rorzeink, the Blade of Vengeance, as was seen befitting of Razenker, given his current state. Giving permission to do as he pleased until he was called upon to lead his armies, Razenker ventured forth into the realm of mortals to unleash his powers upon the world and bring down all that stood for righteousness...and all that stood for treachery.

Military/Combat Information

Class: Warrior/Magi
Rank: Demon Lord

Weapon: Rorzeink: Blade of Vengeance.
Basic Properties: Broadsword.
---Hilt: Black-adamantite handle wrapped in silver cloth.
-----Special Properties: Increased grip.
---Blade: Black-adamantite engraved with ancient runic symbols.
-----Special Properties: Can discharge mass amounts of Shadow Essence. Lightweight. Indestructible.
Unique: Rorzeink is one of five Hellblades, created for the Demon Lords of Hell by the Demon King, himself. These blades are imbued with the body of their wilders, creating a permanent bond between the wielder and the blade. Rorzeink, like the other Hellblades, feeds off of the life energy of its wielder and, in return, grants its wielder immense power.

Weapon Appearance: (As seen in appearance.)

Armor: [Layers listed from most inward to most outward.]
[First Inner Layer]
---Head: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Torso: Reinforced fitted and padded hard leather armor linked with steel chain armor.
-----Special Properties: Increased resistance to piercing attacks.
---Leggings: Reinforced fitted and padded hard leather armor.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Hands: Fitted and patted leather gloves.
-----Special Properties: Increased grip.
---Feet: Fitted and padded leather boots.
-----Special Properties: Increased balance.
[Second Inner Layer]
---Head: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Torso: Black-adamantite plate body.
-----Special Properties: Increased resistance to Arcane Energy. Lightweight. Indestructible.
---Leggings: Dark Mithril plate leggings.
-----Special Properties: Lightweight.
---Hands: Dark Mithril gauntlets.
-----Special Properties: Lightweight.
---Feet: Dark Mithril greaves.
-----Special Properties: Lightweight.
[First Outer Layer]
---Head: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Torso: A black, full-body cloth robe.
-----Special Properties: Increased resistance to Light Essence.
---Leggings: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Hands: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Feet: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
[Second Outer Layer]
---Head: An onyx pendant worn around the neck.
-----Special Properties: Increased resistance to Elemental magicks.
---Torso: A black, full-body length cape.
-----Special Properties: Increased defense.
---Leggings: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Hands: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Feet: None.
-----Special Properties: None.

Strengths: [Racial] Razenker is resistant to Shadow Essence, such as all Demons are. Razenker is a master tactician and strategist and can think quickly on his feet. His speed and agility make him a formidable foe in battle. His experience as a leader and a combatant make his fighting skills superior. A strong fortitude also makes him impossible to persuade or seduce.
Weakness: [Racial] Razenker is vulnerable to Light Essence, such as all Demons are. Razenker's quickness to anger due to irritation makes him susceptible to taunts and can cause him to lose focus in the midst of battle. This can cause him to be trapped in an ambush or other such events.

Powers: Able to control Shadow Essence fully. Able to control the Element of Fire fully. Able to control Arcane Energy.
Special Abilities: Immunity to mind-impairing effects.

Other: None

[Please note that the images used are NOT directly proportional to the information given for appearances. They are used only as similar references or basis references.]

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 95 comments Mod
Race: Demon
Subrace: Aelzinir (Humanoid-Demon)

General Information

First Name: Eerashi
Last Name: Kivenu
Age: Unknown; Appearance cannot determine age
Gender: Unknown; Appears male

Titles: Shadow Hunter

Family: None.

Sexuality: Unknown
Relationship Status: Unknown

Personality: Eerashi is a member of an extremely rare, extremely elusive subrace of Demons, known as the Aelzinir. Like the Xenz, they are humanoid in appearance, but these Demons are tall, slender beings with sharp claws. Like most other Aelzinir, Eerashi shows little higher thought processes and acts upon instinct. However, there are times when Eerashi will tend to either become angry due to some event or show sorrow if in a situation where it would deem appropriate to show such an emotion. Most times, however, Eerashi simply wears a creepy, almost frightening grin and kills all beings of significance it comes across.


