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This is the basic layout of a character sheet and ALL sections must be filled out in order for the character to be approved. This is only the minimum information, however, and additional information may be added.

First Name:
Last Name:


Relationship Status:


Appearance: <"img src=[picture link goes here]/IMG"> (minus the quotations ( "" ) and brackets ( [] ))

Distinguished Markings:



Special Abilities:

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Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) First Name: Damian

Last Name: Kun- soul (king = kun in japanese)

Ranks: Nowadays: auto- Exilled, not willing to act again neither for human or angels or demons
Ex- Celestial Soilder, Ranked as one of the best in Heaven
Ex- Cursed Soilder, Ranked as one of the New Gen. Best Fighters in Hell
Ex- Soilder of Peace, Known as the Protector of Humans (Kicked out when one form took control and he killed 100 humans, and an army of angels and demons)
Ex- Minister of Azakor, Known in that moment as David Garcia and kicked out of the city for treason by giving secrets to Seranon
Ex- Vicepresident of Seranon, Known as the one that lied to everyone
Ex- Right hand of Satan, recieved the price for loyalty during the plague
Ex- Right hand of God, recieved the price for saving and leading an angel army into hell
Ex- King of beauty, being the most beautiful male creature in the world
Ex- Protector of armies, Ranked by heaven and hell for being the one that evict both of them to encounter in little human populations
Ex- Saviour of souls, Ranked by heaven and hell for helping souls to get to their destiny
Ex- Assasin, recieved the price for most letal in both hell, heaven and human world

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Personality: Damian is the son of an angel that was rape by a demon, so you can guess how he is. Yes, He have his dark side and his holy side, but normally his holy side is in power. Damian is a charm boy, love to be with his friends and is always at the side of the good. But, in his dark side, he have a bit of a big ego that sometimes made people want to kill him, and this is because he is very intelligent. He is always happy, and the only time he have seen cry is when they told him the story of his mother and how she died.


Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 67
Height: 1.85
Distinguished Markings (If any):

Tattoo of a cpuple of keys showing he is the owner of key of both his forms

Backstory: His mother was rape by a demon, she was a war prisoner in a demonic mission. She was kept and rape for months, until she was saved by Raguel Archangel, which saved her and killed all the demons, but the act was done and she was pregnant of the most powerful demon. Months later Damian born, he a beautiful pair of wings, but later on, the wings transformed into some dark ones, with time Damian learned to control them, and he can made them appear in there dark side or there holy side, or simply dissapeared. Later on his powers were shown, and that was a primordial worry, he had the powers of her mother and the powers of the demon. He was train to use the powers of his mother, but he was taken to the place were demons live, by force, and his dark powers were traines. He escaped and now, now he live on earth, as a neutral side hybrid. He have discover that he can transform into a true angel and true demon form, but he dont like to use it because it made his dark side more strong or light side stronger, and he thinks that he need both to live in peace, normally getting out of the true froms is hard, so he don't use it, usually.

Space & Time manipulator
He can fly
Control Plants
He have a
1. True Angelic Form - Can control light, do Ancient Holy Magic and have enhanced conditions
2. and a True Dead Angelic Form (Is more powerful in the underworld)- Can control holy elements and darkness, do ancient Holy and dark (NO DEMONIC) ancient magic and enhanced conditions
He can fly
Control blood
Pain Inducement
Madness manifestation
Curse & plague Inducement
1. True Demomic Form- Can control dark, do Ancient Demonic Magic and have enhanced conditions
2. and a True Alive Demonic Form (Is more powerful in the heaven)- Can control demoic elements and light, do ancient demonic and light(NO HOLY) ancient magic and enhanced conditions

His origins, the fact that been a demon and an angel made him hard to control his powers and can be defeat easily if at the moment of using a one side powers the other one fight to get out.

As well, his powers... The fact of being a hybrid between two oposites, made him powerful and hard to defeat when he is using wisely his powers and when he control them.

