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kavi + alex + noir ~ve|vim~ (percybluefood) | 249 comments this is where I'm gonna post my writings.

kavi + alex + noir ~ve|vim~ (percybluefood) | 249 comments So I'm writing a story on here, and here is my description for it. I got a little bit of the 1st chapter so far, but I'm gonna add more whenever I get some ideas for it.

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I'm already a fan!
Can't wait to see what you create here :-)

kavi + alex + noir ~ve|vim~ (percybluefood) | 249 comments Here is the description:

"Lucina Summers's life used to be so normal until one day, her father left when she was twelve. After her father left, she and her mother grew closer to each other. She barely had any friends at her school. But one day, she came home to find her mother dead, and a boy next to her mother, with a letter in his hands. The boy is named Ty Bowens and he is a Mage, and attends a school named "The Mage Academy." He told Lucina, that she is a Mage too, and that he was sent by the headmaster of The Mage Academy, to get her. He also told her the reason for her mother's death. Her mother was killed by a Dark Mage. When Lucina walked into The Mage Academy for the first time, she was immediately filled with wonder and joy. The Mage Academy is a school full of Mages. There are different types of Mages. There are Fire Mages, Ice Mages, Water Mages, Air Mages, Earth Mages, and Dark Mages, and Mages with all six of the abilities. However, the Mages with all six of the abilities are very rare and very powerful, and they are being hunt down by a Dark Mage. Lucina, is one of the rare Mages, and the Dark Mage, that killed her mother, is after her."

Is that good?

kavi + alex + noir ~ve|vim~ (percybluefood) | 249 comments Aurelius wrote: "I'm already a fan!
Can't wait to see what you create here :-)"

thank you :)

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i read its really cool

kavi + alex + noir ~ve|vim~ (percybluefood) | 249 comments Isabella wrote: "i read its really cool"

Thank you so much

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Ravanna Dee (ravannadee) | 2989 comments Mod
I check it out also. Good start.

kavi + alex + noir ~ve|vim~ (percybluefood) | 249 comments That moment when you are writing a story or something, and then you suddenly get an idea, but that idea just goes away immediately.

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Ravanna Dee (ravannadee) | 2989 comments Mod
Ugh, I hate when that happens!

kavi + alex + noir ~ve|vim~ (percybluefood) | 249 comments Ravanna wrote: "Ugh, I hate when that happens!"


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I know. It happens to me. Both story ideas and song ideas.

kavi + alex + noir ~ve|vim~ (percybluefood) | 249 comments Guys, I'm gonna warn you now.

I'm getting to the part in my story, where you guys are gonna hate me

kavi + alex + noir ~ve|vim~ (percybluefood) | 249 comments I finished writing the first chapter

(view spoiler)

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kavi + alex + noir ~ve|vim~ (percybluefood) | 249 comments I finished writing chapter 2. If there is anything I need to change, pls let me know.

Chapter 2:

I stared at the boy who was standing right in front of me, with a smile on his face.

"Hello, Lucina Summers," The boy said, still smiling.

"Who are you?" I asked him.

"My name is Ty," The boy said. "Ty Bowens."
"Why are you here?" I asked him.

"I was sent by the Headmaster of The Mage Academy, to come and get you," Ty said.

"The Mage Academy?" I asked.

"The Mage Academy, is a school for the Mages," Ty said.

"Mages?" I asked.

"They're people that can do magic," Ty said. "There are different types of Mages. The Elemental kinds; so, they're Ice, water, fire, air, and earth." He paused for a breath. "And then you have your rarer ones the dark Mages, and the most unique of all when they bare all six powers. You, Lucina, are a Mage, though I don't know which power you fall under. Your mom is a Water Mage, and I'm an Ice Mage."

"I'm a Mage?" I asked. "My mom is a Mage?" I looked down at my mom. "But she'd never told me anything about being a Mage." Had my mother been hiding something from me, all this long? I wondered. For a second, I felt angry about my mother hiding a big secret from me, but the anger faded away immediately, since my mother is dead. A tear rolled down my cheek. "Why would she hide this from me?" I wondered out loud.

"Lucina," Ty said. "Your mother hid this from you because she wanted you to be safe. A Dark Mage, known as Zadimus, was the one that murdered your mother. There is a rare type of Mages, which has all six powers, and Zadimus is after them."

"Wait, but my mother wasn't one of the rare type of Mages, was she?" I asked.

"No she isn't," Ty said.

"Then why would Zadimus be after her?" I asked.

"We don't know," he said. "Anyways, we should probably get going, Headmaster Storm, will be waiting for us. We'll talk on the way."

I nodded and reluctantly followed him out the door. He led me down the sidewalk, and stopped at a bus stop, and I bumped into him.

"We are going to take the bus for a couple of miles," he smiled a little, as we waited for the bus to come. "And then we are going to walk the rest of the way to the Academy."

A few minutes later, Ty and I were on the bus, heading for The Mage Academy. On the way, to the Academy, I glanced over at Ty, who was staring out the window. He looked kind of handsome and attractive. His blue eyes, and blonde hair, they were gorgeous. No, wait! I thought to myself. What am I thinking? He caught me staring at him and smiled, warmly. "What?"

"Oh, nothing," I looked away, awkwardly. "So, if we're Mages, then why are we taking a bus to The Mage Academy, instead of using magic to get there?"

"Because it'd drawn too much attention, our world is a secret from The Norms," He answered with a brief distaste, continuing after a second. "We'd like to keep it that way." He shot a smile at me.

"Oh ok," I smiled back.

-Time skip-

After a while, the bus finally arrived. Ty and I both got off the bus, and we walked the rest of the way to our destination: The Mage Academy. A few minutes later we arrived at our destination. At first it looked like a normal boarding school but then it magically extended into another part. When we went inside- I glanced around, and my jaw dropped. This school looked so cool, and gorgeous, and beautiful. It also made me feel like I am at home. There was a Chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

"Amazing, isn't it?" Ty asked me, and I nodded. There were people- both students and teachers- running around in the school. Two people- a boy and a girl, came over to us.

"Hello," They both said, smiling.

"Hello Matt," Ty smiled. "Lucina, this is my best friends, Matt Storlie- he is an Air Mage, and Alex Kent- she is a Fire Mage. Guys this is Lucina Summers- She is new here."

"Hello," I smiled and waved to Matt and Alex.

"Did you just get here?" Alex asked me.

"Yeah, I did," I answered.

"Which power do you fall under?" She asked.

"I don't really know," I admitted.

"I'm going to take her to see Headmaster Abrius," Ty said. "He might want to speak with her."

"Oh ok," Matt said.

"Is it okay if we come with you?" Alex asked.

"Sure, why not?" Ty said, as we all headed towards the headmaster's office. Ty led us all down the hall, and to a metal staircase. We climbed up the staircase, and walked into the Headmaster's office. When we walked into the Headmaster's office, I glanced around and gasped- The office was huge and it had a lot of bookshelves and there was some cracks on the ground. "The headmaster is an Earth Mage," Ty explained. "That's why there are some cracks on the ground."

"My office is amazing isn't it?" said a voice from behind us. We all turned around, and a old man was standing in front of us. "Sorry for the cracks on the ground." He smiled a little. He must be the Headmaster. I thought to myself. "Lucina, this is Headmaster Abrius," Ty said. Yep, I was right. I thought to myself.

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