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February Discussion: "Women, Race, and Class"

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Samantha Pajor | 61 comments Mod
Welcome to our discussion on "Women, Race, and Class" by Angela Davis!

We will be discussing this truly amazing and informative look at how racism and class have effected the history of the women’s rights/feminist movements in the United States!

Discussion questions will be posted today and tomorrow, but please also feel free to post your own questions and comments!

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Samantha Pajor | 61 comments Mod
Reading “Women, Race, and Class,” I was amazed at just how racist the women’s suffrage movement really was. I knew they excluded black women, but I didn’t realize the extent to which they actually based their arguments for letting women vote as a way to balance out white supremacy for letting black people vote.

Discussion Question #1: What was the most surprising aspect you learned about women’s history from reading Women, Race, and Class?

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Samantha Pajor | 61 comments Mod
Discussion Question #2: How has your study of history, from “Women, Race, and Class” and beyond, influenced your understanding and practice of modern day feminism?

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