His mother, Margarita: She had the powers of the spring, she was able to control plants and the energy inside them.
His father, who was not killed at the end, Dimme: He had the power of mind death, able to kill and control minds at will, turn the people mad

Sexuality: Bisexual

Relationship Status: None


Pets: He owns two pets that can be called at desire. One is a creature from hell and the other from heaven. Both have the same size and can't be ride. Are strong and can help Damian in battle.

Mira (From miracle):

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 95 comments Mod
Race: Angel
Subrace: Human

General Information

First Name: Xithen
Last Name: Armanai
Age: Unknown; Appears 30
Gender: Male

Titles: The Archangel, The Aspect of Light, Sage, The Guardian Angel, The Druidic Angel, The Deity, Paragon of Light, Child of the Light, Agent of Light, The Golden Angel, Shadow's Bane, Devil's Bane, Demon's Bane

Family: None

Sexuality: Frigid (no sexuality)
Relationship Status: Single

Personality: Xithen is a strong-minded fighter who aims to protect all life from evil and sin. He leads his fellow Angels with a wise mind and a strong heart to ensure the safety of the mortal races and to keep the darkness of the Demons and other evil mystical beings at bay. He cares greatly for the safety of the innocent and will stop at nothing to make sure that their souls remain untainted by the Shadow.
Xithen is primarily a quiet, isolated being who prefers to keep to himself when not in battle. He likes his privacy greatly and tends to avoid prolonged contact with many other beings. Despite this, he is still capable of carrying a normal interaction with other beings.
Even though Xithen is a fierce fighter and poses as a strong leader, he tends to portray a more solemn, yet almost mournful demeanor, though he does not freak out in a panic attack or succumb to overwhelming depression. Otherwise, he tries to show no extreme emotion. Despite this, he can still show other emotions well enough to fool others from thinking about him in a depressing manner.
Xithen is always professional and always avoids becoming to familiar with any being. He takes his role seriously and strives to do the best he can.



Hair: Long, White
Eyes: White
Weight: 150 lbs.
Height: 6''0'
Distinguished Markings: None

Backstory: Xithen was born an Angel with a pure soul. However, he was born under unusual circumstances, where the Light, itself, acted as his mother. He never experienced life or any of its joys or tragedies, and thus cannot create a personal connection with life. Despite this, however, he is still able to sense the essence of all life in existence. The essence that he feels brings him comfort and makes him feel at peace; thus, he spent the majority of his life around the forests and meadows and valleys of the world when he was not among the other Angels in the High Kingdom. This was one of the only times where he felt joy. But soon he found the another emotion that life brought, when he saw the destruction that the Demons and mortal races of the world caused to the beauty of nature: despair. After witnessing the devastation of his favorite forest in the northern reaches of the world, caused by the Demons in an effort to establish an outpost in the mortal world, Xithen became furious and burst forth in a fit of rage and slaughtered a large majority of the Demons present. Considering that the majority of the Demons currently there were slaves and grunts without any formal leader, the Demons were forced to flee as Xithen's rage, coupled with his power of the essence of Light, quickly overwhelmed them. After settling in the center of the now barren land and allowing his rage to begin to subside, an entity of pure Light approached him and spoke to him through unnatural means. The entity told Xithen that it would grant him the power to protect all life, so long as he kept that as his only priority and took all measures to ensure the safety of all life. Agreeing, Xithen watched as the entity disappeared and found himself wielding a sword. The sword spoke to him through the same unnatural means that the entity did with a similar voice as the entity and told him that its name was Lyria, Blade of Light, and that it would serve as his companion and weapon throughout his quest to protect all life. With the newfound powers that Lyria granted him and his now reinforced older powers, Xithen ascended to a higher state and eventually worked his way to becoming the leader of the Angels, a great Guardian of Life. Referred to as an Archangel by some and the Guardian by others, Xithen now leads the Angels in an effort to preserve all life and vanquish the demonic taint that would see all of life destroyed.

