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So what do you want the theme to be?

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What sounds good to you?

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Name: Matthew Blake
Age: 15
Gender: Male


image: I had to add this one because of the beanie


Matthew prefers being called by his surname Blake. He is a shy guy, but once you get to meet him (which rarely happens to him in school) he turns out to be funny and relaxed. He does go to acting classes in a rather large group. He did go to acting classes with a lot of other people, where he was relaxed and friendly, before he joined the boarding school.

((We start from the first day of boarding school.))

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Name: Zeek Firestone
Age: 16
Gender: Male


Zeek is a man who loves attention. That being said he never was really open about him being gay. He grew up being humorous, and easy going. He would never be cruel or mean to anyone around him, but when it comes to being open with his feelings sometimes he slips up.

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((Sorry for taking so long. So me or you first?))

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You feel free to start, please.

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Zeek was on the side walk with the skateboard underneath his feet. He had just moved to this new school, due to his sister getting expelled. His mother and father told him it was going to be a good change, for the both of them.

He shook his head at the thought. Zeek wasn't really worried, he generally fit in. The only thing that he was nervous about was boys. He was going to tell his parents before the move, but it was too hectic to even bring it up. He sighed as he stepped into his 'new' school...

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((You don't have to post that much :) ))

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Matt walking, thinking spoke to himself. An unusual trait one might say, however it wasn't very rare at Matt. He could and he would talk and talk on forever, like he was some kinda shrink, to himself of course.

He changed schools because of his mother's new job. Not just a new school, but a new city, too. He wasn't even from this country.

Anyways, he continued walking and talking to himself, lowering his voice anytime anyone was passing by. He finally walked by Zeek, taking a little pause to get just a peek of him.

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When Zeek saw movement beside him, he turned to the boy. He smiled kindly at him and held out hi hand. "I'm Zeek, just moved here." He had picked up his skateboard and he held it like he would books.

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A surprised look aroused on Matt's face. He blushed, but he just continued inside.

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Zeek smiled at his nervousness. He personally never really experienced it that often, and he couldn't recall a time where he blushed.

He shrugged and made his way to the front office, he was told he could pick up his schedule and could even move around the building freely, he was also told they had a good math program, which Zeek was all for.

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Matt was picking up his shedule still trying not to blus, when he saw Zeek again. as he thanked the secretery, he though about Zeek more and more. His cheecks became reder, and trying to get him out of his head he started walking towards his first class " Literature, hmm. All the world's a stage and all the man women are mearly actors". He said dramaticly

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When Matt left, Zeek was left in line to be next. He grabbed his schedule and read them off one by one.

Literature: First Hour
Art: Second Hour
Gym: Third Hour
Advanced Math: Fourth Hour
____________________ Lunch
SCience: Fifth Hour
History: Sixth Hour
Free Study Hall: Seventh Hour.

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((Sorry let me add something really quick))

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He smiled and walked to his first class. He hoped the teacher wouldn't do the thing where they make you introduce yourself to the class. It was awkward and you are forever marked by the first glance.

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((I know right! Should we have all classes together or what?))

Matt was already sitting down in the front with 2 spare seats left and right of him. He liked sitting in front of the teacher, old habit from middle school. He already had his notebook, his book and his pen and pencil out.

He was shy, so he too was hopping he wouldn't have to do introductions. He could be friends with younger kids, he could be friends with teachers/adults, but not with teens.

When Zeek entered the classroom he turned around. He blushed, turned around and though: "Not again!"

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"I'm not that bad now am I?" He laughed and sat in a seat in behind Matt. "So are you going to give me your name now, or am I going to try and pry it out of you?" He said in a friendly matter. He turned to face him.

(If you want too. I was thinking we could do a math tutoring thing if you wanted.)

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((Um, I don't know if you saw but I am in the 1st seat, so can you fix that??))

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((Crap! I will when I get home though, how about he's just behind you instead?))