Hair: None
Eyes: Hallow: Black
Weight: 120 lbs.
Height: 9''0'
Distinguished Markings: None

Backstory: Like all Aelzinir, Eerashi was a Hellspawn, born from the fires and shadows of Hell, itself. Raised on the sole instinct to feed on the flesh of other beings, Eerashi was set loose in Hell as an unstoppable force of death and destruction. Finally caught by the Demon King’s elite warriors, Eerashi was cast out of Hell, as all Aelzinir that are caught before they are killed are, and exiled to the realm of mortals. Here, Eerashi found new creatures to kill and began to, once again, lay waste to the land and devour all things that would be considered significant.

Military/Combat Information

Class: Warrior
Rank: Non-military

Weapon: Claws.
Basic Properties: Flesh.
Weapon Appearance: (As seen in appearance.)

Armor: Skin
--Properties: Greatly increased defense to physical damage.
-----Special Properties: Increased resistance to Elemental magicks. Increased resistance to Arcane Energy.

Strengths: [Racial] Eerashi is resistant to Shadow Essence, such as all Demons are. Eerashi’s immense speed allow for devastating slashing and piercing actions made by Eerashi’s claws. Eerashi’s speed also make it extremely difficult to damage Eerashi. Eerashi’s resilient skin also provide an increased defense all around the board, save for Light Essence.
Weakness: [Racial] Eerashi is vulnerable to Light Essence, such as all Demons are. Eerashi’s lack of a higher thought process and reliance on instinct causes Eerashi to be completely unable to plan movements or predict Eerashi’s opponent’s tactics and techniques.

Powers: None.
Special Abilities: Immunity to mind-impairing effects.

Other: None

[Please note that the images used are NOT directly proportional to the information given for appearances. They are used only as similar references or basis references.]

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JoryTaj | 57 comments Race: Demon
Subrace: Human

General Information

First Name: Panishie
Last Name: Manosh
Gender: Male

Personality: Panishie is a a very somber, unemotional Demon. He finds it awkward to talk to just about anyone unless it is about a neutral topic. He does not take sides on anything. He does not associate with other demons unless forced to do so.
Driven by a deep regret over his actions in his younger years he now wishes only to help those who he can. This is very hard for him to do considering he is still a demon. He goes to great lengths to hold in his wish to torture and kill. The evil within him causes him to fight with himself and can make him very weak.
Panishie is a healer but his intentions are not yet fully clear both to himself and those who he attempts to help. If driven to anger Panishie can lash out at those he is caring for and end up doing damage to them, for which he is always greatly sorry. Panishie can smell when a being is near death and will rush to aid them if he can.
He has tried to make his demon powers work to his advantage as a healer, but things sometimes go very wrong.
Panishie wears a plague doctor outfit while out on the streets or when treating patients so they can not see into his soul or sense what he actually is. Panishie will only take demon form when he is totally hidden by this outfit.

Human: Panishie is a elderly unattractive man. He draws no attention to himself with his appearance.
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Light blue
Weight: 200 lbs
Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Distinguished Markings: None

Demon: Hair: White
Eyes: black and Red
Height 5 foot 7 inches
Wings: red

Backstory: For the first part of his life he indulged in every whim and every evil that he could, resulting in the death of many beings. He cared for nothing but himself and took every chance he had to create fear and chaos. Having done all this he realized one day that he had no reason to go on and found no satisfaction in his existence. For many years he tried to restrain his desire to hurt others without any success. One day he found an injured human in the woods and was about to rip the man to death, then stopped. Instead of killing and torturing the man, he picked him up and carried him to the nearest village to get help. Having hidden his demon form from the village. The villagers soon started to praise him for his deed and he felt some reason to live. From that day he decided to seek out those he could help and render assistance in any way possible.

Weakness: The struggle within himself between good and evil.
Anger can make his demon instincts show themselves with devastating consequences.

Strengths: Using his demon powers to help the injured (although he does this in the most secret way he can)
Being able to smell out a being who is severely injured, sick or on the brink of death.
Special clothing: A mask that looks like a bird with a very long beak about a foot and a half long. A very long leather coat that covers the whole body. Leather boots, gloves and pants.

Family: None

Sexuality: undetermined

Relationship Status: Single

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All Approved.