Military/Combat Information

Class: Knight/Magi
Rank: Guardian (Angelic Leader)

Weapon: Lyria: Blade of the Heavens.
Basic Properties: Broadsword.
---Hilt: White-adamantite handle wrapped in gold cloth.
-----Special Properties: Increased grip.
---Blade: White-gold adamantite engraved with sacred runic symbols.
-----Special Properties: Can discharge mass amounts of Light Essence. Can discharge Divine Light to purge Shadow Essence completely. Lightweight. Indestructible.
Unique: Lyria is an entity, itself, and has both a conscious and a will of its own. It can speak via telepathy with its wielder and uses a form of a magical echo to project a voice to other entities not in contact with it. Lyria is able to understand who or what is wielding it and can reject its wielder depending on who or what they are or what their intentions are.

Weapon Appearance:

Armor: [Layers listed from most inward to most outward.]
[First Inner Layer]
---Head: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Torso: Reinforced fitted and padded hard leather armor linked with steel chain armor.
-----Special Properties: Increased resistance to piercing attacks.
---Leggings: Reinforced fitted and padded hard leather armor.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Hands: Fitted and patted leather gloves.
-----Special Properties: Increased grip.
---Feet: Fitted and padded leather boots.
-----Special Properties: Increased balance.
[Second Inner Layer]
---Head: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Torso: White-adamantite plate body.
-----Special Properties: Increased resistance to Arcane Energy. Lightweight. Indestructible.
---Leggings: Adamantite plate leggings.
-----Special Properties: Lightweight.
---Hands: Adamantite gauntlets.
-----Special Properties: Lightweight.
---Feet: Adamantite greaves.
-----Special Properties: Lightweight.
[First Outer Layer]
---Head: A white cloth hood. (Hides face and head.)
-----Special Properties: None.
---Torso: A golden, full-body cloth robe.
-----Special Properties: Increased resistance to Shadow Essence.
---Leggings: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Hands: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Feet: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
[Second Outer Layer]
---Head: A white crystal pendant worn around the neck.
-----Special Properties: Increased resistance to Elemental magicks. Grants a brief invulnerability barrier. Can store and discharge mass amounts of Light Essence. Indestructible.
---Torso: A white, full-body length cape.
-----Special Properties: Increased defense.
---Leggings: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Hands: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Feet: None.
-----Special Properties: None.

Strengths: [Racial] Xithen is resistant to Light Essence, such as all Angels are. [Racial] Xithen's wings allow him to sustain extremely prolonged flight and can be used as a shield when necessary. Xithen is a master tactician and strategist and can think quickly on his feet. His speed and agility make him a formidable foe in battle. His willpower is beyond that of a normal being. His experience as a leader and a combatant make his fighting skills superior. Because of his lack of sexual interest, he is cannot succumb to seduction or any other form of persuasion in that manner.
Weakness: [Racial] Xithen is vulnerable to Shadow Essence, such as all Angels are. Xithen's constant distancing of himself from others outside of the battlefield causes him to be behind in crucial information at times, as well as prevent him from being able to make a personal connection with people that he could benefit from. His role as a leader of divine beings causes him a lot of stress that constantly give him migraines and deprive him of sleep which cause him to easily tire in combat if his will does not hold out.

Powers: Able to control Light Essence fully. Able to control Nature fully. Able to control Arcane Energy.
Special Abilities: Flight. Limited foresight. Immunity to mind-impairing effects. Ability to sense beings' true forms.

Other: None

[Please note that the images used are NOT directly proportional to the information given for appearances. They are used only as similar references or basis references.]