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His cheeks burning, he runs his hand through his hear. He was suppressed that someone wanted to meet him, he quickly got rid of the confused face, replying "Nah, just didn't think I would see you here. Also my name is Matthew Blake, but I prefer either Matt or Blake. And what's your name?"

Finally realizing his cheeks are burning up he lowers his head on the table, between his arms.

((I guess we could. Also I have a few details that I didn't reveal about my character, which I will, through Matt of course.))

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Zeek leaned forward in his seat, sitting on top of one of his legs, "Zeek. Zeek Firestone." He paused and looked at the clock. "Why wouldn't anyone want to talk to you? To be honest you seem very approachable."

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"Um,.. forget that I said anything." Matt smiles, "So, why are you here, again."Matt says while blushing

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"Pretty much why everyone else is here... To learn." He gave a faint chuckle and continued, "Actually I just moved here. Lets just say my sister got into trouble a lot." He almost added something to thy sentence but decided against it, he wouldn't let his sister ruin his first day.

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Matt was both annoyed and amused by Zeek's humor. He smiled "I just moved here, too. Because of my mom's job. So..." He paused for a second "Are you interested in literature?" He blushed

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Zeek smiled at him and shook his head. "No not really. Im actually very good at math though. To be Hines. I'm not the best, last school I went too I didn't understand anything about whatever the teacher was talking about."

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Matt giggled for a second "Well I like literature, and I do know a little bit about Math. So, Zeek, anything else you're in interested in?"

((Should we have the teacher walk in now?))

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(Sure me or you play the teacher?)
"We'll... I do like drama, it's fun to be someone else when there no rules." He said slowly, sometimes he wished he was someone, someone that don't have to follow the rules and be who they wanted to be.

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((You, please))

Matt smiled at the idea "Yea, I like drama, too. I actually wanna join the drama club during the lunch. Wanna join me?" Matt remembered how he feels near the stage.

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"I would love too." Zeek smiled Just then Ms. Anderson walked in, she was a tall women with long brown hair, she had a friendly smile, and wore glasses. "Hello everyone, My name is Ms. Anderson. I will be teaching you all the fine arts of Literature!" She clapped her hands and smiled at all of them. "Now, this is my first year teaching, so I would like to get to know everyone," her eyes scanned the room, until they settled upon Matt. "Why don't you go first dear?"

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((Sorry about that))

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((I hate this IRL, too! Oh Romeo, Romeo why are thou Romeo?))

Matt stands up, "My name is Matthew Blake, however, I prefer Matt or Blake. I'm into drama, anime, literature and books." he sits back down. Matt believes he truly embarrassed himself this time.

((I didn't know how to put, so Worst. Introduction. Ever. Also all the stuff I said there is true.))

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((Wait are you talking about how you hate drama, or the other stuff? Lol I'm sorry I get confused easily.))

Ms. Anderson smiled at Matt. "Well Matt, or Bake. I'm happy to inform you that we will be reading several drama plays in my class, you should also be happy to know that I'm in charge of the drama class too. I hope I can see you there. Now," She looked at Zeek expectantly,"You're next young man."

Zeek laughed and stood up. "Well, My name is Zeek Firestone, I just moved here, as did Matt, though he forgot to mention it. Well, I also like Math, and Drama as well." He gave a nod and sat back down.

"Well let's continue on down the line shall we?" Ms Anderson smiled and waited for a girl behind Zeek.

((I guess we could just have them talk.))

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((No I hate introductions in front of the class. And yea, let them talk it out. Also you said Bake, I should tell you I test better when coocked))

I smile and look at Zeek and whisper "Oh good I thought she was gonna think I'm suck up." brief pause "I just remembered that I forgot to say I train capoeira." I hold in a giggle. "Wait, do you train something?"

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"Well I don't really train anything, actually... I don't even know what that is." He shrugged and gave a nervous smile.

(Oh crap sorry. Lol :3)

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(oh crap, I meant do you practice any sports)

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