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This is the basic layout of a character sheet and ALL sections must be filled out in order for the character to be approved. This is only the minimum information, however, and additional information may be added.

First Name:
Last Name:


Relationship Status:


Appearance: <"img src=[picture link goes here]/IMG"> (minus the quotations ( "" ) and brackets ( [] ))

Distinguished Markings:



Special Abilities:

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Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) First Name: Ebony
Last Name: Thorn
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Family: She had 12 brothers and sisters, all of them died either shortly after birth or as children. Her father Thornin was a fisherman. He and her mother, Absinthe, both died shortly before the war.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single

Personality: Ebony has always been sickly, even as a young child. She is quiet, and reserved. Though physically her body is weak, she is strong and dutiful, and bears her pain in silence.


Hair: Her hair is thick, long, and black. It is curly, though because it reaches down to her waist, takes on more of a subdued wave
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Her eyes are olive, dull but deep.
Weight: 105
Height: 5'3"
Distinguished Markings: Because of her immune system impairment, she often has sores on her body, often infected.

Backstory: Her family is poor. Her father works as a fisherman, and he mother as a washerwoman and seamstress. She spent much of her childhood sick and alone, often too weak or ill to contribute much to the family, something that she has always felt guilty for. She has a very strong work ethic however, and pushes past her ailments without complaint. She works at the Magic Maid Inn.

Strengths: She is very smart, and thoughtful. She has determination and a strong work ethic. She is skilled at domestic work, and has a talent for art and music.


Special Abilities:

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Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 4 comments First Name: Nero
Last Name: Naohr
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Family: A clan of Assassins descended from a blessed warrior.

Sexuality: Asexual
Relationship Status: Single

Personality: Reclusive, but not socially inept. For all intents and purposes, he was still raised and can act on the status of nobility, though he has been known to be impulsive sometimes.


Hair: As is customary of his clan, all start out with black hair and it gets changed based on mastery of their clan's skill of becoming unnoticeable. His is white, a symbol of full mastery.
Eyes: Bright blue.
Weight: Varies. 137lbs when fully in one realm, less than 50 when using Become Shadow.
Height: 5'7"
Distinguished Markings: No markings

Backstory: As a young boy who lived in the Clan of Viara Assassins, Nero was the youngest of three sons born to the Chief, and therefor inheriting all powers given to these assassins by birthright. His mother, a skilled sorceress turned concubine, died in childbirth. However, she did leave him a gift from her own blood.
He was a master of speed - where his two elder brothers were stronger and favored toying or making examples of targets, he was much quicker, and preferred to slay targets before they had any chance to retaliate. Before long, he had risen through the ranks, mastering skills given to him by blood. Soon, he had been allowed to prove true mastery - to use a Viaran ability called Become Shadow.
Hair color in their clans were determined by ability to remain hidden, Black being the lowest and stark white being the highest, as proof that even such an attention-drawing color could not be seen while after a target. In order to earn this skill, Nero would have to successfully split his body into three separate worlds, effectively becoming a hazy, nigh-invulnerable shadow. The worlds were determined by his birth parents' own aptitude. Like his brothers, he was able to split his body into Faerie, the land of the fae. But the world he recieved from his mother was what made him the most impressive - and dangerous - member.
He had recieved not just any world, but Outside, a realm far beyond our own. And as an outsider, it granted him special abilities over shadows that far exceeded that of his clan members. His father, curious but also afraid, granted him Mastery, but fearing a rebellion from his otherworldy son, enlisted the help of Queen Saerina of Winter to assassinate him. The attempt, while neatly planned, failed, and in return for his safety and immunity from other such attacks, struck a deal with Queen Saerina - he would be her mortal knight in exchange for her word of protection.
His favored weapon is a knife. He also carries a longer blade forged for him from Queen Saerina, the Fraeyo. Forged and cooled with his own blood, it is only able to be weilded by him. If anybody else attempts to use it, it simply phases through their hands as they are not attached to all three worlds like Nero is.

Strengths: Incredible speed.
Weakness: Fraeyo protects against projectiles but as it was made with Faerie metal it cannot stop ones made of steel. It will still hold when clashing with steel swords and the like. He is just as mortal as anybody else when not using Become Shadow, or if a weapon has ever had his blood on it, in which case Become Shadow is rendered useless.

Powers:Umbrakinesis (Control/Manipulation of shadows), Anima (Can animate shadows)
Special Abilities: Become Shadow (State of intangibility) which is used actively. No intangible sleeping.
Only one who may wield Fraeyo, the Sword of Three Worlds. The sword, when being used, manipulates shadows and wintry gales to stop projectiles. Slows melee fighters, but as it is Faerie made is easily countered by steel weaponry/ armor. Steel projectiles are still stopped, however.

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(( Needs a Weakness under Strengths. Forgive me that I haven't put it in the template yet. ))

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