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Grim First name: Molly
Last name: Mikatsu
Rank: Demon Noble
Class: Magic Archer/ Shield and Lance
Title: The Frozen Wasp, The Elven Ice Demon, and The Lost Child.
Age: 1000(actual) 18(appearance)
Gender: Female
Personality: She is cold and calculating. She tends to be silent, unless she is intrigued. She hates being stalled and is always on time. She is very impatient. She likes to know everything. She will let nothing stand in her way. She is very well mannered and intelligent. She tends to read a lot of the time. She loves magic and learning how to use it. She also loves archery. Does like to fight when it is worth her time

Appearance: Human
Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 125lbs
Body: Slim, fast, and beautiful.
Eyes: Lime green.
Hair: Long silver hair that reaches her hips.
Face: Young, pale, and beautiful.
Ears: Similar to that of an Elf.
Dress: Black dress that reaches all the way to her ankles. Has a yellow stripe pattern and has a white line down the middle, front and back.
Heels: Black leather combat boots.
Quill: Brown leather and located at her lower back. Holds thirty black arrows. Once it hits zero, Molly has to use a spell to refill
Bow: Black charm bracelet that turns into a Black Bow.

Appearance: Demon
Height: 6ft
Weight: 150
Body: Slim with light armor. Her body is made of water and her armor is ice. She can change the weight of the ice and it's density
Horns: two, one on each side where the ears would be.
Tail: long and thin water tail with an ice needle tip.
Wings: four feet long for each and lightly armored with ice.
Shield: Ice circular Shield. Small and light. Good for quick blocks, parries, and bashes.
Lance: 6ft long ice lance that is thin and sharp, but sturdy.

Back story: Molly is the little sister of Ryutachi and was taken away from her original family, by her older brother. She was raised by a wealthy merchant family that moved from each kingdom. Selling goods to the royal family. As the years past she found out she had powers and at church, she found out she was a demon. At a young age the family tried to hide the fact of what she was and let her be. She then began studying magic and experiment with her powers. She went into her demon form and her foster parents attacked her. She killed them and then she had an image of her older brother pop into her head. Then she remembered that there was a note left with her when she was a baby. It told of her older brother and how he wanted her to be happy. He even left his name. After that, she has spent many years in search of her older brother. To find out more about her real family and who she really is.
Weakness: Can't move well in desert weather and has a terrible sense of direction.
Strength: Can move faster than light when in demon form due to use of magic and power. Moves faster than sound while in human form.
Human combat mode: Uses magic to make her archery have more strength and uses. She uses her power to teleport and move around at high speeds.
Demon combat mode: Her light armor protects her weak points while she uses her shield to guard and to get her opponents guard off. She uses her lance to stab, slash, and skewer.
Family: Dead, except for her big brother.
Sexuality: Straight.
Relationship status: Single
Other: Loves the snow.

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 95 comments Mod

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Grim Sank you

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Psycho Master | 1 comments First Name: Vladimir
Last Name: Razorkin
Age: Around 10,000 years ((Appears 18))
Gender: Male

Family: N/A

Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

Personality: His personality slightly changes with who he is around. He is untrusting and cold to those he doesn't like. He is warm and caring for those that are close to him. He is Absolutly and Unwaveringly Loyal to his friends and His Views. He is Unpredictable in a battle, and loves to fight. And lastly, he is always a Smartass and Bull headed.

Appearance (Human):
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Weight: 150 lbs
Height: 6'5
Distinguished Markings: Full body Tattoos, Multipul piercings ((Lips, ears))

Appearance (Demon):
Hair: N/a
Eyes: Red
Weight: 190
Height: 6'9
Distinguished Markings: N/A

Backstory: ((To be Roleplayed))

-Master of all forms of Combat
-Immune to dark magics, demon fire, and Normal fire
-Highly Intelligent
-Very high Reflexes
-Superhuman Strength and Speed
-Very keen perception

-Holy objects
-Light magic
-Easy to kill in Human form

Powers: Fire manipulation, Flight, Demon Fire, Flash Forge, Dark Magic, Regeneration of limbs ((Quick, but cannot be moving)), Telaportation ((Short distance)),
Special Abilities: Phoenix Effect ((Resurrection, not Immediate.))

Other- Cannot swim, Hates cats (Believes they make Satan look like a cute puppy))

((Images didn't work sorry))

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