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Grim First name: Anubis
Last name: Apollo
Rank: Supreme Judge
Class: Spearmen and Cleric.(Holy mage?)
Title: Judge, Ferryman, Librarian, Jury, Executioner, Angel of Mercy, Angel of Death, God of Death, Grim Reaper, and Undertaker.
Age: Looks like he is 27, but he is almost as old as the heavens themselves.
Gender: Male
Personality: Anubis is a grim and calm gentlemen. He takes his time to see the bigger picture before jumping into anything. Lives for his duty and to see that it is carried out. Doesn't care for theatrics, likes to talk and be diplomatic. When all solutions are out the window and there is no choice, but to fight; he will do everything to bring down his foe. Tends to have a calm happy look on his face. Friendly demeanor gives a kind and helpful air about him. Cares for every soul he has to judge, but doesn't look at those who are sinners and evil with disgust. Rather he looks at them with disappointment. He loves seeing how the mortals progress to the future.

Appearance: Human

Hair: Long wavy black hair. Reaches down to the bottom of his neck. Covers his left eye.
Eyes: Beige and has a kind, yet sad look.
Facial hair: None
Face: Kind and Gentle
Torso: White tunic with long sleeves and a black vest.
Legs: Black pants and a red sash wrapped around his waist.
Feet: Brown boots.
Staff: Is a holy weapon disguised with powerful heavenly magic. Only Angels or really strong demons can see it.
Book: Holy Book of Judement. Disguised as a journal telling of a young man's journey.

Appearance: Angel

Halo: Two feet in diameter and golden. Shines like the sun at dawn.
Hair: Now extended down to the middle of his back and is more shaggy. No hair covering eyes.
Head gear: A crown that has two columns giving the appearance of a jackal ears.
Eyes: Golden and has a cold, as well as decisive air.
Facial hair: None
Face: Cold and Statuesque.
Wings: Seven feet per wing. Feathers white with a golden trim.
Torso: Gold plates resembling those of Egyptian royalty.
Legs: White pants with a golden sheet wrapped around. Covers his right leg and slightly his left. Pants cut at the ankles.
Feet: Brown sandals.
Accessories: Small golden hoop earrings on both ears.
Spear: Blade forged in heavenly flame and blessed by holy water. The staff carved out of the first tree in heaven.
Book: The Book of Judgment. A gift from the king of heaven. It allows Anubis exclusively to capture souls of dying mortals and read their lives from start to finish. Then he has the power to grant them access into heaven or the power to send them to hell. Also gives holy magic spells and abilities.

Back story: Anubis was born in heaven during the early years of it's creation. Mother was a noble in the king's circle and the king is his father. This union was merely a show of power and to create a child that would fulfill a roll. Anubis wasn't the first child or wouldn't be the last. He was the third child of the king. He was raised since birth to view the world and judge the mortals. He did so for thousands of years while he was young, but grew tired of it quickly. When he was older he decided to go into the mortal realm and help guide the mortals in the right direction. After a few centuries things went on track and he didn't have to send that many people to the underworld. Thinking he was done he went back to heaven and reported to the king. The king did not like that he interfered and told him that the mortals now revered him as a god. Anubis apologized to the king and he forgave him. After seeing that he did accomplish bringing light to the world, he appointed him Supreme Judge of heaven. Where he would settle disputes of the kingdom and judge those in heaven. After a millennia Anubis viewed down at the mortal realm and saw that it was once again in disrepair. War and chaos now ruled. He then went to his father and asked to make a pilgrimage to and from to handle the matters of heaven, as well as the mortal realm. The king granted his request. Now Anubis travels the realms to bring order and judge the lost souls.

Weakness: Doesn't let people get close and tends to go at things alone. Ice damages his wings and limits his flight.
Strength: Fast, telepath, talented with holy magic, controls holy fire, and powerful.
Human combat mode: Uses his staff to counter and block. Uses spells to heal. Also uses his telepathic abilities to read his opponent and tries to talk them down.
Angel combat mode: Spear slashes, stabs, blocks, counters, and skewers enemies. Book can absorb souls of dying mortals and bind demons with holy magic. Uses binding magic and spear to fight demons. Burns evil with holy fire.
Family: King and Noble Mother. As well as half siblings.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship status: Single
Other: Loves animals. Has a pet ferret from heaven that always curled around his neck. It's white with golden stripes. It's named Louis.

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