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MARCH HEARTMarch’s Sub-genre of the Month is: ♥ Celtic Romance.
MARCH HAT Fatal #7
         Fatal Jeopardy, by Marie Force
          Start Date: March 01 , 2016. Join us here.
MARCH GREEN BEER  Codex Alera #6
         First Lord's Fury, by Jim Butcher
          Start Date: March 14, 2016. Join us here.
MARCH WALKING STICK  The Oxenburg Princes #1
          The Prince Who Loved Me, by Karen Hawkins
          Start Date: March 20, 2016. Join us here.
MARCH HARP  Virgin River #7
          Paradise Valley, by Robyn Carr
          Start Date: March 21, 2016. Join us here.

            BUDDY READS ICON
MARCH PIPE Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas
          Start Date: March 01,2016 Join us here.
MARCH 4LEAFCLOVERMarked in Flesh by Anne Bishop
          Start Date: March 08,2016 Join us here.

MARCH KEG  Keep Track of Your 2016 Reading & Challenge Goals
MARCH DANCING SHOES Tell us what you're "Currently Reading in 2016."
MARCH HORSESHOE 16,000 in 2016 Book Count Challenge. A GROUP challenge!
       Join directly here, and stop by and say, "Hi!" in this thread.
       We invite everyone to help us read 16,000 books this year.
       For further help, check out this link to the “GoodReads How To...”
          16000CHALLENGE  FISHY

MARCH HAND SHAMROCK  Gigi’s “Favorite Read of the Month-February 2016”

MARCH POTofGOLD “Wild Card” Birthday Babies Bonus
       Tell us your birthday month. We’ll use your bookshelves as
       a “Wild Card” replacement for one of the monthly
       challenge options.
Monthly Challenge:
MARCH RAINBOW   March2016 Challenge:
         ◈ Unexpected & Unusual Days to Celebrate

Quarterly Challenge:
MARCH KISS  1st Quarter 2016:
         ◈ “What's Your Favorite Coffee Drink?”
Yearly Challenges for 2016
MARCH CELTIC SYM   Returning Favorites
          ◈ 2016 Z-A Cover Art Scavenger Hunt
          ◈ A to Z: Super Series Challenge 2016
          ◈ Double-Decker Alphabet Bus 2016
MARCH BOW   Something New for 2016
          ◈ Alfred Hitchcock Challenge
MARCH MAP We have decided to go for a slimmer look in our monthly
       newsletter; instead of all the recurring threads, we’ve provided
       you with “A Map for Getting Around RLftCI.”
Please feel free to forward this newsletter to friends you think would be interested. We appreciate all your comments, this group wouldn’t be as fun as it is without your participation! If you have any feedback / suggestions, feel free to let us know below :-)

Happy Reading!

*This newsletter is a recurring feature, making it easier to notify you of all the new, exciting things going on in our group for the month and a central place to keep track of any carry-over challenges and discussions. As always, this is a joint effort by your moderators, Gisela, Susan, ShoSho, Gigi, and Lisa Kay.


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